Dragon Oath Material Collection Guide

Dragon Oath Material Collection Guide by Ryuuketsu

Purpose of the guide:

Have you ever wanted to craft something and run out of item and not know where to get more?
Have you ever taken the expansion quest and were asked to collect +1 Rime or +2 Thread or something of the sort?
Have you ever spent a long time wondering which mob drops that specific material?
Have you ever spent a long time hunting mobs and not having the material drop and realized you will killing the wrong mob?

If your answered Yes to any of the above questions, then this guide will help you and others who go through the same phase. Through this guide I will explain how to know what kind of material is dropped by what kind of mobs.

Expansion Quest:

The expansion quest requires you to do various tasks – from talking to NPCs, to clearing instances to collecting items. Having done the expansion quest a few times now, I’ve come to realize that the NPC randomly asks you to collect an item. This item has been a material either for making Weapons, Armor or Accessory.

The following pictures will give you an idea of what mobs to hunt for what kind of drops.

Material Info

Materials for Casting

Materials for making Sewing

Materials for making Crafting

Materials for Pharmacy

I havent figured out the lvl pattern for this yet.

Now, that you know what kind of mobs drop what kind of items, I’m sure there is one question in your mind. “How da hell do I find what kind of monster I’m attacking?”. Don’t worry, I was in your shoes sometime back. So, here is that little piece of info.

I will update this guide as and when I find more info. Until then, I hope this helps.

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