Pockie Ninja Daily Playing Guide

Pockie Ninja Daily Playing Guide by justin9err

Hello everyone, this is FourthHokage and I would like to help people new to the game or even people who just want to get better. I have made eight different characters, each time trying out something different. I learned through each of my past characters in order to have the best character with the most coupons, the best arena rating, the best items, etc.

This guide will give very helpful tips to create a good foundation for your character and be the best possible character you can be. It is suggested you make a new character so that you can have the best starting foundation possible.

This guide is basically going over the daily 290 liveness

110 daily liveness = 3 coupons
190 daily liveness = 6 more coupons
240 daily liveness = 9 more coupons
290 daily liveness = 12 more coupons

This guide will go over:
Starting off
Reward Quests
Las Noches
Free Dual

Starting off:
When starting off, before you even make your character, be sure to know exactly what end game outfit you want to have, what skills you want to use, and what village you want to be in order to make the best character out there.
It is good to know what outfit you want to be in the end game because that will ensure what skills you are going to use, what skill masteries you want, what type of equipment build you want to go for, and most of all what village you are going to choose. Go here to see who you would like to be, as well as what skill build you want to go: Pockie Ninja Builds and Skill Guide Valenthyne does an AMAZING job with this guide and i wish to help him out with it because I have some great builds of my own. If anyone needs help with builds ask me and I will gladly set one up for you.

Look at the top right of the screen when you are in a village and click on the scroll (ninja diary). You want to complete all of these in order to get the most out of this game daily. When you hit a certain amount of liveness about 4 times a day, you can go back to the liveness tab and collect extra coupons.

Arena/Jars (40 liveness / 30 liveness):
When you start off the game, you will be taken through very trivial parts of the game. You basically click around for about 10 minutes and get to level 6. After you can freely click around, go back into the arena and defeat all the people, leaving only one person left. Be sure to click no i want to practice instead of defeating the arena boss so you don’t rank up and get defeated by your peers. After, click the refresh button and all of the people should change. Kill all of them again and be sure to leave only one so you can refresh later.
You can open jars in the arena for 200 arena medals in hopes of getting grey or blue outfits. If you are going to follow my arena strategy, then only open 5 jars a day so that you will get the 30 liveness.

Quests will be a good source of experience and your main source of stones and coupons. Be sure to check your available quests tab and teleport to all of the available quests so you can get them done as soon as possible. I normally do my quests first to get them out of the way and then start on my liveness.

Reward Quests (60 liveness):
At level 10, you can start completing reward quests. Go to town and click on the quest building.  5 different quests are shown on the left hand side. Starting off, it is good to choose demon elimination (extra experience to level up faster at low levels, stop doing this one around lvl 16 or so), visiting neighbors (for equipment enhancement, pet food), collect foreign material (pet food, blue/orange equip, enhance/synth items), and refining minerals (extra stones for synthesizing or anything else). Try to do only grade B or higher quests so that you get more reward points. These weekly reward points are turned into medals every Sunday.

Slots (40 liveness):
Go to crossroads to do slot machine, on the right of the screen a click on the slot machine. Most people do this 10 times a day for liveness, but you can do it more in hope for 3 or 4 stat items after killing the group of 3 people. If you are leader, you start the battles by pressing the slot machine, you have a chance of making your team fight 2 of the same person (third prize), 3 of the same person (second prize), or naruto/sakura/sasuke (first prize). Third prize gives you an enhancement scroll or hand grenade, second prize gives you a grey or blue outfit, and first prize gives you a blue or orange outfit.

Valhalla (40 liveness):
On your first day with your new character you will most likely get to valhalla (decadents nest) for a quest. You will be able to solo this map but you most likely wont get any items. Your main source of income with 3 stat or 4 stat items will come from valhalla hard. Do not do valhalla hard unless you are level 21 or higher. I say do not do this unless you are level 21 because at lvl 21 you should get the level 21 equips from the arena. To get these equips, you must have 720 medals to get the entire set and you go to cash in. When doing valhalla hard, make sure to play with people who have good equips and have 2 people above lvl 24 or so.

Las Noches (40 liveness):
Las Noches is going to be your main source of experience. You most likely want to do las noches when the day is almost over or you are finished with all of your other daily things. This is because you will be the strongest at the end of the day than starting off. You want to be the best you can be for las noches so you get the most experience. Once you die in las noches, claim your reward.

Based on what type of character you want to be, you will choose your equipment to make your character better. If you want a quick attacking character, you want equipment with speed % or agility. If you want your character to take a lot of damage and also counter attack a lot, then you want to have equipment that adds to defense and constitution while having skills that attack counter attacks after the enemy attacks.
Once you get 3 or 4 stat equipment, you can synthensize them with two 1 stat equips to change the stats of your 3 or 4 stat equips to your liking. Beware, when you synthesize, the equipment type will change as well so it might take a lot of synthesizing to get what you want. It costs a refine scroll or 54 coupons to change the stats of the equip through the armory if you really want to keep the specific equipment.

Suits/Outfits are a touchy subject because people want to get an orange suit because they look the best and are the best +0 suits. Although this is true, they technically aren’t the best to have unless you spend real money on this game or are EXTREMELY lucky. A +3 grey suit is better than a +0 orange suit or even +1 or +2 blue suit.
In order to get a +3 grey suit, you need 7 of the same +0 grey suit. This means that you will need a+1 grey suit and 2 of the same suit +0 to make a +2 and then the +2 synthesized with 2 +0’s in order to make a +3. So on and so forth. For theo range suit in order to get it to +3, you will need 7 of the same orange suit. I dont know about everyone else with orange suits, but it took me over 30k stones to get the orange suit i wanted. That is just way to much money to get strong orange suits without spending real money on the game.
To be strong at a low level, you can get grey suits from the arena, synthesize them with two 1 stat items and get another grey suit to your liking. I am starting to do this now with my grey suits.

Exploration (30 liveness):
Each outside map has an exploration. You can explore every 5 minutes, 9 times a day. Through exploration, you will be able to get pet food, pets, demon proofs, keys, lucky gems, stones, etc. In order to get the liveness from exploring, you need to refresh the exploration on the top right of the tab after you did all 9. This will cost 12 coupons, but if you get all 290 liveness for the day you will get your 12 coupons back. You also get 9 more tries to get whatever you want to get.

Free Dual (10 liveness):
In the arena, choose dual and you will get to choose to dual 6 different people 10 times. You can even dual the same person all 10 times. Even if you win/lose you will not win/lose anything.

Please let me know if this is helpful to you or if you have any questions and if I should go in depth with anything else. I have plenty of other tips but they are way more in depth into the game and I feel that I would explain them better while one-on-one.


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