The World of Magic Warrior Guide

The World of Magic Warrior Guide by rachel lim

Hello all im pretty sure that all of u know that warriors r a group of powerful people with extraemely high armor and hits. However, its main weakness is that it use melee. Heres a describtion of a warrior copied from the wiki

Description: A melee class that uses swords and shields.

Starting Stats: Points- 6

Strength- 12

Intelligence- 9

Dexterity- 11

Constitution- 14

Wisdom- 9


High amount of HP
Capable of taking lots of damage due to high armor and HP
Good attack skills
Has the largest variety of armor: gloves, shields, and boots


Must be close to attack
Low accuracy (not true some weapons like sharp long sword give hr to make up for it)
Low amount of MP. NOTE: currently no warrior skills consume MP.


lv2-4 focus on upgrading your wild swing as it is an important skill
wild swing 2 can be purchased at the reader in the village at a cheap price and book 3 can be bought from players @ 500-1000 gold.

lv5-9 put 2 points into counterstrike and 3 points into parry. With parry iii, u will have an additional 4% chance to block an attack on top of the block your shield provides. counterstrike ii will allow u to return an attack after u have blocked(thats why parry is good) at 160% its original power! That is as powerful as a wildswing iv. plus all these skills r pretty cheap

lv10-14 add 1-3 points into bullrush if u wish and have the money. bullrush2+3 will cost a LOT. i personally dont like it as just 1 point in it is enough for me to escape at critical moments. add 1-2 points into wild charge too as it cause a stun and it functions like a teleport or a shift(warrior version but we get stun effects on top of that) i suggest u dont add wild charge ii as all it does is decrease the cooldown by 1 tick although if u sell it u will be earning an instant million=) save the points that you did not use

lv15-19 This is when all the good skills starts to come about. try to get rage up as high as possible as it is a skill that increase the percentage that your atts will be critical(double damage). if you have a rage ii(from recluse at lh1), your critical probability will be at 70%!! thats really amazing. well, if you cant get it, stick with a rage 1 bought from reader at beach. next important skill is slam. it is like a wild swing except youy dont have to wait for cooldown because you rely on crystals and you have a high chance of stunning the opponent. However, slam ii again is a rare drop from mutant woopa and chief woopa on the beach and you will have to pay a lot for it if u want to buy. try to get your toughness up to ii as both book 1 and 2 are pretty cheap and it PERMANTLY decrease damage by 4%!

lv20-24 try to get your berserk to at least 2 as it refills your crystals in which you rely heavyly on(slam and rage) its is a pretty cheap skillbook too. sweeping strikes is a good skill as you will be able to tank and kill monsters faster=more exp. sweeping strikes 1 and 2 are both very cheap but book3 is a rare drop from crazy penguins and are sold for 1-3mil. last resistance is like giving you invincibility as you will only take 10% of the damage! along with your high armor and block, warriors useing last resistance are almost indestructable! however, book2 is pretty expensive and normally sold for 1mil+

lv25-29 try to add more advanced skillbooks into your existing ones and if you are a pvp person, add will of elemental. a relatively cheap skillbook that is intended for defending against mage’s elemental atts(unless they resort to their ulti-the purple mist thingy which is a magic based att)

lv2-3 use the sword that is given to you
lv4-6 use a practise sword with high cri dropped from boars
lv7-8 use a blunt short sword(no need enchant for u will be losing money)
lv9-13 get a good canine tooth. on most severs, its around 30k to up to 500k depending on the stats. if you have the money, buy a better version or kill a bulldozer that drops bull tooth
lv14-16 try to get a longsword although it will be a bit expensive. get one with hitrate or/and cri. dropped from mutant woopas and cheif woopa
lv17-19 get a good sharp long sword. normally its pretty cheap due to it being dropped from GHOST(common mob). get a +6-7 one with hr and cri
lv20-27 use a katana with good hr and enchanted(enchanting yourself most of the time will result in a loss so buy an enchanted one) price varies on different severs
lv23-27 use a viking sword if you have the money
lv27-30 use a good gladius. will be pretty expensive but will be mush more powerful
if you are extremely rich
lv30 GET A PLATIMIUM RAPIER=) HIGH hr and cri along with being the fastest sword so far seen in the game!! ultimate goal for many warriors is to get a platimium rapier
you can craft one with 5 frost iron bar(high failure rate when converting frost iron ores and r extremly expensive), 5 ancient blood(cheap stuff in bt) and a seruang tear(also very expensive drops from wandaka lv 35)
TIP: ALWAYS ALWAYS use a frost refining tool because it increase the chance of success of making bars by20%. it will be VERY expensive but it does not get consumed after u use it so u can ‘borrow’ from a friend=)

hr vs critical
most of the warrior weapons will offer cri. However, the warrior faced low accuracy at times and due to their slow hitting rate, 1 miss will mean a big loss for a warrior expecially at later lvs against boss. boss like wandaka hit through armor(although armor is still imporatant) and deal up to 100+ damage! Also, most warriors challenging these boss will be of lower lv than it thus making hr very important. Always find weapons with both hr and cri. use a high hr glove instead of scale as all it offers most of the time is 1-2 str which is less imporatnt compared to hr.

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