Pockie Ninja World Tournament Guide

Pockie Ninja World Tournament Guide by widower666


Okay I’m gonna give you guys some basic knowledge and strategies for the World Tournament, so you hopefully aren’t knocked out in the first round

First thing everyone should know is that when you sign up for the tournament make sure your equipment has been repaired, you have your best equipment on, and your best skill set in place as the tournament system uses all of the info you have when you signed up, it does NOT change after you sign up so you can completely switch all of your stuff around after you sign up and it will not affect your tournament stats. Also I always try to register as late as possible so you are the highest level you can be when you register, therefore you are stronger.

Okay here is the simple rules of how the tournament works just in case you have not read the guide on the main site,


Application Rules

1. Applicants will be divided into 128 groups for Qualifying Match. The top 16 players will then go through the knockout match till the finals.
2. Application of World Tournament requires 2000 stones, which will be deducted automatically.

Tournament Rules

1. The capacity data in the Tournament will be the same with the data when you apply.
2. All applicants of World Tournament will attend a Qualifying match first.
3. The champion will come out of the 16 players who win the Qualifying match after another 4 rounds of knockout match.
4. As long as you apply the World Tournament, you can get more arena medals after winning one match.
5. You can use your medals to bet on the matches after the world 16, if you win the bet you can get doubling medals.


1. Win one Qualifying Match, you can get 50 medals as a reward
2. Win the round-of-16 matches and you will get 100 medals as a reward
3. Win the round-of-8 matches and you will get 200 medals as a reward
4. Win the semifinals and you will get 400 medals as a reward
5. Win the finals and you will get 700 medals as a reward


Now you can only register during certain times of the day, and yes this tournament is daily. The times to register are between 9:00-23:00 server time. Which means I would try to register somewhere around 22:00 server time or if I am going to be off for the night then register right before you get off.





First off when you bet you are betting Arena Medals and NOT Stones. You can get a great amount of medals if you know who is been doing good in the tournament before, and who is strong. I made a lot of medals during closed beta betting on Nel as he pretty much owned the tournament for awhile :lol If someone has won the tournament for say 3 or 4 days then you probably have a safe bet laying some medals on them. I usually bet around 300 medals or so just because if I do lose my bet I’m not losing a lot of my medals. Winning your bet doubles the amount of medals you placed, example: I bet 300 medals on Steve and Steve wins, I then get 600 medals as my reward. Now if you lose then you will lose all of the medals you placed as the bet, Example: I bet 300 medals on Steve and Steve loses, I then lose the 300 medals I placed on him and get no reward. So betting can make you rich in medals or it can make you go broke, it really depends on how well you have been watching the results of the tournament each day and seeing who is doing well, and actually checking out competitors stats and comparing against their opponent.


Checking Your Match Results

Now if you signed up for the tournament and it is over but you have no idea where to see how you did head over to the “My Duels” and open it up. There it will show who you faced, if you won or lose, and if you would like to see a replay of the match. I like to look at the replays of the matches I lost to see what went wrong and as to how I could fix it, that way the next tournament I can be stronger and advance further. Plus it’s always kind of exciting to see how close you were to winning (unless it was a complete blow out :lol)


Different Stages of Match’s and Times

Now there are 5 different stages to this tournament:

Preliminary – You cannot place bets on these matches, or see yourself on the chart of matches. Win your match here and move on the top 16 and win 50 arena medals

Top 16 – You can now place a max bet of 50 medals all the way up to five minutes before they start (start times stated in picture below), Win here and you move on to the Top 8 and receive 100 arena medals

Top 8 – Just as above you can place bets on these matches, but now your max bet can be 100. Win here and move on to the Top 4 and receive 200 arena medals

Top 4 – Your max bet now raises to 150 arena medals. Win here and move on to the Finals and you also receive 400 arena medals

Finals – Your max bet once again raises, but to 300 this time (You can get loads of medals if you bet right ) If you win here you then obtain a Trophy which ban be synthesized and you also get 700 medals


I hope this guide helps some people! If anyone has any suggestions or more info I can add then please tell me :D If you would like anymore help with anything hit me up in-game and I will be glad to help.

IGN Name: Widower
Server: Open Beta Server

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