Eligium Setting Custom Resolution Guide

Eligium Setting Custom Resolution Guide by pottedfrog

If you are having problems with your screen resolution not being listed in the Advanced Settings form the launcher (I know some on widescreen monitors are) then you can manually edit the settings.

Goto Your Eligium install folder.
Open mw2_bin folder
Right click the file cf2_engine.xml, and then select ‘Open with …’ , choose Notepad (do not tick the box for default program !!)
Save the changes, then run the launcher and play.

Change the values screenWidth=”1024″ and screenHeight=”768″ to values you want eg 1280 and 1024, 1680 and 1050 etc etc

Warning : using the ‘Settings’ button from the launcer will RESET your screen size to 1280×960 at the very best – so change Advanced Settings FIRST before you do the manual change.

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