Dragon Nest CN Dark Physician Build

Dragon Nest CN Dark Physician Build by Seiggy

Hello everyone! My name is Rein and also known as Seiggy in CC and MMO forum. I’ve been playing Dragon Nest for 2 years already (1st year is from china). I’ve been using multiple characters but after playing with all of them I’ve decided to settle down with a physician and fully gear her. This is my first time writing a guide so don’t flame me if ever I commit mistakes or if there are flaws with my guide. I appreciate comments and suggestions. ^^

I’d like to share everything that I’ve learned and I hope that you guys get something from it. I guess i can post this guide in this section as chaose said that freedom board is open for guides. Well, here goes.

Table Of Contents

I. Why Physician
II. Skill Build

IIa. Academic Tree
IIb. Alchemist Tree
IIc. Physician Tree

III. Skill Facts

IIIa. DOT (Damage Over Time)
IIIb. Coc-ktail
IIIc. Love Virus
IIId. Injector

IV. Equipment

IVa. Armor Suffix
IVb. Weapon Suffix
IVc. Accessory
IVd. Equipment Sets
IVe. Heraldry


I. Why Physician?

Physician is a hybrid class which utilizes the alchemist tree for damage and the physician tree for support. While we are inclined to support, the alchemist tree is sufficient enough for physicians to acquire burst damage which is also comparable to their counterpart, the adept. Many misconceptions arose upon the release of this class. Many thought of it as a plain support character which only can only heal. But they are wrong. As I have explained in the statements above, physician can deal the same amount of damage like our counterparts with the exception of course of ice beam. It boils down to preference and how you’d gear your class to achieve your maximum potential.

Due to a wide array of heals (you can have 3 heals with different uses), surviving and soloing nests won’t be a problem. You may recover instantly using heal shower or injector ex to a swarm of monsters. Physicians are a choice for those who want to self sufficient, determined, and has a heart to support others.

* Self Sufficient
* Has heal + cure spell in one
* Has good DPS
* Good survival skills due to wide array of heal skills

* Jack of all trades – does not focus on a single role, hence other classes may take her role instead
* Managing phantoms is difficult – needs maxed phantom for full effect of heal
* Too many dark resistant monsters

II. Skill Build

This is my current build. My previous build has maxed sacrifice and maxed magma wall. I felt that I was lacking in DPS since the skills I’ve maxed aren’t spammable so i revised my build. Afterall, maxed skills are better in T4 since maxed skills are more damaging than low level skills. Hence, I’ve made my decision to focus on dark while keeping the damaging skills in the other tree.

IIa. Academic Tree

Wax – The skill is maxed to provide a better speed buff as well as higher chance of slip rate.

Stun Grenade
 – Maxed for higher stun rate. The stun rate isn’t as high unlike before but there isn’t any skill to max in the acad tree.

Force Out
 – An optional skill. I use this skill primarily for pushing opponents and linking combos in PvP.

Bubble Bubble – Taken for PvP purposes. Encases the enemy in a bubble for 2 secs in PvP. Requires practice to be able to use efficiently. May also be used as a shield for party members. Absorbs a certain amount of damage before shield collapses.

Maxed all necessary skills such as evasion and hp/mp increase.

IIb. Alchemist Tree

 – Your bread and butter skill as a physician. Deals a fair amount of damage and heals depending on the damage dealt. Think of it as a life leeching skill. Non-Ex version has small AoE and cannot heal team mates. I’ll explain Injector in detail in another section.

 – Maxed for a higher damage output. This is your best poison skill. Has the highest potential DOT among all your poison skills. This is the only skill which has a 100% chance to inflict poison damage. So using disease then PB is your best bet for a successful PB. That’s if you don’t want to take advantage of the DOT of disease.

Poison Charging – Maxed for damage purposes. I compared the damage growth with other skills. So far, maxing poison charging is my best option. Activated by Dash + Right Click. You may dodge again after the twirl even though dodge is not yet on CD. Do note that the twirl do not have I-frame. Has suction effect. Fast CD (9 secs).

