Blackshot Maximise Weapon Mastery Gain Guide

Blackshot Maximise Weapon Mastery Gain Guide by yuansheng4b

Hi there!

As we all know, leveling up your weapon mastery is very hard. But there is a way to get more exp each time you kill!

Okay I’ll put it this way, we have 3 major parts in the body to get exp when we kill. The first being the torso, second being the head and third being the apex of the head (top of the head). There are two types of head shots. One being the normal head shot and the other is the Superior Head Shot.

For the torso, we will get the lowest exp from the three stated.
For the head will be the second most of the three.
The apex of the head has the most weapon exp gained from each kill.

Let’s refer to the pictures below :-

This is the torso. By killing the enemy by shooting at this point will only give you a low amount of weapon exp.

Only 39 weapon exp.

This is the head. Killing the enemy here will give you considerable amount of weapon exp.

47 weapon exp. Notice the red skull? Normal Head shots gives that kill mark.

And this is the apex of the head.

Shooting at this point will give you a whooping 90 weapon exp! Compare that to your average 30+/- weapon exp. Notice the red and white skull? That differentiates a normal head shot from a superior head shot.

This amount of weapon exp varies with the weapon you use. The most being knife and the least being smg.

I hope this gives everyone a great start in mastering your weapon exp! Big Smile


Credits to Fat****Face from Sodagreen in willing to die 9 times in the making of this guide XD

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    Hello man. Is anyone still active here?

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    how come i did try your superior headshot and i only got 40 weapon exp… ?

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