Jade Dynasty Mystic Tome Quest Guide

Jade Dynasty Mystic Tome Quest Guide by IPwNYoU and Crystaler

Level Requirements :

When can I get this quest? :

Can I repeat this quest? :
No, only once per day

Where can I find this quest? :
At Eldest Matchmaker

What do I have to do? :
Kill 99 Predatory Hornets

Where can I find these monsters? :
In Jadeon near Sunstream portal [Use Auto Walk]

I can’t use skills on these monsters? :

No, that’s right. They are immune to skills. So, put your bot to “Unable Skills” and there you go.

I killed the Hornets, what do I do now? :
Go back to Eldest Matchmaker and you will randomly receive one of the 3 Mystic Tome’s.

1. TomeMatchless Beauty ———> Talk with Anan in Jadeon (403, -193)
2. TomeHappy Farmer ————-> Talk with Zaxin in Sunstream (-371, 373)
Or Pickax Expert in Sunstream (-242 271)
3. TomeRiver Side Immortal ——> Talk with the SkyDweller in Sunstream (163, 106)
4. TomeAngel –> Go to Skylord in Jadeon or Sky dewler in sunstream
5. TomeDream Command –> Go To Dreamland Vendor (Sunstream City) OR (Skysong ,Baxi Eatery)

You need a Skyblade to reach him.
If you are a female, try to get a lift from a male.
Another way for males, is to search for someone selling a Portal Charm.
[If it isn’t marked on top of the SkyDweller yet, find a trustworthy friend who can do this for you.]

Quest Reward :
50 Taichi Pills[EXP pills] OR 50 Talchi Pills[HP pills] [This is totally random]
100 Merit Incenses
1 Sudden Enlightment [You will only get this if you get Talchi Pills]

Additional Info

Alright, this guide will not only attempt to fill you in on how u do mystic tome (its actually so easy.. -.-) , but it will aim to eliminate the frustration you get when u get fake pills(talchi) as i’ve observed from statistics, that the answers are not really random

first of all, the quest…

Quest Starter:
Eldest Matchmaker in Sunstream
Kill 99 predatory hornets in Jadeon
1 of the 3 Mystic Tomes

the tomes…

Flying Fairy:
Go to any skylords
Dream Seeker:
Find the Dreamland Vendor either strolling around in Sunstream or in Baxi eatery in Skysong
Riverside Immortal:
Go to the Sky Dweller either by flying on a skyblade or portal charm

now, here comes the important part…
answers… (Answers on sky dweller and skylord are still assumptions, that worked for me and all my alts at least…)

Dreamland Vendor: alright, for DLV, its easy… hand in the tome and talk to her again…

if you get this question

pick ‘You, who dreamed you were a butterfly’

and for

you pick ‘A butterfly thats dreaming he’s you’

Skylord: The choice should be based off character lv, like if your level is odd, pick ‘Pain’, if your level is even, pick ‘Happiness’ (Seems to differ on which realms you do, will confirm on that…)

Riverside Immortal: Check what time of the day is the game in when u are answering, if u see the sun shining bright pick ‘Hope’, if the sun is not there pick ‘Despair’ (Still under research also… check back for more info)

Hope this helps

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