Parallel Kingdom Strategy Guide for New Players

Parallel Kingdom Strategy Guide for New Players by Fynne

Parallel Kingdom is a wonderfully addictive mmorpg. It can be a little confusing in the beginning to figure out what to do, so hopefully this post will help you on your way to figuring out this great game. There are MANY different ways you can choose to play this game, it is up to you. Refer to this strategy guide as often as you wish and feel free to post a comment to keep this post at the top for other players to continue to see as well.

When you first start, you will be assigned a mentor. Your mentor is a regular player like you who has been playing long enough to figure it all out. So take advantage of this and soak up any information they give you. They can answer your questions and come help you if you are stuck. Many mentors also gift valuable items to their new players, so definitely take advantage of this feature…it was not around when I first started.

First… you will need to build a house. Do this in an unpopulated area if you are lucky enough to find one right away. If you cannot find unclaimed territory, open your items list and use your dog whistle to call your dog to hunt. If this doesn’t work, open items list again and you will have a city ticket that will take you to the closest parallel kingdom city to your location in real life. Once there, pick a direction and jump a few flags. Now, try your dog again. Once you find an open location, you can build your own flag and then your house. Tap menu, then create, then build, then flag. You will need 3 wood and 3 leather to build each flag. you will need even more materials to build your house, and if you don’t have enough, your mentor will usually help with this too. If not, then just keep hunting, dumping and chopping wood until you do. Once you house is built, make all of your surrounding flags private by tapping flag and selecting turn structure private. Now nobody will be able to burn your house down….hopefully. Make sure you do not build your house close to a troll hut, because higher level players can jump to troll huts and caves just as though they are flags. If your house is near a cave, claim the cave and turn that structure to private as well.

In the beginning, it is important to reserve the food you have for leveling your character. It costs 80 food each time you level so until you become a little more self sufficient in the game and figure out ways of earning food, do not do anything like calling your dog to hunt, or buy items from trade posts. If you run out of food in the beginning like that, and have no way of making more, you are likely to quit the game….SO NO FEEDING DOG…not yet anyway.

Pick up all dropped weapons items and backpacks from monsters you kill. Use your gold to upgrade one of each type of weapon and armor. In my personal opinion, I like the axe the best as a beginner weapon. So I suggest 1 axe, 1 breastplate, and one shield. Upgrade the levels of your weapons as much as you can and dump the rest for more gold. It is an easy way to gain more gold when you first start, so look at dropped weapons on the ground as a little gold mine for yourself. And only upgrade your backpacks if you are in a jam. Later, backpacks will be so prevalent that you do not want to waste your gold on them.

Fighting monsters…. You will notice a little colored star above some monsters. This indicates how strong they are. No star equals timid and regular. Attack these ONLY until your weapons are about lvl 7, then you can go for others. Yellow is strong, orange is vicious, and red is epic. Save orange for later, and red for much later.

Feathers….you need them to travel, and can buy them from trolls. So until AFTER you buy feathers, DO NOT KILL TROLLS or they will not sell you feathers for either 6 or 12 hrs…I can’t recall which at the moment.

A great and easy way to collect pages (pk experience points) is to plant a forest around your house. Pick berries off of morning trees and then plant them by going into your items list and selecting the berries. You can also eat berries to heal your character, so pick every berry you find. The next day, you will notice that your little forest is sick, tap each tree and tend it to make it healthy again. You will gain 10 pages every tree you plant, and ten pages every tree you tend, and ten pages every tree you chop. You will have to tend your trees two or three times before they mature. Once they mature, pick all the berries. Wait 6 hours for berries to respawn, and then pick them again. Once you have about 200 berries, chop your forest and start over. You can fit around 100 trees onto one circle so the pages add up very quickly this way.

Now for leveling….. Every time you level, you can choose a new skill to learn. Take the time to read the skills so that you know which direction you want to go in. But your first skill should be alchemy 1, so that you can repair your weapons. Once your weapon starts blinking, it is warning you that it is about to break. If you have alchemy 1, you can make halvar’s resin out of larva meat and great fern sap to repair your weapons. If your weapons break, they will lose one level of upgrade and you will not be able to use it again until you use resin to repair it. Your mentor can also probably give you enough resin to get yourself started.

