Dragon Nest SEA Arcbishop Bosses Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Arcbishop Bosses Guide by Ika_Musume

Guide for suction laser and roar

closer look on how to avoid face laser / suction laser

Sorry again for the LQ. . .
and for the boss 3, i skipped them too since they doesn’t have “really deadly” skills

HP: 66k

If you can, try to learn the “IFrame method” on dodging, this skill sometimes can save your life on critical condition, or after-use skill condition or casting (example: EL’s fireball, when casting, you can blink, but you can’t jump. . .same with FU’s tri orb)

For the ABN, there’s no difference on left or right side. it’s depends on the player

You can use this method for cooldown filter or use really rong range skills

remember, it only effective at 5x hp bar, since start at 4x HP bar, the boss will use fissure,  and this method will not ensure the boss won’t use slam + sweep, it only make the boss will use the laser skill very often (good method if you have provoker, the dps can just spam 12345)

– need confirmation] on boss 3, there’s a confirmation before laser
– Punisher (boss 4) blade dance (beyblade(?)) accurs every 50 secs CMIIW, since i “always” see my ****tail
buff around 40 seconds left when he use this skill.
– First boss on ABN : when he reach 3x to 2x bar, he gain invulnerability for around 2-4 sec
– on stage 2 (mushroom golem), you can hit the mushroom before countdown

bonus link to squidfiltrate video part 5: (solo abn without armor)

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