Dragon Oath Shaolin Newbie Tips

Dragon Oath Shaolin Newbie Tips by Hsinchu

I think some of the following information is useful for players that are considering joining the Shaolin Temple.

– Assuming you make it to level 10 without a hitch, join the class by teleporting directly from an NPC in Da Li. It is not a good idea to try to walk to the class because Mt. Sanctity is not exactly free of Red (Aggressive) mobs. It also takes longer.

– Leveling up your character is probably the most important thing you can do up to level 20. Your initial “nuke” skills are going to be great to push with. Also, since your mp is going to be low, get used to using only one MP item and filling your bar up enough to sufficiently keep casting.

– Use a Spear or a Falchion. All the weapons in the game tell you what they are in the middle of their item description. Shaolin has low DPS and this will be exacerbated if you use a weapon that doesn’t get the class bonus. You should have already found a good one while farming for your pre-class quests. If you did not, keep an eye on it because getting the best weapon isn’t the most important thing since we don’t rely on pure damage output, but getting one AT ALL so we aren’t handicapped in the early stages is paramount.

– Pet: You don’t need a pet. Most classes find a pet useful because its a way that avoids them getting hit. If you want one, go ahead, but I find they become a liability if you need to keep buying food for them. Shaolin does not fear the beating. If you die, it is an unusual thing. Healing items will not do much on a Shaolin, and during events you will need healing spam to keep going against tough bosses, but for now, none of your opponents within your level range are a threat to you. A heal from the traveling doctors is the best deal for shaolin because they last so long on just one heal.

– Questing: I recommend completing as many story quests as you find convenient. If you are trying to go places fast, I highly recommend doing the class loop quests. They are very easy and time efficient. You are basically running around the temple getting familiar (which you need to do anyway if you plan on doing loops in the future) and running to cities to do minor fetching work. The experience isn’t bad and if you do enough, you will get disguise pill.

– Questing cont’d: If you get a “bring this item to me” quest, you will need money. The items are typically the cheap ones (less than 3s) so if you need money, one round of “Send Oral Message” from Luo Yang ought to cover you if you are short. If you get the pagodas loop quest you’ll be killing 10 puppets which is pretty easy. If you have a pet, this would be the place to use it since loop quests are not generally combat intensive and you’re pet won’t level up from quest xp.

– No fear: If you have one or two levels in Shaolin, remember that you ought to never fear bosses. With a couple of healing items and good pet management, you can solo most of the early mobs and the boss versions for your quests. Killing bosses will also get you dragon spheres and gear which are important.

– Gear: Get +Sta and +Max HP if you can find it. +Hit and +Str if you must. The most important thing is probably going to be base stats on your items as the stat benefits you are getting probably won’t be of use for much longer. Leveling to 20 will happen faster than you think if you are doing your quests.

– Skills: I wouldn’t worry too much about the sutras until you reach level 20. If you want to, go ahead. But at level 20, chess event opens up and you can pay for all your skills with event xp later on. As for life skills, get them if you want to, but working on them is costing you leveling xp and gold and TIME. Getting to level 20 first so you can learn MORE life skills AND rake in event XP is a huge milestone. Also, at level 20, talk to the Flying NPC in the class map to learn Shaolin Leap. You’ll be glad you did on later quests.

– Other considerations: As a Shaolin you’ll almost never have to fear being caught off guard by Red mobs or PvP from an equally leveled player. Your HP is so high that you can usually run away at the first sign of trouble, or with some health items, keep on going until the cows come home. You should always keep health items and mp items on your person. Don’t waste mp on dealing finishing blows. You will almost always see your mp deplete 3 or 4 times before your HP gets too much of a dent. This is typical.

– After the newbdom: Once you reach level 20, you can now freely walk through the Mt. Sanctity portal and you will have the ability to enter events. It is at this point you can choose what kind of skills you want to specialize in. You will have alot of abilities open up for you if you study your sutras. My only recommendation is that you remember that the next 2 milestones at 25 and 30 have ALOT better gear available and that as a Shaolin, you are so big that almost nothing can stop you.

Shaolin is truly the only class that can be reliably brave walking into any situation.

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