Parallel Kingdom Newbie Tips

Parallel Kingdom Newbie Tips by lynnie

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First and foremost, this is not an attempt to compete with the guide. I can never be as thorough as that wonderful aid. This is instead a quick reference for noobs that want to jump right in with a few tips under their belt. This is for people who, like me, took a week to finish the guide, but still needed help during those days to understand what I was doing. FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS! READ THE GUIDE.

1: Don’t feed the dog. At first this is a waste of food, and you’ll need that to level up many times, which is more important.

2: There are multiple chat rooms. Use them appropriately. To open them up click on Menu>Chat>Check the box for the room you want to enter>Click on the room again to actually go into it.

3: To change friend/enemy status go to Menu>players. Here you can select the type of list you need to look at. You have “Friend” “Enemies” and “hat race lists”. You may also do a search for any name you know. Like do a search my “Lynnie” and you’ll find my red head avi in the list. Click on any name, structure, or chat owned by the person you want to see profiles for. Then click on “view profile”. Use the red arrow in the top right corner to change relationship status and other interactions.

4: Profiles can show you active/inactive status, how many days a player has been subscribed to PK, how much gold, and how many flags and wells, they have, and whatever personal message they want to show to the PK world.

5: Don’t let yourself get low on feathers. Make sure you have a good stock before you go around killing trolls as you have to wait 12 hours before you can buy more feathers after attacking one. Feathers are cheaper at huts. Trolls don’t need to be fought in order to stop thier attacks,. They only have the power to hit you once per troll then they have to stop, unless you fight back, then you have to kill them or run away.

6: To chop trees while trolls are attacking you start at one side of the screen. Begin chopping. The timer will start above your head. A troll will probably come after you. Allow him to get as far to the side of the screen as possible (don’t run away to fast). Then go to the opposite side of the screen. Start chopping a tree there. Let the troll chase you down, luring him to this side of the screen. Go back to your first tree (ungaurded) and start chopping that one again. Notice how the timer doesn’t reset? it picks up right where you left off. Allow the troll to come towards you. Go back to the second tree. Repeat this until you’ve gotten both tress completely chopped. Its a long process but better then avoiding morning trees all together.

7: Gather and collect EVERYTHING you can get your greedy little noob hands on. Trees are good for wood, dropped weapons can be “dump[ed] for gold”. Harvested morning berries will heal you in a battle. Mines with stone and iron are needed for weapons and structures. Nearly everything can be traded for precious food, with wood, leather, and stone at the top of the demand list in trade chat.

8: Don’t kill a Roc if you find it. Use your best armor and unequip any weapons you have. When you attack the roc he’ll fly away leaving behind a shadow. Track the shadow and make sure your roc isn’t next to a dusk tree. If he’s significantly injured then plant a berry close to him to heal him. Clear the circle that you’re in BEFORE scaring him again. In this way you can find uncharted land with loads of supplies just like a dog, but the Roc never tires out. I’ve tracked the same roc for days at a time before. Just understand that each time the roc files away it casts a shadow to multiple areas close by. Other players that might be close can ALSO see these shadows and might show up on your map randomly. You have to warn these players that the Roc is yours and you don’t want it to die. You want to keep it healthy. The quicker you can clear out each map the easier it will be to defend your roc.

PVP Interactions
1: Your mentor is a real person. Not a bot. They are most likely the best source of information when you need help. Ask them first what you need to know. Add them to your friends list so you can find them later. If they aren’t available then ask your question in help chat. Help chat may or not answer your inquires in huge detail, but you’ll at least get a few pointers there.

2: Try and be self-sufficient. Try not to have to rely on others for wood or other materials. Many vets are willing to go above and beyond to reward those that want to help themselves. Beggars are rarely helped, and are more time ignored or even burned for being annoying.

3: Request passage from your neighbors and introduce yourself. Many players are willing help you out. Even if they have a flag on your real life “whatever” (house job etc), you can ask to have that spot opened for you without attacking and creating a powerful enemy. Some people won’t help you however, but it’s a great first option.