Mixed Infection – Summons a large poison bubble which explodes on contact. The explosion may occur whilst mid air if there is an obstacle present or someone is hit before landing. Covers a large area and deals a fair amount of damage. High SA break. This is good mob clearing skill but only 2nd to magma wave due to damage differences. I maxed this skill then used +1 skill acce to maximize the damage.

Poison Break – A detonation skill. Detonates the poison status on an enemy. Deals high damage but not as high as it used to. The nerf on the damage is compensated by the decrease in CD. Still your best damaging skill. Another thing about Poison Break is that it has a very high SA breaking capability. It can cancel various boss skills with the correct combination of skills. I’d like to experiment more on this. I’ll post the results when available. Increase damage by consuming bubbles.

Poison Pool
 – Physician tree ultimate. A huge poison pool is summoned and deals a dark elemental damage on the front. AoE gradually increases as the skill progresses. The ultimate of choice for physicians to unlock the physician tree.

Magma Punch – A quick cast spell which gives you a fair amount of SA enough to tank some skills. When the enemie’s SA is low. Magma punch launches in the air. A great combo starter. May be chained after Ice punch.

Ice punch
 – Activated by dodge + left click. A great combo starter as well and flinches the enemy. Has a decent SA like Magma punch. May also be chained after using magma punch.

Icing Mass – An ice grenade which slows and reduces enemy ice def by 30%. Stays in the field for
while. Duration of debuff is 6 seconds and is increased to 8 secs when at level 7.

Magma Wall – Summon magma pillars which explodes after a certain amount of time. Deals summon and explosion damage. A maximum of 3 pillars may damage a sigle target irregardless of the target’s size. Useful for trapping approacing enemies. Has a good SA break. May launch target in air if their SA is insufficient.

Magma Wave
 – Deals strong fire damage in a linear path. The area covered and damage induced is increased as bubble is accumulated. Has high SA breaking capability and a major complaint for many due to its animation. Magma Wave has quick cast time and superb damage allowing it to create havoc on the battle field.

Ice Palm – Summons a giant palm which smashes enemies within range. The summoned palm lasts for 13 secs in the field and deals approximately 7-8 hits before disintegrating in thin air.

Icicle Expression
 – Summons numerous icicles around the caster. Enemies caught are slowed by 50%. Icicles will explode after a certain duration and inflict burn damage. A quick cast ultimate perfect ulti for PvP and high burst damage. You may opt to get this if you focus on ice%. I have this previously but dropped the skill due to insufficient SP.

Summon Slime – Summons a slime on the field. Requires 2 bubbles to cast. Increasing the amount of bubble used for summoning allows the slime to learn more attacks. 2 bubbles – fire breath, 4 bubbles – Ice Spike, 6 bubbles – poison spray. The damage in the description is the damage upon on contact. A useful skill for dealing sustained DPS for large monsters. Just Leave it and it will deal damage for you.

 – Sacrifices a slime on the field to induce a regeneration buff on the party. Heal is segmented into 30 pulses over 60 sec duration 2 secs per tick. Heal amount is dependent on the target’s max hp + bonus from skill.

Coc-ktail – A hybrid buff which induces several buffs depending on the amount of bubble used when casting. 2 bubbles – % increase in int, agi, str. 4 bubbles – increases heal rate by x%. 6 bubbles – decreases cd by x%. I’ll elaborate the effect of buffs in another section.

Eureka – When learned, each bubble acquired will increase int by 1%, mdef/pdef by 1.5%.

 – Puts the enemy on sleep. May be triggered by pressing right click after injector and left click when staggered. Lasts for 2 secs in PvP and 8 secs in PvE @ level 1.

Elemental/Chemical Bubble – Increase the amount of bubble by 1 dependent on the skill used. Elem bubble will add 1 for fire/ice while chemical bubble will add 1 for dark/light skills.

IIc. Physician Tree

Love Virus – Release a heart shaped beam which inflicts confusion to the enemy. Confusion gives the enemy friendly fire which in turn gives you invulnerability from the afflicted target. Also, gives you an additional matk damage to the afflicted target. Love virus deals contact and explosion damage. The explosion damage has high SA break.

