Blackshot Sniper Guide

Blackshot Sniper Guide by LastBullet19

This is a all round sniper guide meant to help rookie snipers, or help current snipers improve (idc if u are better than me or not )

#1 Choice of weapon
#2 Some sniping regulations
#3 Sniping Hotspots
#4 Sniper loadout
#5 Quickscoping
#6 Running Sniper
#7 Other sniping tips

1) Choice of weapons
In Blackshot, there are 2 types of sniper rifles: Bolt Action/Semi-Automatic. Both of them have their pros and cons, but in the end, it’s all a matter of preference.
Bolt action rifles kill with one shot, but need to dispense a round after every shot.
Semi-Auto rifles can shoot continuously, but have lowered damage, they only kill with 2 or 3 shots.

Sniper Rifles:

Your standard sniper. Everyone in the game should have this sniper rifle as a default when they start.
Type: Bolt Action
Damage: L
Recoil: M
Weight: L
Fire Rate: L
Ammo Capacity (A.Cap): M
Overall reliability: 6/10
This rifle is, well, not as effective and reliable as other rifles. It is a Bolt-Action, but does not deliver a one shot one kill. However, this gun can be useful for those who know how to operate it well.

A favourite of the Semi-Auto Rifle fans. This rifle boasts a higher semi-automatic fire rate delivered together with low recoil. However, This gun has considerably low damage, which is about on par with the SSG82.
Type: Semi-Automatic
Damage: L
Recoil: L
Weight: L
Fire Rate: M
A.Cap: M
Overall Reliability: 7.5/10
A lightweight sniper rifle, capable of accurate single shots and also bullet sprays. A formidable rifle for the running sniper.

An alternative semi-auto sniper rifle. This one comes with higher damage and fire rate. It also has a boosted ammo capacity. But also has higher weight, and some WILD recoil.
Type: Semi-Auto
Damage: M
Recoil: H
Weight: H
Fire Rate: H
A.Cap: H
Overall Reliability: 7.5/10
Well… This is an infamous gun, for some unknown reason. I find it to be effective for all ranges. With a 10 round magazine, spamming is possible at close range.
Dragunov Black
Damage (+)
Weight (-)
Overall Reliability: 8/10
This gun has it’s unpainted version’s flaws taken away and given a boost too. However, the drawback to this weapon is that… it’s a cash item. (Meaning you need to pay GS to buy it)

An alternative to everyone’s favourite AWP, the M24 comes with a reduced ammo capacity. However, it has lowered recoil and deals less more damage than the AWP. (and the semi-autoes)
Type: Bolt-Action
Damage: M (+)
Recoil: L
Weight: M
Fire Rate: L
A.Cap: L
Overall reliability: 8/10
This rifle is excellend to quickscope with, for both professionals and rookies. It’s lowered weight makes it a good choice for the running sniper. (Credits to hunterboy920)

Ah and there it is. Everyones #1 sniper rifle. This gun takes sniping to the extremes. It only takes one shot to kill. It is about as light as the PSG-1. It max ammo in a single clip. Very reliable. Don’t forget it’s cool, weird yet effective scope
Type: Bolt-Action
Damage: H
Recoil: M
Weight: M
Fire Rate: L
A. Cap: H
Overall Reliability: 9/10
The AWP, or more widely known as the AWMSR, deliveres a mighty punch at extreme velocity. Excellent to quickscope with. Very easy to move around with, but slightly heavier than the M24. Use it. Pull the trigger. You find that you can easily find your target. Very reliable. Yet not the best…
AWP Black:
Damage (+)
Weight (-)
Overall Reloability: 9.5/10
The decendant of the renowned AWP Sniper Rifle. This one gets a trim and fit to reduce weight, and a boost to damage. Yet again, the ultimate has yet to arrive.

