Emross Wars New Castle and Expansion Guide

Emross Wars New Castle and Expansion Guide by Xenio

What to do with new castles? This is not a must do just what I have done and it works for me. When I start a new castle the first thing I do is level my barracks to 5 and housing to 3 This allows me to send farming units (be it overlords, zerkers or hellfires) The target barracks does not have to be the level to receive units it can not train when you are sending to yourself. Then I focus on leveling the facility center and arena to 20 ever odd level you gain a hero slot. I keep my lowest card heroes in expansions. I replace them with higher cards as they come. After you have about 4-6 expansions depending on arena levels you will run out of aces/kings/queens so you will in the long term end up with jacks again but they are not worth keeping, always replace a Jack for a higher suite card if you have the chance.

What you do with the resources are up to you. Some people, myself included have leveled their universities to 18-22. This helps you get your researches done faster (Attack/def form in first 2 then etc) Eventually you will want to degrade or choose not to level them that is your choice.

Walls: It sucks to have your expansions looted but it doesn’t matter as much as your main base people can not conquer you by attacking your expansions. IF you plan on doing much conquering you may wish to level them as right now if someone loots your expansions they can “free” themselves.

Placement is up for debate, some like them right next to each other. This strength is that it allows you to transport units around quickly. The down side is people can easily find and loot your expansions because you may have them set to DNE or they do not have as strong a defense as your main base.

Spread around at random, easiest way place right next to your base transport what you want then use a random castle move. makes it harder for people to find to “break free” if you have them conquered and you have your expansions just for farming.

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