Emross Wars PvP FAQ

Emross Wars PvP FAQ by Keith

1 Question:

Please let me know what would happen if I registered the PVP server for the 2nd time!

As no hind for when the data of my hero is copied from the original world to the PVP server, so I re-registered again to as to update the data of my hero as she has leveled up, but the mail told me that at that point I become in the substitution group rather than the original first 75.

A) Please let me know:

1) what the effect would be of this re-registration.
2) when would the data of the hero be copied? at the time of registration or at the battle start

B) Please let the system to identify which players have already registered, and stop people to re-register again

Thanks a lots!


Dear player,

Please make sure you only register the invitation letter for one time; also please make sure your hero is ready with the right gears before you enter PvP sever(first login to PvP sever)

Here are the answers to your questions:

1# if you re-register the invitation letter, you will change your top 75 waiting list to the substitution list. You may be rejected to enter pvp if all top 75 lords entered pvp when it is open in the end.

2# your hero data will be copied in the moment you entered PvP battlefield (First login to PvP sever).

You are welcome!


2 Question:

How does the 1 attack per hour thing work? In relation to attacks not counting if a player isn’t looted?

Scenario: A player has 1000 lons and 1000 kahkleh – can we send 50+ attacks of 500 infantry to lower the players troops by 5% each time? As long as the player does not switch to do not engage (which would be a loot)?


Dear player,

You can only defeat another player one time within 24 hours, (Successfully looted) but the number of your attacks are not limited.

5% minimum attack is not suitable for Scenario A. 500 infantry will not cause any damage to 1k lons & 1k kks.

Best wishes,


3 Question:

In world chat. Player name xxx he telling players abou idea to share accounts during pvp time I told world chat that gamemaster will not reponseable any loss due sharing accounts

Is it true that gamemaster will not responsible for any loss due to sharing accounts?


Dear player,

We encourage players to make strategic plans for PvP activities to make it more fun,(these are also players’ post on making strategies in PvP severs in the forum) but we do not encourage players to share their accounts.(To be more straight forward and answer your question, yes we will not be responsible for any loss due to sharing accounts between players)

Thanks for your cooperation!


4 Question:

I have having issue to login to the default account after login to PVP battlefield account.
When I select Use Default Account in the switch account screen, both Account and Password will be greyed-off and the password become blank.
When I select Login, I got an error message – Wrong Account or Password.

Please advise on how I can login to the default server.


Dear player,

In order to login with default account after you entered pvp battlefield. Please login your regular account without tapped on using default account first. When you have entered regular account, tap Downtown – Commend – Modify password.

In this way, you will be able to login default successfully next time!

(This solution also works for any players who use verified email retrieve their password and having problems to login in using default function)



5 Question:

Hello.Two days ago as I’m not receiving all my honour points for successful defends on pvp. I’ve just been attacked 6 times and managed to defend 4 of them but I can’t see any additonal points. I’m probably going to be out of the pvp in the next two hours anyway but it would be nice to have the points I’m owed considering I lost all my troops to actually carry out the defences or thers no point in defending…

Thank you


Dear player,

It is based on your total EP score. If your enemy’s EP score is only about 80% (or less than) of your score, you will not get any EP for defending your castle. Its also affected on how many troops you killed.



6 Question:

I just wanted to pet you know that I thought the battle server was awesome!! I’ve never had that much fun playing a game before! I barely noticed any glitches and the ones I did notice, I took advantage of (like tag teaming on a castle to destroy it sooner)

I have heard rumors that we won’t be having any more battle servers. I hope that’s not true!! I had a great time and am now preparing for the next one. I hope we cOntinue to have these every mOnth or two.

I know you’ve received many negative feedback, so I wanted to make sure you heRd from the rest of us that thought the server was great.

Thanks again


Dear player,

Thank you very much! Please do not worry, we have fixed all the glitches and bug found in this (2nd) pvp event. Our plan is to organize pvp events every 2,3weeks.

Thank you very much!

Best wishes,


7 Question,

how long does the pvp event last?


About 10 days; 3 days for building up castles, and 7days for championship competition!


8 Question,

I scored the most ep points on the recent battlefield and thought I was supposed to receive 10 heros tokens because of that but have not received them yet.
Thank you and battlefield was very fun


Eps are based on total sores that you get in pvp battlefield, regardless if you have been eliminated or not. For example, your sore is 3000 but kicked out before pvp ends, when pvp ends, it shows there is a player sore 2700 and ranks 1st. But the system will not count him as the first rank player in the battlefield, system will count you as the first rank player as your total sore is 3000.

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