Eligium Mount Maturing Guide

Eligium Mount Maturing Guide by Robtje

Hi all,

Since the question ” How do I ride my mount? ” has been asked so many times in either World chat, Faction chat & through Whispers, I’ve made up my mind to create a guide on how to get your mount-egg & turn your hatched ‘Immature’ mount into a ‘Mature’ mount.

Table of Contents:
I. When do you receive your mount-egg and how to hatch it
II. How + what to disassemble to get magic powders and craft into seniors to feed your ‘immature mount
III. What do to now when he’s matured?

I. When do you receive mount-egg and how to hatch it:

1. The first step to receive your mount is to create a character in-game and level him/her up to level 20. Once you hit level 20 a little square box with an exclamation mark will slide to the middle of your screen just above your skillbar. Click the box and it should show a quest called “[Tips]The egg of the pet”. Accept then quest and autoroute yourself to the NPC in town.

2. Talk with the NPC “Pet-keeper” to complete the “[Tips]The egg of the pet” quest. Talk to him again and there is going to be another quest called “[Side]Oh! My Pet”. Accept it and complete ! – You will need no materials to get the egg – !

3. You will now have this little egg in your inventory called: *Beginner’ Mount-Light(Egg)

4. Equip the Egg to start the incubating process. After equipping wait for approx. 30 mins untill the Egg hatches and you will receive a “Beginner’ Mount-Light“.

5. Turn in the quest “[Side]Oh! My Pet” and here you go, you’ve received your first mount “Beginner’ Mount-Light (the immature)

II. How + what to disassemble to get magic powders and craft into seniors to feed your ‘immature mount‘:

Now, you won’t be able to ride your mount until it is mature. To upgrade your mount from immature to mature you need to feed him 10 Senior Magic Powder in total. You can only feed 5 Seniors at a time to fill his Stamina from [0/10] to [10/10], so you will need to feed him twice !

Now how do you get these “Senior Magic Powders“:

1. To get the Senior Magic Powders you will need to get 5 Intermediate Magic Powders and need to get 5 Junior Magic Powders

​2. To get Junior Magic Powders you need to disassemble blue-coloured gear OR better (Gold or Dark gold) that needs to be Level 20 OR higher.
NOTE: Only Armourpieces and weapons can be disassembled, trinkets & accesories not –


3. To disassemble an item press “B” to open your bagpack and at the bottom there’s a button called “Disassemble“. Click it and insert your items which you want to disassemble and click Disassemble and you will receive either Gems, Junior Magic Powders (1 or more), ores.

4. Now that you have disassembled your Weapons/Armourpieces you will have some Junior Magic Powders. You cannot feed your mount with these and you have to craft them into Senior Magic Powders. Now as told above you will need to get 5 Intermediate Magic Powder to craft 1 Senior Magic Powder and need to get 5 Junior Magic Powders to craft 1 Intermediate Magic Powder. To craft Juniors into Intermediates and to craft Intermediates into Seniors you will either have to talk either to the Potion Merchant or the Mount Keeper.

5. Now you will need to feed your mount. You will notice if you hover over your equipped mount it has Stamina [10/10]. Before you can feed it his Stamina will need to be [0/10]. Once it reaches 0 it will automatically ask you if you want to feed your mount. To feed your mount you need 5 Senior Magic Powders – Look at the above steps on how to get these. If it didn’t pop-up but it’s stamina is 0 you can get there through your Backpack by Pressing “B” and then at the bottom theres a button called “Mount” . Click it and drag the 5 Senior Magic Powders into one the boxes.

6. There you go you’ve fed him once. To turn your immature mount into a mature mount you will need to feed him twice. So you’ll have to feed him another 5 Senior Magic Powders – Repeat the steps above on how to get Senior Magic Powders –

7. Once he’s transformed into a mature mount you will automatically mount him and receive it’s bonus stats

III. What do to now when he’s matured?:

Now that he’s matured you will still need to feed him to be able to ride your mount and benefit from it’s bonus stats, but you don’t need to disassemble items anymore for the powders because now you will feed your mount with “Nutritrients“. To buy these nutritients go to the Mount-Keeper and click “Trade Items”.

Now the Mount-Keeper will sell 3 different Nutritients which each adds a better amount of Stamina to your mount.

3 Nutritients with added stamina:

– Normal Mount nutrient => Adds 2 Stamina each nutrient
– Tasty Mount nutrient => Adds 5 Stamina each nutrient
– Delicious Mount nutrient => Adds 10 Stamina each nutrient

Now this was an easy all-round guide on how to get your mount. I think it’ll help alot of people cause many still don’t understand how it works and keep asking in faction-chat which costs money, so if they read it slowly and some more detailed explanation you will understand.

P.S: I’ve tried to avoid wall of text by adding bold, italic and underlining in my guide. I would’ve used some colours to split up different paragraphs, but theres no fontcolours able to be used.

Thanks for reading & hope you enjoy it !

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