Legends of Xian Avoiding Sieges Guide

Legends of Xian Avoiding Sieges Guide by xianhu

People have been robbed every day, thus there are people in the quarrels. But it is useless for the robbers. If you want to avoid being robbed, to strengthen the means and kills of defense is the right thing you need to do. Here I will share some  anti-theft measures as follow:

Firstly, when you are in low level, you should try to exhaust all resources you have collected. If robbers get nothing from your city, they will give up. In other words, if your city is full of resources, they will rob you all the time.

Secondly, you could trade with your friends with all of your resources and coins. If you do not reply to sure to trade, no one could take away your resources. But at first you can make a deal with your friends about your purpose of avoiding sieges. That is good way to keep your resources safe. And you should get used to sieges defense of your city.

Thirdly, you need to upgrade your Collect Tech as possible as you can. It can increase your resources collection. At the same time, if your collect limit is good enough in space, you could not collect your resources, thus robbers take nothing from you. So make good use of this resource repository, and you will become powerful soon.

Fourthly, sometimes you need to collect resources so that your can upgrade your level fast, but you don’t want to use the Tablet of Truce. Then you can avoid siege hand in hand with your friends. What I mean is that your can ask your friends to invade you as a way of borrowing resources from you, then you can borrow your friends’ resources in the same way. Your can keep your resources safe within half an hour. When time is up, you could do the same thing again. Therefore, no robbers can invade your city. Less quarrels and more praise with others, there will be more friends to help you.

At last, I want to ask from you guys. A world without thieves, is that only a dream? No! When you are helping others, you are also helping yourself at the same time. So don’t forget to share your experiences of avoiding sieges with others. When everyone knows how to avoid sieges, thief will eventually be unemployed. Then world peace will come soon.

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