Blackshot Scamming Information

Blackshot Scamming Information by AZWANTED

Everyday i see a lot of people have been scammed by scammer.
And this is all because of their own fault. So I’ve made a decision to explain what is scamming and how to avoid them.
ok let begin


Scamming is an act of using others confidence and exploit their typical human quality such as greed, dishonesty, vanity, compassion, and the thought of getting something they can?t get it on their on(GS or RANK)to gain their trust and confidence. It have a few names.

A few other name for scamming
# Confidence trick,
# Confidence game,
# Hustle,
# Grift
# Bamboozle
# Bunko
# Swindle
# flim flam
# gaffle
# Scamming

A name that we called this scammer
# Con man/women
# Grifter
# Con artist.
# Scammer

Most of the time this Scammer is not working on their own. They have their own crew or helper known as plant. Their job is simpler then the con man itself. All they have to do is saying that this “scammer” already help him/her.


People that always searching for something easy to get something they can’t get it. For example in our community(BLACKSHOT). They are people who feel that they rather waiting for someone to give them GS item rather then buy it themselves.


So this scammer come and simply whisper “YOU WANT GS/YOU WANT GS GUN? I can give it to you?” When this naive player answer YES, that means either he trust him 100% or 50% or more. That means they already get your trust. Then they will act normal and chit chatting with you. After that they will ask your password and ID. This because they’re saying that they cannot send the GS to you. So you give to them. And you will regret it and ask GM/OP to solve this problem and return back your account. It?s all your fault actually. So think before you act.


There is only one way to protect yourself against scammer. IGNORE. Yes you read it right just ignore them. If you ignore them they will definitely get bored and stop asking you again. But the most important things is always verify your e-mail.
REMEMBER “Scamming is a crime, not just gaming crime it’s a real crime” 

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