Eudemons Vampire and Blood Soul Guide

Eudemons Vampire and Blood Soul Guide by Dracula

In this guide I will describe the sacrifice system completely,tell you all about the skills of a vampire,best pets to have on your vampire in my opinon.Tips For Leveling,PKing,Composing Orens and Apotheosis tips for Vampire,Hoping to beat g0ds guide :)

1-Sacrifice system:(Non God Blood Soul)
Inspiration is a BlooSoul’s Luck, every 1 point of inspiration past 50 gets the BloodSoul 2 starpoints and with every 100 star points comes a star so Inspiration can be an easy way to gain stars.(max 200 Luck=300pts)any eudemon with higher luck than the Blood Soul inspiration can be used as a minor in this kind of sacrifice.

-Pneuma:Pneuma Is the BloodSoul’s Minor attribute GRs.So much easier than other classes Blood Soul’s pneuma upgrades by sacrificing vigor aand waiting for some time depending on your pneuma level.(I will tell the max GRs at the end of this guide).It starts off with 1-hour pneuma scrifice time and keeps doubling all the way to 32 hours.
it can be boosted by 5 times if you stayed online for 30 mins or use the skill soul touch on a celebrity hall member.

-Instinct:Main attributes of the BloodSoul increases with each Instinct upgrade,I think HPGR (Hit Points Growth Rate)Is the main attribute of the Blood Soul(at least,it is for me),best part is you can use any eudemon as your minor eudemon.with more instinct composing it may fail and the minor eudemon will gain 1 point and go back to lvl 1,with more instinct composing the minor eudemons requirements increase ,it starts off as no requirements for stars and lvl 20 ,goes up to lvl 40 mark 50 ,lvl 40 mark 75 ,lvl 51 mark 100 and goes all the way up to mark 3000.

-Evil Core & Blood Core:evil core and blood core are orb composing and agate composing for a vampire’s BloodSoul evil core can be done once your BloodLine reaches 5 (your bloodsoul reborned 5 times and is above lvl 70)
and it can add up to 10 stars at max,while Blood core can be done when the bloodsoul has reached 30 starsand can also add up to 10 stars ,they both use Universal O and Universal XO as minor eudemons.may fail at sometimesand decrease the blood core/evil core gained stars.

2-Sacrifice System:(Divine 40*+ BloodSoul)
-Devine Instinct:
Use Saint O and XO to Upgrade Divine Instinct for BloodSouls ,Increasing the Valor and adding Star Points.

Divine Pneuma: Use Saint O and XO whose spirit and wisdom are more than those of the BloodSoul to Upgrade Its Divine attributes and increase starpoints.

Divine Phase:Used to Improve phase of the divine Soul Minor eudemon should be an Eidolon O.

Phase Upgrade: Once you get enough points from Devine Phase upgrading,you ca upgrade the phase of your devine soul using a phase stone.Stone must be higher than the devine soul’s phase.

3-Skills of a Vampire:
Blood Frenzy: Suck the Blood Out of a monster or player to add vigor and increase attack.
-Hypnosis:Supposed to make other players follow your actions but it doesn’t seem to be working for me,or maybe I’m just using it wrong.
-Soul Touch:suck the blood of celebrity hall players to decrease Pneuma Upgrading time ,Victim gets an hour double exp as a reward for their cooperation.
-Rage of Night:combo attack similar to quadruchop or hex chop.perfect for low levels.
-Soul Steed:Summon the ghostly steed ,for vampires with blood soul >10*
-Bloody storm:Vampire’s AOE attack.uses magic and is really powerful,it’s the key to easy leveling and fighting clusters of enemies.
-Penetration:Great for PKing a warrior with conned pets,makes your hit go right for the character regardless of conned eudemons.
-WhirlyClaw:Like Chainchop for a warrior ,locks target and deals great damage.
-ShadowClaw:Like FlyingChop for a warrior also locks target and deals damage but with less hits than whirling claw.

-Bloody Flash:Xp skill,slice the enemy with a single fast blow.
-Pneuma Mist:Xp Skill,Increase your moving speed by 50%.
Bloody Wing:Xp Skill,attack all enemies in one direction.
Bloody Dance:Xp skill,AOE attack with devastating power.
-Blood Tornado:Xp skill,Very simillar to Paladins ecliptic Rage.