Barrett M82A1
A rare sniper rifle that somehow stands out from the others due to its firing system. It is both Semi-Auto and Bolt Action at the same time. This stubborn gun piercest through the toughest of armours, and is able to fire a next round almost immediately. However, this rifle has only 2 rounds per clip (clip, maybe not but idk this time, seriously)
Type: Bolt-Action/Semi-Auto
Damage: H (+)
Weight: L
Recoil: L
Fire Rate: M
A. Cap: Ex-L
Overall reliability: 9.5/10
This gun is so light you can actually capture a flag while running with it the entire time. Only drawback is, its ammo capacity. Not the ultimate yet again.

Cheytac M200-Intervention
Ladies and gentlemen may I present you with the ultimate and rarest sniper rifle Blackshot has to offer. This desert phoenix has the highest fire rate amongst the Bolt-Action type rifles. It’s punches are not as strong as that of the Barrett. However, nothing can stop the round from passing trough and piercing the next enemy behind. If you want piercing shots to come easier, this is the gun for you. No wait. This is the gun for EVERYONE
Type: Bolt-Action
Damage: H
Weight: M
Recoil: M
Fire Rate: M (+)
A. Cap: M
Overall Reliability: 10/10 ~*PERFECT*~
This gun is really the sniper version of the Desert Eagle .50. Punches thrown pass through enemies. Rounds are dispensed and re-chambered almost immediately. It can ALMOST (credits to hunterboy920) perform bullet spams. Easy to travel around with. Has the highest zoom rate in Blackshot. This, my friends, is what the ultimate is like.

2) Some sniping regulations.
-For the hidden assassin-
I) Make sure your hiding (camping) spot is not too obvious or predictable.
II) Make sure not to camp at a single spot for too long. Otherwise, you can expect a nade to drop by and blow you up.
III) Make sure you have a trusty sidearm (pistol) that you can pull out. Trust me you will need it. If there are too many people coming at you all at a time, you may need to run. But you are not gonna run far holding your sniper rifle (trust me on this one) so just take out your pistol and run. Who knows? You may even be able to kill a few of them with just your pistol!
IV) When you are caught in a flash-bang or a smoke grenade, my advise is you run. Since you cannot spam at SMG speed, it is likely you wont kill or even hit a thing. So just run. You can’t see em’. But they sure can see you crystal clearly.

Tips by yuansheng4b

This is some tips for sniping for various maps

1- Remember to set your Zoom Mouse Sensitivity to higher than 100% like 200% or 250%. But you will take time to adapt to the speed changes

In Panic Space (A very popular Sniping and Meleeing spot)

At the metal boxes (above), try jumping to locate a target spot and once you have acquired a target, shoot. While you are jumping, aim at the desired target and move your crosshair aligned to the target so you can shoot straight away when you are at rest position.

Another good sniping spot in Panic Space is at the wooden crate (above) you can go at the left side (of the crate) to shoot or move up the stairs to shoot and move down the stairs for automatic cover from the wooden crate.

Besides that you can hide at the pile of boxes, (above). However, if the enemies are lucky enough they can kill you by shooting through the boxes. Try jumping while peeking OVER the pile of boxes and peeking through the gap between the pile and the wooden crate there. Alternate frequently reduce your chances from being hit.

Make sure you alternate between the different sniping spots really frequently, to avoid your enemies recognizing your comfort spot.

Sand Storm I

This map requires close contact combat and you might need to learn how to quick scope for better weapon efficiency.

However, there are several sniping spots you can go to like the one at the bridge (if you know what i mean) you can jump side to side and shoot but not while you are jumping, but at a rest position. This is oni for the Blue team, from the bridge you can move along the wall to a wooden roof and snipe from there, it is best u crouch so invincible players won’t have the opportunity to snipe you.

Next, for the red team you can snipe from the bridge, but be warned of incoming Blues, over there you can keep watch of Blues taking the flag or moving through the alley (if you know what I mean).

Or, alternatively, there is one place in front of the Reds team where you can walk on the second story, on the right. move straight up, and you can get a view of the Blue team’s base. Good sniping spot, but hide behind the corner of the building in front to avoid being sniped. Some players might throw a grenade or kill you from the room on the right. be careful!

I think thats all i can do for today. Hope you give me some corrections

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