Blackshot Melee Guide

Blackshot Melee Guide by limingisstrong

Good day guys, here is my guide on how to use your arsenal of melee weapons effectively. I hope that it will prove to be useful.

1. Types of melee weapons

a) Kukuri knife

Damage: Pretty high (but unable to kill in one hit if the opponent has armor II, although striking your opponent in the chest may account for a one-hit kill.)

Strike rate: Low (One of the slowest melee weapon in game)

Range: Far (That’s the main advantage)

Not very applicable to beginners as this weapon requires great expertise to control. You will need to be accurate and strike your target, by failing to hit will most likely result in death. Unlike the meathammer, the kukuri has an extremely small hit zone, hence it is easier to miss your target. However, this weapon has a slightly further range than other melee weapons.

Also, opponents with armor will take 2 hits to kill, so most players who use the kukuri have the tactic “punisher” to kill in one hit. The tactic is available at the rank of Captain.

b) Combat knife

Damage: Moderate (Takes 2 hits to kill, regardless of armor and stacking of guardians)

Strike rate: Fast (The fast striking rate makes it rather easy to hit, ironically sometimes easier to miss)

Range: Normal

The default melee weapon you have. This knife is pretty scary if you are able to cleverly gauge the distance to strike. It is also relatively easy to headshot with. However, some players may find it difficult to handle due to its fast “reloading”. But trust me, when you run out of ammo in a gun match, the knife is your best friend.

c) Meathammer

Damage: High (Kills in one hit, unless the player has armor with guardian 2)

Strike rate: Low

Range: Normal

The hammer is a deadly weapon due to its high damage and it is the easiest melee weapon to headshot with. The only drawback is the low strike rate.

The golden meathammer, buyable from the shop at the melee mastery of expert 4th, has an striking rate which is twice as high as the ordinary hammer, making it the deadliest melee weapon you can ask for.

d) Jungle knife

Damage: High (Same as kukri, it takes 2 hits to kill if the player has armor)

Strike rate: It has a “burst” mode, allowing the player to strike twice quickly

Range: Normal

Thei jungle knife allows you to strike twice rapidly before having to pause, for the weapon to “reload”. This weapon is powerful for crowd-clearing due to its ability to strike twice in rapid succession.

2. Ways of fighting

a) Sidestepping

This is one of the greatest skills in the best meleers. Basically, sidestepping refers to moving around a small area, but with little displacement when engaged in battle, and wait for the opportunity to strike your opponent.

It is important, in the first place, to know where you are moving to. Seasoned players will move about a small area to confuse their enemies, and at the right time, move forward to strike. Although this method is very useful, you must strike accurately. By failing to hit your opponent, you will mostly likely have to sit back and wait to respawn.

b) Distance judging/ Prediction

Through experience, you will know the distance and timing to strike accurately. This method of fighting consist of the player going forward and hitting his enemy at the exact right timing and distance.

Some players feign AFK, then when the opponent moves in for a “free kill”, they strike first with the element of surprise. However such tricks NEVER work on a seasoned meleer.

Good meleers have excellent judging of the weapon’s range, which is why beginners may find themselves getting killed at “impossible” ranges when playing with good meleers.

For beginners, it is more advisable to practise sidestepping first. With good sidestepping and judging of the weapon’s distance, you will be on killing sprees in a melee match.

3. Tricks

a) Feign AFK

This trick requires good judging of the weapons distance. It simply means you stand still in a stationary position and wait for an opposing player to come to you, and kill him at the right timing. This trick however, is only effective to a very limited extent. Experienced players knows that “there are no free kills in the world”, and will be anticipating you to move at any moment.

b) Unexpected crouch

This trick makes use of the opponent’s aim to hit above the belt. By unexpectedly crouching when approached, the enemy will miss his strike and giving you an opening to kill. However, this requires very accurate timing, and it may not work on the same opponent twice.

c) Run and hit

Players just love to backstab, don’t they? Well for this trick, go ahead and run, but make sure an enemy is following behind and waiting to catch up to you to backstab. When he is pretty close (you’ve got to estimate), turn around rapidly and “surprise” him.

d) Backstab

Well, is backstab a trick after all? Yes I will say, it is not really that easy to backstab your enemies unless they are total newbies. In order to successfully kill your opponent when backstabbing, you will need to aim your weapon slightly above his shoulder for a headshot. There are many cases of failed backstabbing where the failure to headshot results in death, due to a reciprocrated strike by the victim.

e) Spinning death

This trick requires good mouse sensitivity, it is done by spinning around constantly and striking the enemies within your range, this trick provides you with a larger awareness of your surroundings. A good estimation of the weapon’s range is required though.

Well so I have pretty much come to the end of my melee guide. I hope it has indeed helped some of you guys. Please feel free to correct any of my mistakes, positive comments are appreciated.

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  1. Bharath says:

    Need more particular tricks

  2. CyberMicrobes says:

    Well. With the new Melee animation, most of the tricks will not work anymore – people is playing sliding nowadays.

  3. SimonTermer says:

    AFK people, I tend to go behind of them and strike so they will move. LOL

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