Jade Dynasty Bloodsmelt Professional Guide

Jade Dynasty Bloodsmelt Professional Guide by Lucifer

Hiho all interessted ppl,

its time for my bloodsmelt guide coz i get really sick of those threads where i often read “use this … for ur …” or “no, u cant do it like this coz u ruin ur esper then”. I mean there is nothing proofed yet and all trying to make a good or perfect guide but still failing coz they cant answer a specific question about smelting an esper.

My following guide will show how to bloodsmelt a Lv 135 Esper to divined and how u can make that Esper more powerfull. But first some introductions (if u dont like mine u can also go to an Esper Mystic ingame coz they also have an introduction).

Befor i start with my guide i want to mention that u CANT get the same stats on ur esper like another person with the same esper. All Espers r different!

1) Where to get an Esper

In Sunstream City and Dragon Palace (Divine Realm) r Esper Mystics who selling Faction Espers from Lv 1 up to Lv 105. In Sunstream City u can only get human Espers and in Divine Realm only Athan Espers. U can also get human Espers in Fort Cloudstorm (they cost -20% of the normal price there). To get a Lv 135 Faction Esper u have to collect 12 specific items (Dragon Scale, Bilo Spirit, etc.) and take the quest from ur Faction Master (Modo = Mr. Gho, Jadeon = Enu, etc.). There r also a few non-faction Espers u can get from Lotteries or quests. U can also check the jd-wiki here:
http://jd-wiki.perfectworld.com/inde…List_of_Espers .

2) Quality of an Esper

There r 3 quality types: Precious (lowest), Heavenly (middle) and Divined (highest). Every Esper will have a random quality when u got 1. U can make the quality better with bloodsmelting (later more) but u wont get anything higher then Divined. The quality of an Esper cannot only raise .. it also can fall.

3) Orange stat on Esper

When u buy a Lv 1 Esper it can happen that it get an orange stat. U wont find such an orange stat on a Lv 15+ Esper when u bought 1. When u want an orange stat on a Lv 15+ Esper u have to use a Medium ..either Best Blood Wine (for Trigrams), Best Yin-Yang Flag (for LV15 Espers), Best Spirit Light (for LV45 Espers) or Best Dragon Skin (for LV75+ Espers) to transfer the orange stat. To transfer the orange stat go to an Esper Mystic and click Bloodsmelting. Put ur main Esper in the 1st slot, the Esper with the orange stat in the 2nd slot and the Medium in the 3rd slot. Check if u placed all correctly coz the 2nd Esper and the Medium will be destroyed during bloodsmelting. If u already looked up in the jd-wiki what the orange stat does then i have to tell u:

Thats wrong what u read!!!

The orange color does not represent a higher growth rate in that attribute, it is actually a type of “lock” for Bloodsmelting purposes — when an Esper with such an orange attribute is Bloodsmelted, only that attribute will increase or decrease.

(from http://jd-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/Bloodsmelt)

4) Medium

Notice: The Medium for Death Wand, Sinister Orb and Soul Scepter can only obtained by Spirit Dust.

When u have some Spirit Dust left from ur Treasure Chest u can exchange it directly at Tonni (near Tanis Ka) for the Medium u need. U need some for u main Esper and a lot for the Lv 75 Espers. If u dont have Spirit Dust u can exchange 10 Bowls for 100 Spirit Dust at Tonni with the Quest “Exchange for Spirit Dust”. If u have less then 10 Bowls u have to take the Quest “Treasure Bowl” and search for ur type of Medium.

Tip: If u have lets say 24 Treasure Bowls and want to exchange them all into Spirit Dust u can echange the 1st 10 Bowls into Dust. Then go to Tonni -> Medium Trade -> 3rd tab and exchange 60 Dust back into Bowls. So u have now 20 Bowls and 40 Spirit Dust. Now u can exchange the rest Bowls into Dust.

5) Bloodsmelting

Little Example how a Lv 135 Esper can look after u bloodsmelted it with my Guide:

i dont know how the stats will be at Lv35 but i can say that the hp is badass then (still not done with smelting)

Ur Esper should be around Lv20 when u want to bloodsmelt it coz then u can see the changes after u smelted ur Esper. What do u need for Bloodsmelting (Lv 105+ Esper) is:

– ur main Esper
– Best Dragon Skin
– Lv75 Esper
– Treasure Bowls/Spirit Dust/Medium
– Trigrams
– Money (coz Bloodsmelting cost 1s per smelt)
and Time

Notice: While Bloodsmelting the Proficiency will go back to 0 (the Lv wont drop down) and the Essence will disappear (Def Tag, etc.).

Step 1 – prepairing Lv 75 Espers:
For all ur Bloodsmelts with ur main Esper u should use Divined Lv 75 Esper (its cheaper lol). Divining a Lv75 Esper is easy. Go to an Esper Mystic and buy Lv 1 Espers. U can use any Lv 1 Esper to bring ur Lv 75 Esper up to heavenly. After its heavenly u should use Lv 1 Esper with orange stats or heavenly/divined ones. When the Lv 75 Esper is divined u can stop and take the next 1 to divine.

Edit: Note: It is possible to divine a Lv 105 Esper only with Lv 1 Espers!

Step 2 – orange stat: Buy some Lv 1 Espers and hope for an orange stat on atk (when min atk is 0 or max atk is higher than 5-6 its usally max atk). If u got a Lv 1 Esper with health as orange stat keep it somewhere u need it later (u can also take another stat which u prefer). Go to an Esper Mystic and transfer the orange stat on ur main Esper.

– u will raise the stat u like even faster then other stats

– u wont be able to raise other stats now
– it can happen that other stats drop down

Step 3 – bloodsmelting the main Esper: Take ur main Esper and put it in the 1st slot, the divined Lv 75 Esper in the 2nd and the Medium in the 3rd slot. Click Start and look what happened.

What can happen?
– nothing .. then it was only a smelt
– the orange stat will raise .. then it was a successed bloodsmelt
– the orange stat will raise and other stats droping down .. thats a bloodsmelt
– the orange stat will raise 2x .. then u got a “crit” bloodsmelt (best what can happen)

When nothing happened after 5 smelts then u should change the orange stat and upgrade the health or anything else.

Notice: Every Esper has a total growth limit depending on the Lv of the Esper. This growth limit is always the same and can only be upgraded with Tangon Jades from Marketplace. If u reached the total growth limit of ur Esper u cant bloodsmelt it untill u decreased 1 stat or more.

6) How to decrease a growth (Edited)

… and make another 1 even higher!

Step 1: Change the orange stat to the stat u want to decrease and bloodsmelt it with a Trigram.

Step 2: Change the orange stat to a stat u want to up. Bloodsmelt ur esper with divined Lv 75 Espers. The previous orange stat should sink now and the current orange stat should grow.

Repeat both steps untill the stat u dont like is at its minimum (Lv1 stats). It can happen that another stat is also sinking with that methode.

7) Success Rates

I dont know if its correct but thats my guess of the Success rates.

The image only shows the Success rate of the different Esper qualities and Esper Lvls. The Quality of the main Esper doesnt matter at bloodsmelting coz its the Esper which will be replaced my a new/better 1.

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