Parallel Kingdom Skills Analysis

Parallel Kingdom Skills Analysis by KingFish

In depth analysis of skills and needs. This is not meant to be an odering of what to get where but more of a marking of what is needed and what isn’t as you get your entire skill set. I feel this is badly needed for me as well as other rookies and noobs. Please feel free to comment on my analysis.

First off the essential skills.
These skills are generally agreed to be necessary by me and from what I have found by most other people.

Combat Training Level 1,2 and 3. Really 3 is the goal here for the +2 bonus to attack. First skill to max and primary for growth.

Troodent Doctrine Level 1. Can be argued not totally necessary but for travel can’t imagine life without it. Really useful to get around especially in strange environments. I would say you would have to be very advanced financially in game to not need it.

Troll Lore Level 1. Same as Troodent 1, not quite as useful but pretty dang close.

Weapon Smithing Level 1 and 2. This is necessary to upgrade weapons and merge weapons I believe (I have had forever so not 100% sure) so with that assumption it is necessary to have these two levels for anyone using weapons.

Oiyoi Martial Arts Level 1, 2 and 3. Either all or nothing. I first thought this skill was useless but have grown to see it’s benefits. Why, yes fully equiped with weapons and armor I can deal more damage (take more too for some reason) I can’t beat this for the mobility bonus. So, yes I believe that this along with Combat level 3 are both necessary. I believe your fighting skills match your game level with this. So, basically if fighting something tough that I can keep myself alive I use weapons. If fighting something weak or something I have trouble staying alive with I use Martial Arts.

Second the really useful skills. These skills I find really useful but tend to get people debating the issue.

Alchemy Level 1.
Why here? Cause it isn’t needed if weapon smithing level 3. But since most won’t get this then useful and necessary.

Archery Level 1. Okay people say Slings are just as effective but personally I think XBow is king. I have tried lbow and sling and always seems xbow does most damage but very good example of no evidence one way or other.

Warden Knowledge Level 1. 1 is just rocking to have them come and absorb damage from you. Yes, they do nothing at all in help of fight but they die nicely keeping you from being hit and give free leather. I almost put this in essential skills but didn’t. Maybe I should have.

Third the useful if not quite as useful as above. Sometimes you might trade one or two of the below off or I have a issue with.

Warden Knowledge Level 2 and 3. Okay 2 without 3 has no value. The trees do very little damage so not useful but great at keeping you from being hit. Also, along with the 1 skill everything heals around you. This keeps them alive longer also hopefully keeping you from getting hit. Thanks to dead weapons some of the usefullness is decreased and would be more valuable without the dead metal bonuses. With a dead weapon I do sometimes question the long term usefulness of this. Also, the 5 per 12 hour limit is to restrictive.

Troll Lore Level 2. Why here? Cause I don’t like to chop trees. It is quite useful if you do and should be moved up if so. However, I might grab this one coming up cause I do find the Trolls really annoying.

Troodent Doctrine Level 2. I like to mine and this gives bonus. Only useful if you mine alot. However, bonus is a bit rarer then it should be.

Forth the skills I can’t decide if are good or not.

Metallurgy Level 1 & 2.
Okay nice to be able to make your own metal but the materials sale for about the same as buying them whole and you don’t need to do this that often. However, you need to make poison which is the #1 metal out there. I do have these two but again only so useful and if you really want to sell metal not just use it.

Metallurgy Level 3. I chose not to get this one even though the second best metal is Dead metal. However, I would only place on weapon not armor. Dead Metal you will only need 3 most likely and since it is fairly cheap i opt to not get this one. The choice is yours but a good skill especially if you are selling.

Alchemy Level 2. Okay Anti Poison I feel would be nice to have but come on, it cost a purple heart. Anyway I don’t have this and not sure I will. Keldor’s Rage might be worth having love to hear input on this one.

Leatherworking 1 and 2. Okay this skill started off essential till I realized that most people sell these items for the same as it costs to make them. For what they make yes you need both of these items. However, I think buying them might be the better option. I currently have both these skills but they are questionable at this point.

Leatherworking 3.
I have never used either of these two and honestly roc feathers aren’t that expensive. And I rarely dump anything but oil. Love to hear input on the usefulnees off these two skills and what they make. Roc boots I think might be nice to have but again not sold yet.

