Pockie Ninja FAQ

Pockie Ninja Frequently Asked Questions by slurpz

Q. How do we synthesize stuff?
A. First, you have to be level 15 or over.  If you are under level 15 you will not see the following options.  If you are level 15 or over, you will see a “Rapid…” button to the right of the inventory screen.  Click on that button to bring up the synthesizing window.

Q. How come I can’t make my outfit +1?  I already have 2!
A. You need 3 +0 outfits of the same type in order to make a +1 outfit.
Basic formula is that you start with a base, and every plus you want to add takes 2 +0 outfits.  So you start with a +0 outfit.  Once you synthesize it with 2 +0 outfits, it becomes a +1 (100% success).  When you want to improve the +1, you add 2 more +0 outfits to attempt the +2 upgrade.  And so on.

Q. How do we trade?!?!?!?!?!?!
A. As of right now, there is no way to directly trade stuff.  There is a roundabout way of going at this though, but it is very risky.
Basically, you can use the trade market to sell stuff to the person you want to trade at an agreed upon price.

Q. Who is the best character?!?!?!?!!1111!!!11??
A. There is no best character!  If there was a “best” character, then no one would choose any of the other characters.

Q. Where’s the 300 gold? Did anyone get it?!
A. If you didn’t get it, then that means no one else got it. Keep your cool.

Q. Where to get iron ore?
A. You have to synthesize it.
Weapon + 2 weapon disassembly scrolls, Armor + 2 armor disassembly scrolls, etc.

Q. How do i get carrier bags?
A. You click on the little square to the right of either your HP or your MP bar, then buy the refills with either gold or coupons.

Q. Will we get reset?
A. No

Q. How do I regain movement?
A. Click small box under carrier bags, (Yellow Box), or go to Hall then Lounge and pay Gold. OR Wait till Midnight CST time to regain 100 movement.

Q. How do you Party (Group)?
A:Either click Team Organization Stone, click “Request Teammate” on 2nd Tab to wait for someone to Party you
You can join a party already created by going to Team Organization Stone and clicking “Ask To Join” on first tab, next to a person’s name
If you are Valhalla, click the Player List Icon (Near the bottom, above Backpack and Character Icon), to open Player List. Click button next to Player’s name in Player List to invite them into party

Q. I Synthesized three Weapons, but it didn’t +1. Instead I got a random Item, Why??!?!
A. Synthesis with Equipment DOES NOT increase +’s. That only works for Pet’s and Outfits. To + an Equip, go to Armory, and Enhance

Q. What are vitality skills?
A. There is a translation error.  Vitality = body

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