SSCU Trench Wars TKing Guide

SSCU Trench Wars TKing Guide by Exalt

In the spirit of passing knowledge to those who might use it, here are some of my recommendations for a rather under-used tactic, TKing.

The tker’s big weakness is that it’s targets generally move, and don’t stay by walls when you bomb them. In general, the more they move, the more important it is to read the direction of your target. If you fire directly at their current location toward anyone but a stationary target, they’ll dodge it easily and report you. But there are ways to work around this.

First some general guidelines though:
– Be prepared to switch between frequencies as needed to find the most stationary targets inside the base at any moment. It seems obvious if you’ve spent some time in pub, but I don’t see other TKers do it very often. When you switch frequencies, most players expect you to bomb at the blue ships, but this is wrong and should be avoided at all costs. The enemy team is trying to win, and who are you to say no to that? When you fire a bomb, aim it directly toward the largest crowd of yellow ships near the wall. You can often surprise them with a quick bomb right after the base warp. No other yellow ship besides a shark/lanc can do this effectively to their teammates than a jav.

– Avoid undercover mods who may or may not be speccing you in the act. The TK’ers second biggest weakness, after their sometimes ineffectiveness at switching frequencies, is a staff member trying to ban you. Unless you really know the person on staff, try to leave yourself enough time to write an explanation such as “oops” “wrong button” “bad aim!” or other lame excuses.

– Use your own freq’s terr shamelessly. After you attach to him, detact and then do your best to TK his ass into being a bitch and reporting. As all newbs go, they shamelessly use ?cheater and ?help calls in the near impossible hope that a staff member will be present, and if so, care. If the staff member is a huge nerd (which he probably is if he is spending time in public), then you will have to use choice words such as “fuck you newbie” “suck my dick faggot” or “I’ll DDOS the server if you even talk to me you piece of shit”

– Use wall bounces for extra speed. This is a corollary of using afterburn. If you afterburn into a wall and do not release afterburn or the direction you’re thrusting, the wall will give you a bounce that briefly boosts your speed and help you on your quest to TK unsuspecting newbs. Turn as you afterburn into and then away from the wall (or afterburn going backwards), and you can fire a very fast bomb shot into your freq’s terr with this method. It may take some practice if you’re not familiar with using wall bounces. Another good way to catch people off guard.

Ship to ship combat:
The third weakness of the TKer is that he forgets his primary mission is to kill yellow ships and piss everyone off. It takes 2 warnings before you get banned. In case you do get banned, what can you do about it? Make sure you have a chat with vys and delectable, and ask them how to evade. Chuckle is another good example. Change your name to something slightly above your already stupid name (something like aznpubnewb123) into something like crackberry, twoface, ivf, etc.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Feel free to contribute additional tips.

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