Injector EX
 – Improves injector’s damage. The EX version allows you to heal your allies by a fixed amount dependent on your base matk and increases the base heal amount of injector by 1%. The EX version also covers a wider AOE and has a good suction effect. Each enemy hit will contribute to the heal injector produces. More target more Heal. I’m not sure why the heal to party members are fixed. Anyway the skill is spammable and the heal rate is awesome saved me a lot of time when doing solo.

Heal Shower
 – Burst heal skill. Heal is further boosted by consuming more bubbles. Additional recovery per bubble is 15% of matk for a maximum of 150% (10 bubbles). Additionally, not in the description of the skill, heal shower removes all status effect to you and everyone near you. This works like relieve which may be used even when afflicted by status such as freeze & time stop. Silence is an exception though.

Skill Bar

III. Facts that you should know about your skills

IIIa. DOT (Damage Over Time)

What is DOT?
-DOT stands for Damage Over Time. Aside from the primary damage dealt by your skills, all fire and poison attacks leave debuffs which deal damage over time. Fire attacks causes the enemy to be burned while poison skills inflict poison.

How important is DOT?
-Some skills leave strong DOT while the other are pathetic. The DOT dealt at T3 is significant since DOT is taken from a % of the last hit while in T4, DOT is directly computed from your base magic attack + additional damage based from the skill. At present (T4), ultimates such as poison pool and icicle expression deal a constant DOT unlike before. The most noticeable skill that deal DOT is Disease. Unlike the other skills, disease retained its T3 property. 10% of damage dealt by disease will be its DOT. Meaning if you have thrown a flask of disease dealing 80k damage, you’ll be damaging your opponent 8k per tick. That DOT is better than your ultimates.

If DOT is nerfed what is its actual use?
-Some DOTs are negligible in PvE but in PvP, various DOT skills are effective. Do note that multiple DOTs may be inflicted to the target at the same time by using different skills. This means that you may stack several DOTs and inflict damage without even attacking. Also, DOT works even if your opponent is using skills which render them invulnerable from attacks such as block and parry. DOT is also unavoidable using I-frame You’ll take damage even doing an I-frame. Moreover, DOT can kill the afflicted target.

List of DOTs per skill

Note: Damage is computed as x% + y. Where x is your base matk and y is the additional damage provided by the skill. Poison Pool and Icicle Expression deals fixed amount of DOT and may only be increased by increasing their level. Do note that disease does a different formula than other skills.

All values are taken from max skill in our current cap for poison skills.

Disease – 10% of damage dealt

Poison Charging – (PvE) 1% + 373, (PvP) 1% + 216 total of 5 ticks

Mixed Infection – (PvE) 5% + 882, (PvP) 1% + 512 total of 5 ticks

Poison Pool – (PvE) Deals 7134 damage per tick  (PvP) 713 damage per tick

Magma Punch – (Level 1 only) (PvE) 1%+2, (PvP) 1%+1 total of 5 ticks

Magma Wall – Value unknown. I’ll try to compute the DOT of magma wall later

Magma Wave – (PvE) 5% + 1249, (PvP) 1% + 558 total of 5 ticks

Icicle Expression – (PvE) 3184, (PvP) 1423

IIIb. Coc-ktail

Coc-ktail is a complex buff which gives different effects by consuming a specific amount of bubbles. Consuming the maximum amount (6 bubbles) will entitle you all the effect of the buff.

What is so special with coc-ktail that it has a dedicated section?
-Coc-ktail is actually special since its buff is quite unique and I was also amazed when I have tested its effects.

1st effect – Stat boost increases %agi, %int, %str
– Did you know that the buff that coc-ktail gives is a multiplier instead of additive to your gear potentials?
An additive would be like your gear potentials. For example you have 5 agi potentials in your gear. Each pot gives 4.50% agi. Since you have 5 of them, you add all of the 5 and you get a 22.5% boost on your base agility.

To make this clearer, let us say that you have a base agi of 500 and you have a 22.5% agi modifier.