Weapon Smithing Level 3. Okay this skill might be better then I am giving credit. With it you won’t need Alchemy Level 1. Plus meat sales pretty high so, curious do people think this is worth it?

Archery Level 2 and 3. Might be nice to have the bonus distance but three skill points to get is awfully expensive.

Troodent Doctring Level 3. Another one I’d like feedback on. I don’t have is the bonus worth it? Does it keep you alive better? I have heard alot say don’t waste the skill points.

Fifth the skills I believe to be a complete waste of skill points.

Troll Lore Level 3. I hear the trolls are just to weak and therefore a worthless skill to get.

Alchemy Level 3.
Fire bombs I guess would be good but Inspriation tonic is fairly useless once you hit 25 I would think. Not ever probably interested in this.

Alternate Analysis by Dirus

Level 1: Useful until/if you get Weaponsmithing level 3.
Level 2&3: I don’t find it too useful. Can buy needed potions from Fort Erie at acceptable prices.

Level 1-3: Ditto

Level 1-2: Nice to be able to make a 1% item and forge special metals onto them. Useful if you don’t have someone you can trust to do this for you.
Level 3: Being able to repair weapons for gold is very nice and frees up inventory of halvar’s resin. Smelting % boost doesn’t help much, as TP prices reflect the failure rates. Only problem is that you can’t repair by 10% like resin. This is problematic when you are upgrading your weapon as you use it, as you need to wait for it to drop down to an acceptable %. I’d only suggest level 3 if you’re upgrading secondary weapons, otherwise don’t use your skill points yet.

Level 1&2: If you’re going to use bows a lot, upgrading only the first two level is useless. Without the added range of level 3, it’s hard to utilize ranged warfare without running into problems with lag.
Level 3: This combined with Martial Arts is what makes archery fun for me and worth spending points in. The range makes life a lot easier, plus your speed without armor allows you to train/kite enemies around without them hitting you. Attack speed of bows is greatly increased when the opponent cannot attack back. Moving targets can make the attack rate go slower, but it’s still faster than melee. This also allows for “fishing”: Shooting water targets from land so they cannot move to retaliate. The opposite works too, but water targets offer more gold.

Combat Training
Level 1-3: I’d suggest starting off the game with these 3 skills. Your goal is level 3’s +2 bonus. No matter what level you’re character/weapon is at, the bonus helps. The only instance where I see this skill not being useful is if you’re a berry farmer. But lets face it, that’s an awfully boring way to play through PK. The ability to use +16 and +25 weapons for the first two levels are pretty useless if you put your first points into Combat Training, as I doubt you will get weapons of that level until a lot later (unless you have a friend supplying you with gear).

Level 1-3: Only useful if you like you hunt for your own metals. However, prices of new metals are dropping fast at Fort Erie, so its usefulness is dropping fast. I wouldn’t spend the points on it.

Troodont Doctrine
Level 1: Very useful early in the game when everything seems expensive. It allows you to see and travel to distant mines. Well worth investing. Definitely worth investing at level 5.
Level 2: Early in the game it’s pretty useful, when you do most of your own mining. However, I’ve starting to water hunt and buy my supplies, so it’s no longer worth a skill point.
Level 3: Haven’t used this skill yet. It doesn’t look too useful though.

Troll Lore
Level 1: Useful for early game to travel around when flags are expensive. Also useful for attacking people, as it allows you to jump behind the front lines. Along with Troodont Doctine level 1, you can sometimes travel quite a few jumps.
Level 2: Every noob needs this the second they hit level 10. It gets rid of the frustration of being attacked every single !@#$ time you try chopping a morning tree.
Level 3: I haven’t used this, but others say the monsters aren’t very powerful and a waste of skill points.

Warden Knowledge
Level 1: I haven’t used this, but others say the monsters aren’t very powerful and a waste of skill points.
Level 2: I haven’t used this, but others say the monsters aren’t very powerful and a waste of skill points.
Level 3: I’ve seen this in action, it’s great for group hunts. If you hunt solo only, then it’s useless.

Oiyoi Martial Arts
Level 1-3: A must have. Don’t bother unless you’re going to go to level 3. From level 17 you should be saving points to pop into this the second you hit level 20. The speed of running around without a breastplate or shield feels like a dream. All monsters can easily be killed with OMA, especially if you have a bow (poison bow preferably). Of course, don’t forget a good supply of berries if you like to melee epic dragons, gyronts and such.

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