Emross Wars Game Layout Guide

Emross Wars Game Layout Guide by Sanguine lord

General info on the main screen layout
1.The Buildings
A. facility
B. manage
C. Exchange
A. province
B. facility
C. Overview

Ok so to begin. You should have already chosen an account name/password and a race. Orc, Human, or Elf. Now choosing one or the other isn’t really going to effect your game play. At most you will see a change in building structure (looks) and race symbol (icon displayed by your name).

Every one has the same buildings, same troops, and same building layout no matter the race. If you have a refer I suggest using it… It does give you some benefits early in the game (items)

Right off the bat you will see a picture of a town. (I am an iOS user so my screen might be different from an android user or other brand.) I would hope this is not the case though.

Looking at the top of the screen you will see a brown bar. This displays from (left to right)
-your race icon,
-current name, (most likely lord[###] if you are a new user don‘t worry this and your castle name can be changed later by doing a quest)
-your castle name and its coordinates,
-current level(star icon,)
-Emroner points(trophy icon,)

Other than that there should be a large blank brown area after… this will display your alliance flag and name later on in the game.

Right below the bar you will notice several more icons.
These are (from left to right)
free area- ##/180 this indicates how much land you have available for upgrades
Food(barrels) current amount of food
Wood(logs) current amount of wood
Iron(grey ingot/bars) current amount of iron
Gold(coin) current amount of gold available
Population(people) current amount of non working people

Below this on the left hand side will be a list of any upgrades or actions taken in the future

On the bottom of the screen are a set of tabs. Clicking on each will open a new window.
Clicking on each building will also take you into another screen.

displays a list of tasks that will earn you rewards when completed.
Each quest will be listed on the left hand side of the screen with one of three statuses listed in white right below them.
-New. Any task not accepted . To accept a task tap it and press accept (appears on the top right in the description window)
-accepted. Any task that has been accepted
-done any accepted task that has been finished. Once done click rewards ( appears top right of the description window)

Items-shows any current items you have.
On the top screen there should be a list. Weapon, armor, mount, ring, book, and item
The first 5 tabs are equipment used for heroes.
The items tab shows you miscellaneous items.. Power ups, enhancements, chests, keys, and daily gifts (click on the present icon on the lower right of the screen to obtain daily gifts)

buy and sell items from other players
Shop- buy items using Emroner points (obtained through pvp,) gems, or gold.
World- this displays the world map.
there are three main things to look for on the map..
-Castles (other players domain on the server)
Can be farmed and conquered later in the game. but keep in mind so can you.
-Resource colonies (comes in three types small, medium, and large)
each resource colony gives an hourly output that will be harvested when the time ends.
Each colony only produces the resource indicated by the icon on its map

ex: a small wood resource will show a log icon on the map and produces around 2k+ wood per hour for a total of 3 hours. You will gain 6k+ res when the 3 hour time expires and not a minute before.

-Devil armies range 1-6 stars one being the weakest and 6 being the strongest. Attack these for gold and chests/keys

My favs-
a list of hot spots you find good for getting large hits for resources
Ally- this tab will bring you to a list of alliances within the game where you can apply or send a letter their leaders just click the + icon that appears after the alliance name to view the desired action. If you are already in an alliance clicking this can bring you to your alliance information. Here you can donate to the hall (gives benefits to each member at increased lvls) view who is on, and send out letters
Chat- this is the chat room.. There are currently 3 different chats
World- every member in the server can come here and chat freely (words appear green)
Ally– alliance chat reserved for alliance members only (words appear purple
Private chat- reserved for private messages (words appear white) to privte message a player just
tap their name and click start chat.
Mail- mail system. Write to other players, view war and scouting reports, and see any news about the game.
Rank- shows the top 20-100 players on your server

Right now click on the resource building
Up top you will find three tab options
1 Resources
Facility- shows you your current recourses their lvls and requirements for future upgrades
Note: upgrading facility requires population the higher the resource level the more people needed you can increase population by upgrading your houses in the downtown building
Management- here you can decrease the output % of each resource.. This frees up some of your population (increases population if your population becomes negative it decreases all resource outputs.. So it’s a good idea to just lower a single resource to minimize losses.
Exchange- use this section if you have more res than needed and exchange it for fast and direct gold or vice versa… exchange rates are low.

2. Down town
Province- a list of any conquered lords will appear here conquered lords can be taxed every hour for 10% of their resource output
Facility- displays three upgradeable buildings
Houses-increases total population size
Storage- increases total amount of resources you can have at a single time
Facility center- decreases the amount of time for all upgrades in your current castle
Overview- lots of information here
A. Up top on the left side is your (current exp)/(total amount need to level up your lord)
B. Right below that you will see a list of any enhancements that are active.
C. Scroll down further to see your resource total and total amount able to store
D. the last list shows you all your buildings and their current levels
The plus on the right of each building gives you the option to degrade or go to (upgrade)
Degrade is good for several options one you only have 180 upgrades to start out with so your upgrade option might become limited in the future you can decrease the level of one building in favor of another.

Ex: early in the game you might focus on your downtown and resource buildings to complete those high level quest that require you to have large resource outputs, and in in doing so neglect your arena or wall.. You can later decrease your resource buildings to build up your defenses/armies.. Note that later on in the game large armies who spend a lot of time farming enemies don’t have need for large resources (with the exception of food)

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