Legends of Xian Arena Tips

Legends of Xian Arena Tips by xianhu

Who is the most powerful player in Leganed Of Xian? You’ll find the answer in Arena, where you can challenge other players.
The Arena for players of Wanli is in Xi’an.
The Arena for players of Hongwu is in Nanjing.
The Arena for players of Yongle is in Beijing.
In your capital city, you can challenge other players whenever you want!


The Arena is a resort of top players. If you’re brave and strong enough, challenge and defeat them!

In the Arena, you can not only challenge other players, but also capture slaves. If you defeat a player over LV 20, the player would be a Loser in the Slave Market. If the player and you are within the same level group, you can capture the player as your slave. When the slave reaches a higher level, your chief hero will gain Exp. You can also torture or pacify the slave to earn Exp for your chief hero.
If you become a slave unluckily, you can please your master. But you’d better fight for freedom. If you cannot defeat your master, you may use gold to redeem yourself.

[Enemies] : enemies that used to take your slave
[Ex-Masters]: your previous master
[Rescue]: here you can rescue players of the same clan

(Note: The lists of Losers, Enemies and Ex-Masters only exist for 72 hours; each list can have 10 players at most. After 72-hour slave services, a slave player would get freedom again.)
If you defeat a lot of players, you’ll win arena points, which can be changed into items in the Outlet of Arena.
How to get arena points? As long as you challenge a player, you’ll get 1 point. If you defeat a player, you’ll get more points. If you challenge a player but fail, your arena points would be deducted accordingly. Thus, you’d better change arena points into items duly.

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