Parallel Kingdom Sunken City Guide

Parallel Kingdom Sunken City Guide by Darkhshadow

New monsters:
Space ethereal
Time ethereal
Dark cultist
Desolate dark pool
Corrupted one
Portal guardian
Stone construct

Sub bosses:
Dark general
Hydroloth and tentacles
Dark overseer


New skill
Unlocking requires 18 khao orbs

New items:
Khao orbs(6 per city, 1 per sub boss and 3 for boss)
Gravity trap
Giliens brew
Spactial orb
Time orb
And 2 others I forget

Monsters guide basic

For Dark cultists, they have this attack where they deal big damage after flashing red for a bit. When they’re flashing red, you want to get as far from them as possible, but I’ve heard that if you stay in melee range, they don’t do that attack as much.

Desolate pools (no dark in there) have two sizes – you kill them pretty quick, but they spawn into a smaller desolate pool before completely dying, and at each stage (smaller and gone), they spawn black pools. Not sure how many, though.

When you attack space ethereals, they tend to teleport you about the room which can get tedious -.-

Time ethereals can speed up or slow down EVERYTHING in the room.

Basic guide

The dungeon is set up in a straight corridor with 3 paths at the end, each one leads to a different sub boss.

When you first enter each of the paths first room there will be lots of small holes that will teleport you around and 1-2 portal guardians, kill them then enter portal then clear room.

Go into next room and clear it and flick switch and go through door and do the same again.

Then return to portal and go back up clearing the rooms as you go to the sub-boss.

Dark general
This boss has 3 different set ups it will change regularly, a war hammerImage, a spearImage and sword an shieldImage.
Oh yeah he also regularly spawns.

Hydroloth and tentacles
100% from kawagi
When you see tentacles, go over by the orange “weak tentacle” and attack it – once its health is down, they’ll disappear and you can fight Hydroloth, who I think moves you in toward the middle. Don’t just stand in the middle and range-attack the orange one, actually move where it is, or you’ll get attacked by all the tentacles.

Dark overseer
Hides behind shield and summons followers, also drops purple goo, second you see move or you can be hit anywhere from 1-50 damage.

When all 3 are dead the big portal at the junction will be active, go through to fight Khaothul!
100% from kawagi(sorry if I spelt wrong)
Khaothul: We seemed to get expelled back to the fork portal room sometimes, possibly when the two of us who were fighting it together died at the same time. Maybe it was the whirlpools. Eventually we managed to stagger our aliveness long enough to finish his front tentacles and then the boss. Not sure if the tentacles are necessary or not. Note that there’s a mostly “safe” area between the tentacles, above the back tentacles (DO NOT GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE ROOM) and below Khaothul. Use that space to heal when it seems like a good idea. Unfortunately, you can’t effectively attack any part of Khaothul from there. Occasionally while fighting it, two dark cultists came up. They would stand on the sides of Khaothul’s face, and then have a 40-second timer for something where they were just standing still. As a ranger (with +24 longbows), I could easily stand in the safe zone and pick them both off before that timer finished. That was probably a good thing  Sometimes whirlpool things appear in front of Khaothul – Get out of them as fast as you can.

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