The World of Magic Warrior Skills List

The World of Magic Warrior Skills List by neynei

Wild Swing– This skill will never leave your side, max it. Use it as your most reliable and helpful attack any situation.

Taunting Blow– This skill is one that is not needed, used for hitting mobs that you would normally miss or cool looks. 1 point max.

Hemorrage– This skill is useful for 3 reasons. #1 for low lvls without slam provides an extra attack. #2 Can hit mobs you would miss and provide extra damage. #3 MOST IMPORTANT in pk if u use it on the foe they will not be able to recall, breaks through shields. 1-3 points your pick.

Parry– Definitely, whats the downside of some extra block? Max it

Counter Attack– This skill is one that may become useful when you are lvl 30+ and are sweep+raging a mob, you get blocks every second in a mob, based on your preference, if you use it max it.

Bull Rush– This is one of the funnest skills in the game LIGHTNING SPEED. Max it. Can be used to run away from a enemy or mob or run to them. Very helpful with boss hunting.

Drowsiness– So on top of speeding up we can slow you down? Priceless. Get it. Use in pk to slow down the target. A lot of times people get away because they lack this skill.

Wild Charge– You will find yourself using this to catch up to a foe or saving your mage a lot. Max it. Amazing skill to freeze enemy and get a chance for a potential KO.

Rage– Do I i need to say it? Max it. Priceless skill used to KO a enemy quick in pk, although using it sometimes give target a chance to get away, use it before wild charge.

Slam– Useful for everything it’s a universal attack. Max it. From pk to training to hunting. When in doubt slam about.

Toughness– This is our most important passive skill. Max it when u have some luxury money left over. The extra decrease in armor helps with EVERYTHING

Berserk– Amazing.. extremely useful skill, max it. Use for a quick regeneration in pk, waiting for bf, or any other time you may need some crystals.

Sweeping Strikes– This skill and rage are soul mates, they must be together. Max it, this is the key to lvling. I have to say that sweeping 3 is a priceless skill and should be at the top of any ” to get ” list.

Last Resistance– I cant even express my love for this skill it has gotten me out of so many ” 25 hp left ” situations. Max it when u have some luxury money. When dying while training, luring, pk, or boss this is great.

Will of the Elemental– Get this eventually when u have extra points do not put it before other, more important skills. Max it eventually. The extra resist comes in handy in many different situations involving those dreaded mages.

Fatal Attack– Wow this skill is a beast do not pass it ( although I doubt anybody would pass up the attack looks ). Max it. This is recommended to only use when training, strong damage ad your crystals will go back to 4/5. 1v1 this may not be the smartest idea

Harden Body– Get it. Max it. You probably do not mind some extra ” hp through training ” . Nothing to lose.

Stampede– This a fun skill. Useful in bf. Get it, max it when u have extra points ( you should at this lvl ). Can be used to storm in bf or maybe group pking.

Shout of Calmness– Good to get out of quick situations but they could just fear you again and a massive cool down. Not recommended by most, get it just in case.

Heavy Strike– When you reach this level, treat yourself by using heavy strike in bf. Get it haha. Use this skill to scare noobs haha. Have fun!

That is all of em hope it helped, enjoy

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