Dragon Nest SEA Advanced Settings Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Advanced Settings Guide (Nvidia & Ati) by Choseal

First off: I know this is not an issue, but many players seem to report not being able to change these settings as technical issue’s. This way the might see the topic before posting yet another topic about the subject.

Look at this topic to see what anti-aliasing could do for your gaming experience:

Advanced options:

– NVIDIA users: See post #1
– ATI users: See post #2

Extra Options:

See post #13 (Pending usefullness-check)


During the Closed Beta of Dragon Nest, the game had severely limited options to modify the quality of the game. One of the ways to get around this is by forcing, for example, anti-aliasing through your video card settings.

This guide will show you where and how to force those settings for Dragon Nest.

Step #1. Right-click on your desktop.

Step #2. Click on “NVIDIA Control Panel”.

Step #3. On the screen that pops up, click in “Manage 3D settings” under the “3D Settings” -tab.

Step #4. On the screen on the right, you will see a list of settings. Now you do not want to change these. Instead, click on the tab “Program-settings”, next to the tab called “Common Settings”.

Step #5. Right beneath the “Program-settings”, click on the “Add” button. This will allow you to select the .exe file of Dragon Nest.

Note: Select the game, not the launcher. That means the executable’s name should be “DragonNest.exe” and NOT “DNLauncher.exe”.

Step #6. Once again, as you probably noticed a list of options will appear in the list at the bottom. Most of the options will say “Application -controlled” next to it. Here is where the magic happens. Just click on the currently selected options and change them to whatever suits you and your computer. I cant really help you with that, but this is what I selected if you need a reference:

Tip: No result? -try different settings. Higher settings don’t necessarily mean the result will be better.

As Baconbriefs said, it should also be possible to do the same thing for ATI/AMD, but I’ll leave that to someone else to explain. Maybe someone will be kind enough to make a guide for that as well.

I realise this is a pretty simple guide, but I still hope it helps some people. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I will be offering help to people that have any questions. Furthermore, keep in mind that even though there should be no real danger in changing any of the settings, it may cause your system or the game to become unstable. Use at own risk. (But once again, I’ve never had any problems with changing any setting for any game.)

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