SSCU Trench Wars Lancaster Guide

SSCU Trench Wars Lancaster Guide by inaphyt

As everyone enjoyed my jav guide so much i figure it’s time to post about my favourite ship of all the infamous lancaster! in a straight up 1v1 these are the strategies i use to take out the other ships in tw.

Lancaster vs Warbird:- Although the lancaster can win against any style of warbird play it’s always much harder for a lanc to win, every second your in the duel theres the fear of a one shot kill coming from anywhere.

Things the warbird can do against a lanc:- The warbird can stay at the edge of your radar and keep straying you or choose to not fire at all until you rush in and bullet twice and then fire when there’s no chance of dying itself.

Counter – don’t follow the warbird you’ll only waste mental energy trying and failing to rush it down and failing time and time again, although you can go faster than a warbird the warbird can thrust for a longer period and will escape alot of the time.

Advanced Ina strategy #1> if they are at the edge of your radar they think they are safe against a lanc so they will be sloppy with their energy conservation and keep straying you as soon as they have energy, so if they’re at the edge of radar dodge the bullet and when it’s just about to exit your screen start rushing if it works they will of just fired and you have to pretty much hope they miss which is very likely and then you take the easy kill.

Counter – Hide behind a large asteroid where their strays are tanked beautifully every time until they get bored of straying fire a multi or 2 w/e, if you have more patience than them they will come closer in the end and this is what you want.

More things the warbird can do, they can rush by you at a 30/45 degree angle which is hard to aim shots at for a lanc and then make short work of you with superior rotation and bullet speed.

Counter – don’t just turn when you fire shift backwards and turn at the same time this way you give yourself an easier time dodging and countering because they can’t make use of their rotation as much.

General tips in the matchup.

If the warbird is on your screen and misses you always go for the rush, however if they don’t start thrusting away stop rushing and fire either double yellows or a multi their recharge is suprisingly quick.

If you can read your opponent (know warbird energy levels well enough) you can predict when they fire so sometimes instead of rushing a multi can catch them off guard if you fire at the same time as them. After they fire once it takes 3 seconds to recharge for another shot so if you fire once at them after 3 seconds of recharge even if you miss it doesn’t matter too much your in lanc.

Mix it up, remind your opponent that you have more options than them multi them occasionally thrust backwards take a token shot or 2 to unnerve them a little.

If they try to rush you throw out a multi at most it will hit them in that case switch to singles for a potential kill, if they had to dodge they’ve stopped rushing you.

You want to be on the offensive in this matchup a warbird chasing you down is very dangerous so you want to be making your opponent flee all the time, don’t over fire unless you see a good opportunity.

When you get good enough using rock bounces like alot of warbirds do works alot better for lanc considering you can rush 3 radar screen and still fire, so go for this complicated manouver every so often.

Know your enemies energy levels and capabilities and try and work out what they will do next.

Learn when to use shift to dodge it’s very important in lancaster sometimes you don’t need to use it at all and in that case use your thrust to attack rather than dodge.

If you have no energy at all because you’ve messed up big time, try to hide behind a big rock it can bide you enough time and limit the warbirds shots considerably.

Lancaster Vs Spider It’s extremely hard to beat a good spider, beating newb to average spiders is easy.

What a spider can do to a lanc :- fire nonstop pressuring you into dodging alot and as your in a clunking tank the slightest mistake will get you killed.

Counter :- As soon as the duel begins switch to multi, get at about half a screen away (1280 1024) or slightly more and dodge until they’ve fire 2-3 times in a row, obviously if they’re a newb they will of fired way too many bullets and die easily, it hard for the spider to dodge a multi and once they’ve been hit they’re either dead or very close to it.

Counter :- Camp behind a huge rock, they may try to just rush in taking one lanc bullet and then kill you with 2 reds, so what you have to do is fire from behind the rock and you will get the first shot in because you in lanc and then immediately start retreating while firing the second.

General tips in the matchip.

If you rush in and get hit once your probably dead do this very rarely.

You want to be running from the spider at mid/long range so that even if you get hit you can just thrust miles away and the spider can’t.

Use multi it’s extremely hard for the spider to dodge and you can fire 2 quite quickly move forwards after you get the first one in to increase your odds of getting the kill.

Other than that the spider will completely destroy you so think outside the box.

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