A * ( 1+B )  where A is base agi and B is the %gear potential
500 * 1.225 = 612.5

your new agi value would be 612 (rounded down value from 612.5). Adding another agi pot on your gear will only add to the 22.5 modifier and will make it 27%.

500 * 1.27 = 635

But coc-ktail is different in a sense that it is another stat multiplier. Let’s take the previous example and this time we’ll add the bonus from coc-ktail. Coc-ktail at max level with +1 skill ring in our server will give a bonus of 21%.

A * ( 1+B )* (1+C)  where A is base agi, B is the %gear potential, C is the %bonus from coc-ktail.

500 * 1.27 * 1.21 = 768

Using a higher agi like in my current equips. Current Agi with the %gear modifier = 1600

1600 * 1.21 = 1936

Agi acquired from coc-ktail is 336. The bonus is quite large and almost equivalent to 5 plates with 3rd stat agi. So do not ever forget to use this buff since its benefits are amazing. Same formula applies to int and str.

2nd effect – Inc. Heal Amount

-Coc-ktail’s 2nd buff increases the heal amount of all skills (including heal skills from other class). The 2nd buff also affects the recovery from the trigger effect of the HP suffix. The buff stacks with the lv.35 cleric buff as well. I still need further testing in order to verify how both buffs stack. I’ll update this section when I’m done with the data.

3rd effect – Reduces Cooldown
-the 3rd buff reduces the cooldown of all skills and it also stacks with your CD skill heraldry further reducing the cooldown of your skills. A good example would be heal shower. Heal Shower has a CD of 60 secs. The plate for Heal Shower has an option of reducing the cooldown of 12%. Coc-ktail with +1 skill acce will reduce CD by 14%.

X * (1-y%) * (1-z%)

where x is the cd of heal shower, y is the effect of heraldry, z is the effect of coc-ktail.

60 * (0.88) * (0.86) = 45.41 secs

I still need to do some tests with spirit boost but definetely, the buff will not stack with Beyond Time as BT is the maximum skill for cooldown reduction.

Note: Coc-ktail buff effect stacks as you use more bubbles. Which means using 4 bubbles will give you the effect of 1 and 2 and using bubbles will give you the effects of 1, 2, and 3.

IIIc. Love Virus

Love Virus is both a damaging and debuffing skill.

Love Virus offers 2 debuffs and inflicts it upon contact.
1. Enemy receives 15% more magic damage (lv2 love virus effect)
2. Enemy Acquires friendly fire status which allows you to be invulnerable from the afflicted target’s attack for the duration of the debuff.

Note: The 1st effect is applicable to all monsters/players. 2nd effect is not applicable to nest bosses (those with Hp bars on nests) but applicable to mobs and all monsters in normal dungeons. 2nd debuff is also applicable to pvp. Targets afflicted will not deal any damage to you nor to your team mates but deal damage to their comrades instead.

Love Virus will negate damage as soon as the debuff is afflicted to the target. For example, Sorc used poison missile on the ground incidentally, you have used love virus too. Poison missile would cease to deal damage as soon as love virus is inflicted to the target.

Also, this skill does heavy damage too. Love Virus deals to type of damage. Contact damage and Explosion Damage. Contact damage is dealt by the first set of hearts projected by the skill. Target may be hit up to 4 depending on the size of the monster. After the hearts traveresed a certain range, the last heart explodes and deal heavy damage to the enemy.

IIId. Injector EX

Injector EX is a multipurpose skill which damages and heals at the same time.

Difference between Injector and the EX

*Increased AOE
*Suction Effect
*Higher Heal Rate
*Higher Damage
*Ability to Heal Party Members

Injector’s heal is dependent on the damage dealt to the target/s. Multiple hits = more heal. Injector’s heal is most effective to boss monsters with multiple hit parts. This heal is only your self only. Party heal has different mechanics.

Injector’s party heal is dependent on your base matk and may only be boosted by increasing your matk or by buffs which directly increase heal rate such as coc-ktail and cleric’s buff. Here’s a demo on how injector’s heal works with a party member.

Injector’s party heal works even when there is no target around meaning that it won’t increase even there are tons of mobs around (I do hope that this gets reworked. but it’ll be too imba XD for a 9 secs cd skill).