Your next skill point should be placed on combat skill, and no matter how you choose to play the game, you will want all three of theses skills. After that, archery skill…and most if not all players have all three of those skills as well.

Now that you have some basic skills, and a house… you will need to join a city. Either join the city that you have a ticket for, or ask your mentor to take you to a different city. Some mentors take their new players to a secret city so that nobody will disturb you while you are learning. Once you join a city, you can claim oil wells, which are another great way to get gold. Jump around looking for unclaimed wells and claim a few. You will eventually want at least 20 wells if you can find them. Once you have some wells, grow golems by tapping the well. Then tap the golem and tell him to harvest oil. Put one…just one…golem on each well. and then find a crystal patch and build a crystal hut right nixt to it. Put a golem on that as well. You will need crystal and oil to build your city structures. And you will want to upgrade all of your wells and your crystal huts to the maximum. this will take a little bit of time in the beginning but worth it in the end. You will also want to name your wells. I suggest only naming the ones that you have a golem on, and I always indicate in the name if the well needs upgrading or not to save confusion. The maximum amount of golems you will be able to create is 50, so that is why I suggest about twenty wells. Eventually you will want different kinds of golems, so this willl leave you with enough leftover for other kinds too. You now also need to build a research center and put a golem on that as well. This is how you will be able to build more city structures and upgrade golem amount. You can dump crude oil for gold but always leave yourself with about 200 hundred crude oil since you need crude to refine, build bouys, and burn flags (feel free to burn inactive players to clear the playing field for us active players…but look at the level first before burning…if they are a high level, they might be planning on coming back, and if they do they might seek revenge). But NEVER EVER dump crystal. You will be able to harvest your oil wells and crystal huts about every 12 hrs.

Once you have oil and crystal, go to your city center and refine some oil. This costs food, so do as little as possible. You will need 20 refined oil to enter dungeons. Once you are a level five, you can enter caverns. Read your skills again by tapping the the little blue bar (or white if you don’t have any pages). You want the troodant and troll lore skills next but they are locked, so get whatever materials are needed to unlock those skills. But once you have them, you will be able to travel much more as you will be able to jump to troll huts and caves just as though they are your flags.

You need to be a level five to enter caverns, lvl 10 to enter roc nests, lvl 15 to enter groves, lvl 20 to enter dojos, and lvl 25 to enter dragon lairs. You will need 20 refined oil to enter each of these dungeons, and you can only enter each one you find once per week. So find as many as you can.

Now that you have a pretty good understanding of the beginning of the game, you can try selling items at trade posts for food. I recommend only selling at Happy Valley and NYC, so if you don’t have them in your estates, ask your mentor to take you or ask in global for an invite. But be careful, players going for the norris hat will try to kill you when you get there. So as soon as you get to the city center, tap on the trade post and hit visit…do not try walking over or you will likely be attacked. Items like wood, leather, stone, iron and sulfur are always good and safe items to sell. Personally, everything I sell, I sell for food, and I just use hunting to gain gold. But its up to you.

Now in your skills you will also want to pick an area of training. Read them all and choose wisely…its expensive food wise to change it later. Choose the one that you like the best. Pay attention to the weapons that get bonuses with these skills. Those are the only weapons and armor you should use once you pick a training area. For example…if you choose ninja (like me) you will only be using tunics and shurikans. But once you have figured out what you want to be when you grow up, and if you have a food income, you can get some special metal weapons. Definitely poison and dead should be at the top of your list. And then honed. After that, it is up to how you play the game on whether or not the other types will be useful to you.

Now join a kingdom. This will be your pk family. You can probably join your mentor’s kingdom if they have one. If not, tap menu, then players then scroll down to top kingdoms and send an email to the kings and queens asking what their requirements are to join their kingdom. Joining a kingdom you can actually do at any point before this if you wish, but some kingdoms set a minimum level for new players to join. But if you have a kingdom, someone will always be able to answer your questions and help you in the game. Plus, it sets you up with people you know you can trust and who will not scam you.

Also…if you don’t know how something works…tap menu then help and that will take you to the guide. And you can also tap items that you want to learn more about and then hit info to learn about that item. I suggest doing this often in the beginning so that you can learn about the game. I still do it every now and then as there is a LOT to know. I think that covers the basics and will have you well on your way to becoming a strong player.

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