Jade Dynasty Stacking Celestial Mystery While Espering Guide

Jade Dynasty Stacking Celestial Mystery While Espering Guide by Luvalee

Quest: Celestial Mystery (Timed Quest)
Location: Doom bog & Wildlands
NPC: varies
Objective: to save or stack Celestial Mystery Quest in bag. Complete when you return.
Reward: EXP; Whitespirit, Bluewonder, Redsoul, Yellafairy Stones (used for T4 quest/Earthern Fan Esper/can trade with Old Leng @ Sunstream for esper things such as the Riddle of Telekinesis Esper Tome to Earthen Fan Esper (1 Red/1 Blue/1 White), and more
jigglypuff’s T4 Guide http://jd-forum.perfectworld.com/sho…d.php?t=114941
Exorcist’s T4 Quest: http://jd-forum.perfectworld.com/sho…d.php?t=136781
Arwyn’s T4 Arden Guide: http://jd-forum.perfectworld.com/sho…d.php?t=205521
One in Bag
2 Stacked in Bag

How to Stack/Save Quest:
1) Do normal things to esper (buy pots, get buffs, take the Sleepless Quest/s)
2) Go to Dispatcher & any NPC available to you with a quest ~ take ALL available quests until your ENTIRE Quest Log is FULL You need 20 Total Quests in your log. (Not just Dispatcher saying Quest Log is Full).

3) Go set up Esper to be AFK*
*If you are using the “Pick Up Only” Esper Filter: add the word “Mystery” or “Celestial“.
if you do not have enough inventory bag size to keep your talismans with you, its ok to keep all your talismans in your stash until you you return.
important but optional: extended bag slots: you should have a 12 slots, one for each talisman in your bag. When you turn in the Quest/s, you will not have to run and fight mobs to get the right talismans – and risk losing the reward. You also want 4 open slots for the stones. Perk: also great for Crisis

4) Return: if you have picked up any Celestial Mystery Quests, the scrolls will be in your bag. They do not stack with each other, you will have one slot taken for each CM scroll.

5) As long as you have the 4 slots for stones freed up, you can delete TWO quests in your log. Immediately the 1st CM quest will be added. Pop-up confirms your quest. See which NPC to go to. You have 5 minutes to get to him and click on him. Use your Destination List (that you have added locations to) or go search for NPC.

6) You will need to choose your answers wisely.
Tell me something about it … ”
You flatter me.”

A)If he requests talis, not always, if so he will ask to take them. Say yes ~ Take what you need … “
a) If you have the stacks already, click on him to continue. If you don’t have them, you have 5 minutes to find the type/s he wants usually 3 kinds. b) He will reward you a random Stone & EXP
side note:
*Keep clicking him anytime he has the green flag over his head*
*right-clicking the name of the npc from the Destination List would allow you to go directly to the NPC (provided you are @ the place where you were directed to go), this saves coordinate spaces specially those who have set their coordinates @ max (5 – mystic treasure chest or gilhooks location)
*if you have two stacked that are for the same NPC, the 2nd may not pop into the quest log, until you have moved quite far away – go towards the center of the map
*if u see one on the ground from another botting player, pick it up.
*TIMED QUESTS in QUEST LOG: careful if they expire, CM will load into your log and start timing down.
*May stack CM on one map, and activate on a different map. If you put the CM scrolls into your Stash, you may have trouble getting them to open into your Quest Log. Either turn in a quest in between, or teleport to the opposite town. Or take one scroll out of Stash, and do individually.
NPC List
Doom Bog
Abadom -304, -366
Abasiama -128, 421
Baridi -5, -220
Barine 283, -333
Jii Ruli -333, -166
Jino Yanchee 345, 35
Nyo -130, 293
Zah Wu 257, 312
Good Farming spots: (to be added)
Map: (to be added)
Abaeze -139, -278
Abayomi -53, -309
Abalunum 240, -433
Bamitola -331, -360 Illusionary Voidland-top/edge of hill*thumbnail pg 5
Barisotom Hall of Reincarnation under arches
Nwaro 411, 137
Nwoso -145, -90
Nootan B -326, 49
Good Farming Spots: Illusionary Voidlands/Regal Lopar (-308, -196) & (-365, -130)
Map: http://jd-forum.perfectworld.com/sho…&postcount;=115
>>>NEW Video<<< (Post #116): http://www.xfire.com/video/2e5d8f/

Please feel free to add any more info ~ tyvm
Happy Invigorating!
CREDITS: Shali, Maireen, Illusion, Pilgrim, Beyuhz, Hostility & TriGoon! tyvm
You may copy this guide to post on your site, but please kindly link back to the guide, or add all credits to your site.

1 – tyvm Shali – i forgot the EXP ^^
2 – tyvm Maireen – can be 2 parts, both 5 minutes long.
3 – tyvm Illusion – ENTIRE Quest Log needs to be FULL (20 quests)
4 – ss
5 – more NPC’s added
6 – added Esper Filter Tip
7 – Pilgrim’s tips on talis/Bamitola
8 – added link to Exorcist’s T4 Guide
9 – Typo fixed on Abaeze Coords & ******Timed Quest warning added
Thumbnails added to page 5 (Destination List/Map & Bamitola)
10 – Added Abasiama & Baridi to Doom Bog NPC list (thnx Hostility)
11 – May stack CM on one map, and activate on a different map. (Hostility)
12 – added jigglypuff’s T4 Guide link
13 – added Arwyn’s Arden T4 Guide link & tips on using after stashed (TriGoon)
14 – Added NEW Xfire Video Link, Added Wildlands NPC Map & Farming Spots
***PLEASE NOTE: screenies were taken during Jade Dynasty. Now that we have Jade Dynasty 2 the UI has changed.***

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