Legends of Xian Heroes Guide

Legends of Xian Heroes Guide by xianhu

1.Tips on Hero Recruitment

•        Cavalry :  focus on ATK + VTL, ATK + VTL=25 is good; ATK + VTL=26 is the BEST.
•        Infantry:  focus on VTL + DEF,  VTL + DEF=25 is Great; VTL + DEF=26 is the best.
•        Artillery :  focus on ATK, 17 is great; 18 is the best.
•        Ranger :  focus on AGL, 14 is great, 15 is the best.
•        Archer  :  focus on AGL, 14 is great, 15 is the best.
•        Versatile: forget about this now…

2.How to level up Heroes.

•        Barracks in capital city (Beijing, Nanjing, Xi’an) It cost silver , or gold for extra Exp, can level up heroes offline.
•        Drill Ground. In every city except Kaifeng, use Warrior spell can have Double Exp.Only ATK-status Hero can get Exp.
•        Challenging Jiayu pass can get lots of Heroes/Character Exp.
•        Exp Potion:

o        Exp Potion1:4000 Exp
o        Exp Potion2:16000 Exp
o        Exp Potion3:100000 Exp

3. The Command of Hero.

20 command of level-1 hero should be dismissed. 21command is good

•        How to calculate Command rate:

o        Level-10 Hero: (Command – 40)/Hero-level
o        Level-20 Hero: (Command – 60)/Hero-level
o        Level-30 Hero: (Command – 80)/Hero-level
o        Level-40 Hero: (Command – 100)/Hero-level
o        Level-50 Hero: (Command – 120)/Hero-level
o        Above Level-60 Hero: (Command – 140)/Hero-level
o        For example, the command rate of a level-63 hero with 208 command is(208-140)/63 = 1.079
o        The lowest command rate is 0.8
o        The highest command rate is 1.2

•        How to increase Command rate:
Command rate can be improved in Novice Camp of capital city (Fortune teller-Wan Minying) using Art of war.

The rules of using Art of war.

Command rate between 0.8 to 0.9, need Art of war-scroll1
Command rate between 0.9 to 1.0, need Art of war-scroll2
Command rate between 1.0 to 1.1, need Art of war-scroll3
Command rate between 1.1 to 1.2, need Art of war-scroll4

You can get Art of war scroll in Maze Gift package/ Arena outlet / Merit Shop in kaifeng old shop

or you can make it in the furace.

PT Hero Spell(*1) + Tablet of Valor(*2) = Art of War – Scroll 1(*2)
Art of War – Scroll 1(*4) = Art of War – Scroll 2(*1)
Art of War – Scroll 2(*4) = Art of War – Scroll 3(*1)
Art of War – Scroll 3(*4) = Art of War – Scroll 4(*1)

4.The Growth Point of Hero

(1)What is the Growth Point of a hero?
•        The growth point (GP) decides a hero’s increased attributes (= increased ATK + DEF + AGL + VTL) after every level rise. The GP of heroes can be  seen in the [Outfit] after level 20.
•        For example, if the GP of a hero is 26 and the hero is at LV 50, when the hero rises to LV 51, the hero’s increased ATK + DEF + AGL + VTL = 26.

(2)How to increase Growth Points ?

You can find Wan Minying in the Novice Camp and use Growth Spell to increase your hero’s GP.

Growth Spell is used to increase hero’s growth points.
•        From 20 GP to 24.5GP, you can 100% increase the hero’s growth point
•        Above 25GP, the GP will drop to 25 if you fail. You can use Growth Point Protection spell to ensure it will not drop to 25.

Grey name hero: Hero’s GP between 20 to 24.5
Green name hero: Hero’s GP between 25 to 29.5
Blue name hero: Hero’s GP in 30

Some questions about Heroes

1.What is ATK Strength of a hero?

(1) The ATK Strength is related to hero’s attributes and the quality of equipments.
(2) The higher ATK Strength, the more damages your heroes can cause.

2.What is the top level of a hero?

3.How many heroes can we recruit?

At most, We can have 12 heroes: 6 active heroes (ATK/DEF) and 6 inactive heroes.

4.What is the difference between ATK and DEF status of a hero?

(1) Only “ATK” heroes can siege or PK with other players; only “ATK” heroes can get Exp on a Drill Ground.
(2) “DEF” heroes can participate in the Barracks and defense your castle against invaders.

5.How to get premium equipments for heroes?

•        Treasure Hunt :
In Copper TH, you might get Ascella equipments. In Golden TH, you might win Alkaid or Zodiac equipments.
•        Quests:
Completion of novice quests will bring Sunrise Package or Valor Package!
•        Maze:
Top 3 players of the Maze will get Highwind, Springrain, Thunder or Lightning equipments. The Maze Gift Box might also bring such equipments.
•        BOSS:
Beat the BOSS, and you might win Highwind or Springrain equipments.
•        Clan War:
Top 3 clans and players ranking the 1st, 3rd, 6th or 9th in clan wars will get ‘clan gift boxes’, with Zodiac equipments inside.
•        Jiayu Pass:
The 50th Pass will bring Valiancy or Lucky equipment. The 90th Pass will bring Tortoise equipment. The 100th Pass will bring Phoenix equipment. The 140th Pass will bring White Tiger equipment. The 150th Pass will bring Azure Dragon equipment.

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