IV. Equipment

IVa. Armor Suffix

You have to decide on which to focus. Survival, Critical, or Magic Damage.

For Survival
 you may use Hp or Vit Suffix to boost your HP and Physical def. Though I won’t really recommend this as we physicians already have enough heals to survive nests and dungeons. The trigger effect of HP is also nerfed. The current heal rate is 1/3 of the previous effect. But if you really have trouble surviving, you may always resort to this suffix.

For Critical, you may use wind suffix in all armors then HP in your gloves. HP in gloves seem to give the best agi bonus in all of the gloves option. Stacking agi as a physician is also an option if you want to increase you critical. Coupled with the coc-ktail buff, you’ll have a huge boost in critical.

For Magic Damage, intellect suffix is the best option. Since it’ll be a plus to your raw magic attack increasing your heal spells further and damaging skills as well. You may use this suffix if you don’t worry about your critical or if you have achieved the critical cap.

For armor potentials,

Int, Vit, HP
 – to boost your HP.
Int, Agi, HP – to boost your crit rate.

IVb. Weapon Suffix

Dual Intellect – Target afflicted by this debuff takes 20% more elemental damage from everyone in the party for 10 secs. Since all our attacks are elemental (with the exception of summon slime), we highly benefit from this suffix thus increasing our DPS more. Intellect suffix also provides a bonus in int stat.

Dual Magic Power
 – This suffix gives the highest base damage + the highest boost in critical. By using dual magic power, you improve your heals better. The downside is its trigger effect. Unlike intellect, magic power’s triggger only boosts a single spell in 30 secs.

Magic Power + Tent – This is suffix is primarily used to lower the mdef of the target. Tent suffix reduces the target’s mdef by 25%. Since crit does not bypass defence anymore, tent suffix became popular. Though attractive, tent suffix would only be effective for targets with mdef such as cube and golem monsters. For monsters with low mdef, tent is almost useless as mdef may not be a negative value. Also, the base stats of the suffix is not that good as compared to int or magic power. This suffix is best for non-elemental users but also an option for us.

Note: Single Intellect is not recommended in party play as it may over write the effect given by another player using a dual intellect. Remember that suffix effects do not stack anymore with other players.

For weapon potentials

Matk, Agi, Int – Useful for players who wish to focus on more than 1 element and for those who wish to stack matk to increase their healing potency. You also have the option to acquire Matk + Crit if you are very lucky.

Elem, Agi, Int
 – The best potential for those who focus on one/two element/s. An epic equipment may acquire 2 elements. In my weapons I use Fire and Dark.

Matk, Elem, Agi, Int
 – The best potential for elemental users. Do note that this potential may only be acquired thru Legendary and Unique equipments.

IVc. Accessory

Twilight Manticore Accessory Set ( TM )
TM set is the cheapest set with lots of bonus to elemental attack. The whole set gives a bonus 9.81% to all your elemental attacks. Not to mention the the rings offer 3.20% dark attack each. The necklace offers 3.96% dark attack too. The only downside is the low base stats the set offers. 50A accessories would net you higher stats as compared to TM set. If you have this with you right now then feel free to use it until you have a goof replacement for them.

Skill Accessories
Skill accessories off a wide array of option in terms of skill and stats. They also offer higher bonus stats than the non crafted 50A accessories.

Skill Rings
Notable skills here are coc-ktail, injector, and dispenser. Level 2 dispenser will throw 2 items at a time.

Option A:
 Matk +200, Vit + 53
– A gives the highest bonus matk. The additional vit is a good bonus too for additional hp/def

Option B: Matk +184, Light/Dark +3.54%
– B gives a lesser matk but with a bonus to light/dark skills. This is the best option for dark physicians

Option C:
 Matk +150, Agi +40, Int +36
– C is another option which gives bonus to int and agi.

Option D: Crit + 1331, All elem +3.54%
– D is the best potential for those who seek a balance between crit and elemental attack. However, this ring lacks the bonus matk which may make your base damage less.

