SSCU Trench Wars Javelin Strategy Guide

SSCU Trench Wars Javelin Strategy Guide by cRaZi

This is not going to help you Javelin better. This is not going to suddenly make you elite. In fact, most of this document you may think is bullshit. But all I am providing for you is another view of playing the Javelin.

I have a very unique style of playing and would just like to provide insight in how I play. I do not claim to be the best player or even a very elite one. But I have been playing since January 1st, 2000 and will show you the knowledge I have gained since then.

Of course, you need to be playing and practicing to get better. Period.


When I had first joined Pure Luck in 2000, one of the people I had looked up to was a player named “Mjollnir”. I asked him, “What is the best way of dodging a bullet? (in Warbird)”. He replied, “The best way is to not allow yourself to be shot.”

What Mjollnir had meant is to not even allow any possible angle for a kill. This had me thinking (especially if I can still remember this tip from him). I began to change my entire perspective on playing and have lived by that motto for my dodging since I heard it.

Phyre, one of my longest SS contacts, had given me some advice on Javelins:

“Javs are Ez. Just stay away from the walls and you’ll be good.”

Some other influences on Javs that I have learned from are these players and the strengths I have observed (there are MANY I have learned from but here is what I can think of off the top of my head):

Domi: Patience
TheSerpentMage: Advanced Shooting
Scuzzy Sureshot: Advanced Shooting / Weakness Reading
Blood: Rushing
Rough: Weakness Reading / Consistency
Plague Rabbit: Aim / Advanced Shooting
DanyalDenyo: Aim / Advanced Shooting / Weakness Reading / Abuse of Lag
Louis XV: Consistency
Fireballz: Teamwork

Thundermare: Advanced Shooting / Aim / Converting Pub Skills Into Competition Skills

And many, many more.

You may not agree with me on these players, but this is what I have learned from them.

Simple Tips For The Impatient

1.) Never shoot unless you are 100% sure you will do an effect.
2.) Stay away from any possible angles that may cause harm.
3.) Be alert at all possible ways of killing. (And killing YOU)
4.) Always go for the shot with the least possible chance of failure.
5.) One life may end up winning the game.

These are very general and simple tips that I try to follow. It is easier said than done but not impossible to accomplish.

Basic Skills / Environment Awareness

Javelin is a ship that requires high control and observation. You must always be in-control of your ship as well as knowing all of your surroundings. Just as you dodge a possible radar shot in warbird, you must dodge any possible shots preemptively.

Example 1:

2dragons is in the weaker position.
The most efficient way for 2dragons to escape without death is to fly toward the east wall and get onto the other side (possibly north of it).
However, seeing his momentum, he may be able to kill DanyalDenyo before DD gets a chance to shoot.
You must weigh the risks and what point of the game is needed if a suicide would be possible.

My Strategy (As 2Dragons)
I would go straight north and east a bit, then wait to see exactly what Danyal does. If he attempts to claim my position, I will have many options reserved to me for killing him. I can bomb the niche in the square, do a sideways bomb off the 1 tile of the north wall exploding on the east wall, or hit him directly with bullets and follow with a bomb.
However, most decent players will not follow as it is an obvious trap.

Example 2:

Rocket Soldier does not have many options as he is in a terrible situation. PPk is destined for bombing the shit out of Rocket in this position. However, there is a possible chance of escape for Rocket as long as he can outwit PPk.

Looking at the momentum of PPk can tell a lot. First, PPk is at an awkward angle for downward shots. Rocket may attempt to escape south by hugging the southern wall as he heads down. Most likely, he will be damaged but may possibly survive and have enough to rebuttal with bullets. But the most plausible route would be to head north against PPk’s momentum (MAKING SURE NOT TO GET TOO CLOSE TO ANY WALL and hope that PPk misses. PPk would have to be a good shot to nail Rocket and if Rocket makes it difficult to read exactly what speed and momentum he will be heading, PPk will miss as he would have to do a backwards shot.
Most in this situation (supposing they had full energy) would most likely bullet PPk and cause a suicide. Some would bomb for further confirmation. Survival rate in Rocket’s case is low if PPk is a good player.

My Strategy

If I were in Rocket’s position, I would definitely bullet and hope that PPk chickens out. Then follow with a bomb.

Example 3:

(Picture Above)

This is a standoff. Both opponents have almost equal opportunity to escape and kill. For cRaZi, he is in the disadvantaged position because of all the walls surrounding him, but he can also utilize this incase the opponent attempts to enter his position.

There are a variety of outcomes from this scenario.

My Strategy

I would defend my position by holding the exact spot I am located. There is no possible way for Shaguar to hit me without shooting an easily dodged shot or entering my position. If he gets too close to the wall, he will get bombed heavily and most likely bulleted. If he attempts to cross the path by heading north away from the center wall, I would head south and stay away from any possible walls he may explode upon. (I would zig zag away from the right obstacle (below the square box) and then head torward the right wall once I cleared the obstacle and continue until I had cleared the position. Then I would possibly wait for his response if he chose to pursue me or if he decided to go the other direction.

Example 4:

(Picture Above)

It may appear as if Tibro may have the best position, but in actuality, Lordy is the one who has the upper hand. Tibro cannot hit Lordy if he dodges to the right without doing an easily dodged shot or entering his position. Lordy on the other hand may hit Tibro (with Advanced Shooting) at any of the walls surrounding him. Tibro’s best bet would be to advance at Lordy and follow through, forcing Lordy to either suicide or head right. If Lordy chooses left, he may possible be killed. In this particular picture, Tibro is attempting to bomb the Reverse L shaped corner in an attempt to ward off Lordy. Unfortunately, this is a bad maneuver since Lordy has plenty of room to dodge (and not to mention energy). This is a Vulch Manuever only and should not be used often.

The best shot Tibro could do is to attempt to either shoot the right wall, hitting the lower left entrance (if he see’s Lordy attempting to rush through) or by bulleting down and attempting to rush Lordy. There are many other shots of course, but these are reasonably easy to pull off.

My Strategy

If I were Tibro, I would attempt to read my opponent. If he is truly heading left, he may be able to rush through. My shot would be a vertical shot bouncing slightly off the left entrance wall hitting the south wall. If he was heading right, I would bullet the possible pathway (therefore disabling it in most cases) and attempt to hit him either bouncing a bomb on the various walls toward his general area or by attempting to hit him directly. Either way, I would most likely be protected (unless I were an idiot and hugged the wall).


Hopefully, you have received some insight at least on how I would play most situations. Of course, you have to actually play to really develop any skills, but observation and a little nudge always helps.
Good luck on your Javelin Method and I hope to play against you soon.


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