4: Don’t attack others flags or raid they’re oil/crystal unless you want enemies. The moment you attack someone or something, the owner of that structure or avi will be your enemy. If you raid they will get a message about who just raided them.

5: You can check the profile of any structure to see if they are inactive. Inactives are the safest people to piss off since they are unlikely to retaliate.

6: The consequence of being a jerk is that it is a good way to get a whole heap of pain come your way. There are alot of people who are very good at finding enemies’ flags and making there lives difficult. Most people that get ripped off will respond by returning the favor 10-fold. They’ll band together groups of veterans to attack you and your stuff. If you chose this path, be prepared for the backlash.

7: When you are invited by another player you will be tied to that player until you are either kicked or you select “return” on your own. Being “tied” means that you get to sit back and enjoy a free ride while your host jumps.

8: If you are “following” another player in an invite and you attack something, the owner of the structure you attack will get TWO messages. One with your name attached and one with your host’s name. So, your actions are affecting your host as well. Be careful.

9: If it is highly populated around you, (a lot of other’s flags or if you are in a real life city) harden your flags. Hardened flags take 24 hours to burn so you prevent someone from unearthing all your land in a matter of minutes. Most people will ignore hardened flags from an active player so it is safer. Not as necessary if you are fairly secluded.

1: Food can only be traded at a Trade Post. Every city (with a few glitched exceptions) has a trade post.

2: Trade posts do NOT trade with the game itself (with a few exceptions like PK swag and faces). For instance, you cannot go to any trade post and expect a bunch of stuff to be there for sale, nor can you expect your items to be sold instantly. This is a multiplayer game. Not a Diablo-esq. game. If you post an item you have to have another player buy it before you get your payment.

3: Only trade in Trade Posts until you are fairly certain you can trust the person you are trading with. Unfortunately there are alot of veteran jerks who prey on the noobs and will happily rip you off. Later if you trust the person you can drop trade to avoid that pesky 10% tax. But again, it is very easy to get ripped off this way so deal carefully.

4: Get invites to major trade posts. At the moment that is Happy Valley, Ft Erie, San Francisco, New York, London and Rome. Post your goods here and not in other random cities or they will never sell. Advertise in trade chat that your items are available and invite your customer to the trade post you’re in.

Leveling you and your equip
1: Hunt, hunt and hunt to get gold and pages. Always keep at least 80 food in your items list so that you can level the moment your blue bar is full. Water hunting is the most lucrative. Ask for a Virginia Beach invite for a lot of public buoys. Don’t hunt with someone who is leveled higher then you. The monsters will spawn baed on the players’ strength. If you don’t want to fight above your capacity then hunt with someone of similar rank or alone.

2: The best order to level your character is: (disputed by opinion)
a. Combat Training to level 3: (takes 4 skill points; at this point you’ll be level 5)
b. Archery: Level 2 at least so that you can use the awesome Long Bow. (new skill sets might allow this to be ignored as other ranged weapons exist now, but I need verification that they can be used without archery).
c. Troodont Level 1: by now you should have been through a couple of caverns or been able to purchase a couple of scales from other players. Scales can then been taken to a Troodont king to unlock this skill set. Level two of Troodont allows you to see and travel to mines like they were flags. Makes travel WAY easy.
d. Choose between Weapon, Metal, Leather, and Alchemy. The tutorial forced you to get alchemy level 1 and it is important to have this OR Weapon 3 because both of these skills will let you repair your equip. But with so many places to add your skill points to, and not enough point to go around, you will have to accept a few areas that you aren’t going to be proficient at. You can do what I did and trade alchemy 1 for metal 3, then just buy any items that you can’t make. Many players are willing to put their own skills to use for anyone that provides their own materials.
e. Chose your training specialty. All other skills should go into making your character powerful. Training specialties require 9 skill points to max out. You don’t have to max them out, but with so many needed to advance in each category you will need most of your remaining points for these areas.
f. Any extra points can go into other categories as needed. Like, Troll abilities. Jumping to hunts is very helpful, dragon master is nice, warden is fun. Use this time to round out any abilities that interest you.

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