Eligium Beginner’s Tips

Eligium Beginner’s Tips by Sklurm

Hellooooo have seen alot of threads, chat fodder, feedback, and personal gameplay regarding some of these issues. Just thought I would try to clarify some up to make your game experience as best as possible. Thanks for reading and will update as need be.

Getting started:

LOGGING IN Since it is closed beta, Eligium will provide you with an email once you activate a beta key (CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS!). Inside this email will be your LOGIN NAME and a PASSWORD. These will be your details for the game itself, do not try to use your Website/Forum details to log in as they will not work.

RESOLUTION The game DOES support 1920×1080 and other high resolutions. I was not able to access these options from the launcher but from within the game itself. You may have to turn off ‘Normal Quality’ and turn on Fullscreen and any type of antialiasing. May require some fidgeting but definitely worth it to run at your native resolution and not have your desktop deformed. No need to edit config or ini files. Also note, it does run the game in MAXIMIZED BORDERLESS, helpful for alt-tabbing quickly.


SOUND ISSUE Upon entering some zones, your sound will bug out and make a very audible tapping/repeating noise. To fix this, go to Game Settings > Sound > Checkmark the Mute box next to ‘Sound’ > Click Apply > Uncheck the Mute box > Click Apply.

AUTO ATTACK By default, E is to attack the nearest mob. This helps alot when you want to keep combat flowing.

FAIRY LAND You will see lots of these around the map. It is basically an instance with an abundance of the same mob types. They are very helpful if you are trying to kill X amount of mobs with a few other people around tagging mobs before you. (Gives 2x the amount of xp also?)

SKILLS They level up by using them. YOU CAN HOLD THE NUMBER DOWN TO SPAM IT! You can see your progress by hovering over a spell. Passive spells can be upgraded by finding a level 2 skill book from the world or in the Auction House. Helps to toss buffs up on you whenever possible as they usually have a 30 second+ cooldown.

SKILL MASTERIES These allow you to raise your skill PAST level 5 in exchange for some gold and soul points. There are 4 additional levels of skills after you max out and are not always guaranteed. 1st additional skill level (Novice) = 100% chance of ranking up, 2nd (Advanced) = 40%, 3rd (Senior) = 10%, 4th (Expert) = 1%. You can see skill level requirements and attributes by hovering over each skill on your action bar.

TARGET DUMMY There is a target dummy (aptly named Sandbag) near the trainers in your factions Capital city. This is great for leveling up skills that don’t get used often out in the field.

CHAT Saw another thread with these but thought I’d elaborate a little. There are several different chat channels. General/Say /s, Team/Party /p, Guild /g, World /h, Faction/Country /c, Whisper /w, Cyber Cafe /n. Currently in CBT you can talk in World chat 3 times a day for free. You can talk as many times as you want in Faction, however it costs 2x your level in gold.

LOOT ROLLS There is magical loot in this game (Blue -> Gold -> Dark Gold) and usually drops from rare and elite mobs. If you party up (Which you should! Who doesn’t like to party?) with anyone and they are near you, note that they are allowed to roll on anything that drops. It is an automated rolling system and will roll one six sided dice for each person and will appear above your System info. It is courteous to trade class specific items to players in your party if something drops for them!

CRAFTING Double left click Mining or Herbalism to bring up the crafting pane.


OPTIONAL OBJECTIVES There are a few quests with optional objectives (No routing available) that will reward extra loot and experience. An example is to Find Bobi. As far as anyone knows, most of them are ‘rare spawns’ on a long timer. Your best bet is to just skip it if you do not see the objective nearby. Some optional objectives aren’t rare at all and can be seen easily.

OLD STONE There are a few quests (around level 10-15) that ask you to go inside the Evil Caves. One of these quests asks you to grab an OLD STONE to use it as a key. The stone does not actually drop from a skeleton inside the cave but rather from an injured npc outside. You will see him before you even make the descent down into the entrance.

HEAL INJURED GUARDS This quest is on Pirate Island. The quest giver asks you to heal severl guards right behind him. All of the guards work except one which comes up with a system error saying LUA Script invalid. The simple fix to this is to either relog or exit and re-enter the zone and click on a different guard to complete it.

DEAD DAB He spawns where it takes you, if he is not there, it may not be worth waiting as he is on a very long respawn. Do not try to solo this quest unless a high level (45ish). He is basically the equivalent of a raid boss and is not to be messed with!

ECHINODORUS is found in the Elven City.

DRAGONS BEARD GRASS is in the farmable herb in the Eastern part of your kingdom.

Level Checkpoints:

1 – Congratulations! You made it!
15 – First Specialization
20 – Mount quest
30 – Second Specialization AND Designation
45 – Current CBT Level Cap
50 – Third Specialization

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