Skill Earrings
Notable skills to take are poison break and heal shower. For stats, use the option with main stat agi or the one with main stat int.

Skill Necklace

Notable skills to take here are magma wave and mixed infection. I recommend mixed infection if you have maxed it to 5. The +1 skill bonus would make its damage growth higher. Stats here are the same as the skill earrings. Choose between main stat agi or main stat int.

2 sets of Apocalypse Accessory
The sets of apocalypse accessory would net you a total of (244 FD, 122 for each set). Useful for boosting your FD. For rings take 2 revelation rings then for necklace and earrings take either disp/judge. Useful for those who wish to complete their fd to 100%. You’ll lose a good amount of base stats by using this though.

L Rings
L ring has the potential to have matk + elem, the best potential for elemental users. The base stats are good too. Aside from the matk, L rings give a bonus to int and HP/MP as well. If you take the whole set. You’ll get a huge bonus to stats + additional matk/patk.

Tough Necklace/Earring

Gives huge bonus to dark attack. The combined neck and ear would net you a total of 22% dark attack. Useful for dark physicians like me.

Ring Potentials

Matk, Agi, Int
 – An option for those who opt for higher heal rates and don’t want to be confined with a single element. Adding crit potential here is a good bonus too.

Elem, Agi, Int – Useful for those who wish to focus on a single element. 50A rings may only have 1 elemental pot unlike weapons

Matk, Elem, Agi, Int – Only aqcuired thru L/S rings. The best potential.

Necklace/Earring Potentials
Choose betweem Agi, Int, Hp or Int, Vit, HP. The former would provide boost to critical while the latter provides boost int hp/def.

IVd. Equipment Sets

Set A
3 Immo, 2 Totem, 2 Victor Weapons – Provides 510 FD in total. 2 totem is used to increase max HP. This set is useful for maximizing FD coupled with apoc acce and FD plates.

Set B

5 Immo, 2 Victor Weapons – A variation of set A. Set B provides bonus critical instead of HP/MP.

Set C
5 Totem, 2 Immo – Set with the highest base matk. Provides a total 405 bonus to matk. Totem set also offers a good boost in HP/MP. FD is negligible in this set.

Set D

4 Totem, 3 Immo – Combines the best parts of totem and giga set. 4 totem would provide HP/MP bonus and 140FD. While 3 Immo provides atk/matk + a bonus of 300 FD. I don’t think many considers this set as an option.

Note: I won’t be discussing L/S rank items since I never used any.

IVe. Heraldry

To fully optimize my build, I used 4 lv.50 with 3rd stat critical and 2 lv.50 plates with agi. In this way, I would not need to use wind acce/suffix to reach the crit cap. I will not explain the some heraldries since they are pretty much self-explanatory.

Core Heraldries – This are the most important heraldries you must get. Taking out one of them would affect your base stats severely.


Optional Heraldries
 – This are Heraldries which you may consider depending on how you tweak your build.

Ultimate – Gives bonus to final damage. +170 FD
Undauting – Useful plate in PvP to shorten paralysis duration
Mana – Increase maximum MP
Energy – Increase MP recovery
Shining/Tent – Increase Def/Mdef

Skill Heraldries – Use skill heraldries on skills which you focused on.

Here are the skill heraldries I use for my physician

Injector (CD) – Decreases the cooldwon of injector by 12%. Since I spam this skill most of the time, I decided to use a plate for it. Cooldown is further reduced by coc-ktail.

Magma Wave (DMG) – Increases damage of magma wave by 20%. Useful for boosting magma wave’s damage even more.

Poison Break (DMG) – Increases damage of poison break by 20%.

Heal Shower (CD) – Decreases cooldown of heal show by 12%

Optional Skill Heraldries

Wax (CD) – Decreases cd of wax by 12%.

Magma Wall (DMG) – If you have maxed magma wall, then this could be a good heraldry of choice. Increases magma wall’s damage by 20%

Poison Pool (DMG) – Increases damage of poison pool by 20%

Icicle Expression (DMG) – Increases damage of icicle expression by 20%

Love Virus (DMG) – Increases damage of love virus by 20%

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