The World of Magic Making Money Guide

The World of Magic Making Money Guide by rachel lim

Im pretty sure that all of us here loves money(especially me). Well, in the world of magic, there are three main ways to earn money: farmin, working and merchanting. Now i will explain and eleborat a bit more

the most often seen way of earning money. It usually allows the user to advance in level at the same time as they make their money. Most monsters will always drop some gold (the most being from boss and monsters in mushcave) and if you are lucky, drop items too. These items varies in value for example a mushroom spore drop compared to a rage ii drop.

lv2-5 train at the forest. the boars drop weapons VERY often and they can fetch 400 gold each. they also drop mystery box and other materials in which u can trade into gloves and belts ect. an old woolen boot can fetch up to 2400gold at the secret merchant. other monsters like donguri also drops armor and potions very frequently. HOWEVER, what you should always look out for are bulldozers and bulldozer bros. When i transferred to devillang from bigmama, i encountered 2 bulldozers and 1 bulldozer bro in 7min(wow) at the forest. it WILL be a be hard to kill but if u r an ranged attacker, u can lure it to an obstacle(for me i used the fence) and kill it without getting harmed. They drop very good items i got a bag and a bull cloak(very expensive!!)

lv5-10 train and farm at marsh. it used to be more profitable there due to silk being very expensive but even now it is still a gold mine for new players. train on mushrooms first and try to get your skillbook. collect ALL the old feathers, damaged pamplets and mystic stones as it can be traded at kulin for a chance to get an enchant. after you lved a bit, train on flowers. They drop blunt sword very often and u can npc it for 2400gold. also, collect the mystic seeds and sell to other players at 1k-3k each. after that at lv8, you can train at the swamp boars area. hey often drop apprentice robe(3.2k when npced) and other goodies. spiders r probably the best as they drop enchants often and silk can be made into bags. they also drop sturdy armor and can be sold to npc at 4k each. becareful of the boss though, it use ranged so u have to fight face on but if u can get a ensnare ii for sparkling neck, u will instantly be richer by 1mil+

lv11-14(optional) mush cave
it might sound lucrative but on the long run u earn lesser profits there compared to swamp. sure all the monsters drop 50+gold but it RARELY drops items. even at the forest the monsters have lousy money drops but the items can be sold for relatively high. If you decided to train here, att white bats and flowers for cloak of health. my first drop was a 17hp whish i sold for 80k. white bats also drop knee bone which u can trade for old hat which can be sold to player at 5-15k. again, the flowers also drop sturdy armor(VERY RARELY) which can be npced. if u r a low level focus on poison mush as they might drop fungiskin belt(very popular). other wise, train on the beach

you should attack crabs and sandman first. crabs have a chance of dropin mittens which should be sold to other players. both monsters drop round shield and hard scale and small corals. collect 100 scales and turn into boots n sell to others. shield should be npced(2.4k) and small coral should also be npced(160 gold each). snadman might also drop the very rare haemohrrage iii and u can sell between 40-200k. next, work on woopas and roopas. best if u can party as they come in a crowd. drops corals(red sell to players at 800ea and small should be npced) and woopa scales. u can collect these and turn into items or sell directly to players although i find changing them to boots make a better profit. sometimes they will also drop longbow which u can sell and heal iii. all prices depend on the market. if u r lucky like me, u will also get lucky drops from chief woopa and mutant woopas. i got a magician staff at 2nd kill and sold for 400k as it is 4int.

lv15- 24 light house and lanos/siras area
light house provided many diff monsters and if u r lucky, u might find grey skeletons and recluse ect. very profitable as all items there are generally in high demand and special drops like rage ii and swirl bow CAN be sold for high prices. ypu can also get skillbooks and other quest related items.

lanos/siras area
ypu face a smaller area and it offers many diff boss/mini boss. if you are lanos it will be easier for u as u can sell kamakee tokens from trading kamakee beaks. but what both have in common is that u cant get pked there and ur chance of encountering a boss will be higher. raven and white crows/7 tail fox and 777tail fox drop the ultra expensive skills like sharp eyes iii and impact shot ii(worth so much i cant count!!). blasters and sunflowers also drop wild charge ii which also can be sold for a few mil. many minsters also drop enchants.

lv24-30 temple
advised to try at lv24 to farm as u kill faster and wont get killed as easily when mobbed by many monsters. generally a goldmine. drops many expensive stuff ect. even by breaking rocks there could result in finding a frost ore which can be sold for half a mil.

Although farming sounds very profitable, it really depends on your luck. if u r unlucky, u will earn a LOT less than your peers. eg bulldozer killed a few thousand oheehees ect n didnt get cod. linderbell got it in 2 kills.

this normally applies to mages. try to have an extremely high int and relatively high lv with shield iii/iv and healing iii. many higher lvs r willing to pay incredible sums of money for healing and shielding them. there is an offer currently in the forums and some people like korin offer as high as 400k an hour. thats a LOT of money for an hour

a very often means of earning money. usually there will be very good offers and u should buy those stuff and sell them at a higher price. also, look at the market trend. if the items r cheap now buy loads of them n sell when the price increase to make an profit(HIGH RISK). always look through bt for good offers like i got a FREE don hat(not worth a lot but its free) and a 5hr sturdy glove FOR 5K!!! later i sold for about 600k lol

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