Bounty Hounds Online Crafting Set and Items Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Crafting Set and Items Guide by BouncyHound

Hi there.

A small guide I wrote and want to share with you all.
Mostly written for those newcomer players that guess how to craft new weapons, armours, potions and other items.

The good news is that the crafting system is pretty simple. The bad news are that you will need to invest much time and much coins to craft high-end items. But as you will see, it’s almost necessary for you to craft at least your weapons and armour.

Without more delay, let’s start.


To access the crafting system in BHO, press the “I” key.
A new window will popup. This window gives you some important information, that you can see in the next image:

Pretty simple and intuitive interface, isn’t it?

To access the different craftings you have to level up your crafting level. When you craft items, you will obtain crafting experience. When the Crafting Experience reaches the end you will advance your crafting level and automatically learn new formulas. Not every crafting level will bring you new formulas but almost. You can see this information in the Crafting Level Info frame which gives you info about when you get new items to craft and when a certain craft will not give you more crafting experience

Now that we have located the item we want to craft, click on it, and a new window will popup. That window is the Formula Window.
There, you can check the materials required by that item’s formula.
If we have enough of each material, we can start crafting such item.

This last window could look a bit more complex. Let’s knee deep into it (any Doom Fan around):

The Materials Needed, shows you how much of each material type is needed. More complex items will require more materials and expensive ones. In the image, for that sword, only that pair of material types are required, that are pretty common and easy to find.

Below the Materials Needed, we have the Items Probabilities. This frame shows you which items could be obtained after combining the materials.
In the image, we can see that there is a 25% chance to obtain a Defected Ordnance Component (that’s a material for other crafts), a 60% chance to obtain a green named sword (that means the sword is better than a normal sword) and a 15% chance to obtain a blue named sword (that means that such sword will be high quality).

And finally, below Items Probabilities, we can obtain information about the crafting time remaining (it doesn’t require much time. Only a couple seconds) in the frame titled Research Progress, but we can also make a batch crafting, providing the number of times to repeat that craft in the “Times Researche”. Note that BHO will automatically set the maximum number of times to craft if write a higher number than the available craftings.

Now about the materials needed, you will have to search them in the field, by killing monsters or even buying and disassembling items from Miscellaneous Items NPC vendor.

Some of the materials can be gathered from the map, such as plants, ores veins, abandoned supply boxes, rubbish heaps, etc… Usually the items that you can gather have some sparks floating around.
Simply right click on it and you will start gathering:

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