Parallel Kingdom Groves Guide

Parallel Kingdom Groves Guide by ADH

A complete guide to the most profitable dungeon.
Basics & Logistics


      can be found mainly on areas of the map which appear green. Up to 5 groves have (so far) been found within a single circle. The layout of every grove is different, but each grove will always have the same layout (Different groves have different layouts, but a map for a grove will always be correct.) To “clear” a room, you must kill all

dark monsters

      . You do


      need to kill other creatures.






      may be left alive if you wish to complete the grove quickly. It is


    possible to visit every room in any grove. (but you can complete it without doing so)

Grove Layout

  • Every grove has a warden at the end.
  • Every dead end (rooms with only a single door) contains either a boss or an acorn.
  • MOST groves have 3 Dark Monster Bosses. (There is very rarely a 4th)
  • There is a first, a second and a third Dark Monster Boss (et c, 4th). It is impossible to fight the dark monster bosses out of order, and the order will always be the same.
  • There are never loops in a grove. You cannot visit a room twice without going backwards, passages will never connect.

Locks (and Navigation)
This section will be coupled with an example map I have included for illustrative purpose. This map was created by me, and is completely unrelated to the cartography skill. Click to enlarge.


Understanding the Map
The arrow in the center of the right side points to the entrance to the grove, this is the room you will start in upon entering the grove.
Rooms are represented by ovals, with “doors” marked by passages.
Doors with an image of a lock on them are initially locked when the grove is initially entered.
Rooms with pictures of Acorns are dead ends and give acorns.
Rooms with pictures of Bosses are the location of Dark Monster Bosses and include what number the boss is. The first boss is labeled 1, the second 2 and the third (fourth) with a Warden (being the final boss)

When you enter a grove, some doors will be locked.

  • The first Boss has no locked doors between it and the entrance. When the first boss is killed, it will unlock 2 doors. These are:
    • The locked door between the entrance and the second boss (Lock marked in blue on my map)
    • The next locked door you try to pass through. On my map, it will unlock ANY of the grey locks. It will unlock only one of these, and it is not predetermined, it is just the next door you try to pass through. It cannot be the final boss door (Lock marked in red on my map)
  • Once you defeat the second boss all other doors will become unlocked (All grey locks and the red lock)
  • Once you defeat the third boss the warden will appear and your torch will go out.

Boss Drops
With the coming of the Age of Thrones, this has been made largely ineffective(Developers decreased the spawn rate), however whenever an effect is applied to a dark monster boss, the boss has a chance of spawning 3 dark monsters. Each boss will spawn up to 15 dark monsters in this manor. Using a shield (most effective versus them) with ice metal infused (non damaging) it is possible to spawn dark monsters in great numbers for generation of pages, gold, dark essence and bricks (Up to 20,000 bricks from a single grove (one run through) has been observed)
It is only possible to equip a shield if you are on the invite of a person going through the grove, as anyone who has enter the grove themselves are forced to carry a torch. Since you cannot invite players while within a dungeon, you must invite any helpers before you enter the grove, and then traverse the grove with that player in tow. Players in a dungeon on another’s invite cannot pass through doors on their own, they are effectively anchored to the player whos invite they are on.

Sykesville Maryland Public grove and map


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