4-Max GRs Of a Bloodsoul:
Min Patk GR:
25.00   pts:149
Max Patk GR:
37.50  pts:150
P-Def GR:
20.00   pts:149
M-Def GR:
12.50   pts:150

5-Best Vampire Pet Combos:
-BloodSoul+Watcher Oren+Leo Mage (or any other high Pdef,Matk pet) -Oren Converged-
-BloodSoul+Watcher Oren+Warrior Lanir – Both Converged-
BloodSoul+Pdef Mdef+Warrior Lanir – Mdef Pdef converged-

6-Watcher Orens:
Even though the bloodsoul is the most important eudemon in a vampire account,permenantly converged with them,the watcher oren is a really good pet for a vampire too,I would recommend it very much for both questing and PK as it has got nice Pdef and nice Patk but its not that powerful in front of a strong mage,as its M-def isn’t that good in my I got a few tips for making a good watcher oren:

1-Start off by main composing it to 10 stars or more.
2-Then keep ini/sub composing all the crowned ones you hatch,others you can keep for main composing.
3- When you’ve maxed/almost maxed or got some decent initials and sub attributes, you can go back to main composing .
4-Once you’ve reached 30 stars orb and agate it to 50 stars.
5-Luck compose it for 53 stars.
6-Evolve it EveryTime you compose it you need to evolve it twice for a chance for it to thunder and get gifts.
7- Once its divine keep composing it for valor and wisdom and spirit till 100 stars
8- If you got time and money you can still keep going with main composing.
9-If you haven’t maxed out rbs by then you can use SRCs for more points.

You Can still do it In any order you like, these were just a few tips to help
you out.

7-Some tips:
Don’t Waste your money on reborn crystals for the bloodSoul as its PrimalHunger state will increase its reborn times by 30 everytime.
-Your BloodSoul Levels up with you so focus on leveling the character Up too, with every level gained your stats increase as well as your power
-To use SRCs,RCs,ThunderJuice,or Luck Potion on blood soul just right click it and click on your character.
-To use gifts of the BloodSoul you can drag them to the F-keys Bar and use them like normal skills.
-Using Blood Frenzy gets You a Cool wing :)
-Easy ways to get vigor are go to Training Ground and hit with bloody Storm.
-for leveling up fast get Bloody Dance XP skill and use it in High Spawn areas.
My Personal list of skills to keep on your F-key Bar (Blood Frenzy-Fade away -Thunder from a mage pet -windbeads from the same pet-soul steed-bloody storm-shadow claw)
-Don’t buy Vampire tokens ,its really easy to level a vampire to level 90 if you can make good use of your bloodsoul
-always keep your gears leveled up for more bp.
-do pneuma composing more often at first so that you can max out one of the GR early and ride the soul steed in market without needing the 35 stars.
GOOD KNIGHTS will be a great help for any Vampire so get good knights to help you out.(my suggestions is once you get a watcher oren to 1 star appoint it as tactican,appoint BloodSoul as an acrobat and try becoming a baron at level 70 for an easy 1 bp + 3 more bp from knights table,at level 80 start working on a dervish and a cleric
a good dervish would be a vanquisher as it has great P-atk and it may help you if you’re pets are dead or if you choose it as a main pet,rex /neil for the cleric is also very important as every star gets you more HP once its appointed as cleric at level 90. a guardian is a vital and a very important knight too a good sizzle or scrunch is need ed for completing quests with more ease and fighting off strong warriors and powerful mages.a good cavalier is also very important at the higher levels.
-Once you complete the apotheosis you’re told to choose a godshhip,personally I would recommend Loyalty godship for faster eudemon raisng and more pages but Valor is good too for PK.
-In my openion shadow claw is better than whirling so don’t rush and buy whirling at a high price just wait for it to go down in prices or hunt the spider queen for it.
-I don’t Know why fade away or soul touch have 3 levels as I didn’t level them up yet but you might want to level those up.
-get penetration skill as early as possible as it will greatly help you when fighting a strong warrior.
-fight for your place in celbrity hall and get a good rank for exp and build a castle too.

-for PKing you should max out your skills as soon as possible especialy your locking skill (whirling and shadow claw )and bloody storm.penetration will help you against warriors very well.
hypnosis is useless fade away helps when fighting divine players.
use blood frenzy for more atk at the beggining of the PK then Shadow claw the enemy to death is my strategy
again this is where good knights will help you. so focus on that along with your blood soul’s instinct and pneuma
and untill blood raid is released focus on shadow claw as your main PK skill.
fade away will help against mages too.

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