Bounty Hounds Online Battleground Events Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Battleground Events Guide by Xairam

Bounty Hounds – Lunar Battlegrounds and On the Surface of the Battlefield (Battleground Events)

1. Open your Calendar located on the right tab.

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2. On the calendar window, select the date of the event you wish to join

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3. An event window will pop-up beside the calendar window, select “Lunar Battlegrounds” or “On the Surface of the Battlefield”. Remember, “Lunar Battlegrounds” has a level restriction of 30 – 44 while “On the Surface of the Battlefield has a level restriction of 45 – 60.
4. Official time of registration is from 7:50 PM to 9:00 PM.
5. You can enter from 8:00PM till 9:00PM once registered

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6. Click the join button, once you have selected your event. A warning will pop-up that should you ever be disconnected upon teleportation to the zone and you are not teleported to it, then this will be treated as cancellation of entry.

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7. A timer will appear on your lower right corner of the screen once you are queued for the battlegrounds. You can cancel this anytime you wish.

Notes: These rules also apply to other daily, weekly, monthly or special events that are indicated in the calendar. You can only join in events that are available within the date.

How does it work?

Two teams will fight for Raw Heller Ore on the Lunar Battleground. The event is “Lunar Battlegrounds” or “On the Surface of the Battlefield”.


  • Lunar Battlegrounds – level 30 – 44
  • On the Surface of the Battlefield – level 45 – 60

Team Rules:

  • The event will only be activated if there will be at least 10 members for each team.
  • A team is between 10-35 members each.
  • Players belonging to the same Squad or Legion will be automatically assigned to the same team.


  • Win tokens for EXP, CEXP, and Blueprint items
  • Win other rare R&D; materials

The goal of each team is to collect as much ore as possible within 15 minutes per round. Note that player kills will also count towards the total team score. The team with the highest score wins the round and the next round begins. However the round can also end anytime if one team is in lead by 800 points for 20 seconds straight. The game is a race to two, best of three rounds.


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[Green] The Raw Heller Ore deposits can be found in the center of the map, as well as in the West and the East of the Lunar Battleground.

[Yellow] [Red] Each faction has two NPCs where players can hand in their obtained ore. The two factions are: Randal in the North and Hammer Technologies in the South.


You can also find various buffs on the Lunar Battlegrounds including the increase of movement speed, defense, melee and ranged attack, as well at hit bonus. Buffs can turn the tides of battle quite effectively.

Similarly effective are traps that can be crafted using O’Mallion’s Military R&D; system. O’Mallion can be found at the PMC Forward Base (X: 425; Y: 187). In order to make use of O’Mallion’s Military R&D; system your Legion requires the technology “Military R&D;”. After traps have been crafted by O’Mallion, you can use them in the Lunar Battleground to damage, slow, root, or weaken your enemies by positioning them wisely.

Goodluck hounds! May the best team win!

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