Dragon Oath Pets Beginner’s Guide

Dragon Oath Pets Beginner’s Guide by LadyEnfinity

Good morning!

Yesterday I held a morning poll asking other players what guides they’d like to see.
The Peddling guide came in first, followed by requests for a pet guide. Thus, the guide for pet companionship is born! Enjoy!

Why should I have a pet?
I’m actually quite surprised by how many players I’ve seen out fighting with no pets. I’ve inquired as to why they’ve chosen to do this. Some players were not aware that they could have a pet, or felt that the pets they’ve received from the starter quests were too weak. Well, this just cannot be! This is the reasoning behind this in-depth guide. Now, if you’re already familiar with the starter quests, you can skip the next portion.

The starter quests – getting your “First Bunny” and “Duckling”.
Once you complete the first set of quests and finish the “First Fight” quest, Master Zhao will give you the quest “First Pet”.
Accept the quest and travel to Lily White by clicking on the bright blue coordinates provided in the quest tracker (265 129).
Lily will then give you a free pet, a very cute bunny that is level 1.
To summon this bunny use the “X” key on your keyboard, or open your character screen and click on the “Pet” tab. Make sure your “First Bunny” is selected in the list available and click on “Summon”.
Here’s an image to give you an idea of the tab, list and button location:

Now, this quest is pretty fast and easy. All you need to do is level your bunny to level to level 2. Since the closest zone is Mount Infinity, just head there and kill a couple of the White Mountain Apes. Soon, you’ll see a lovely flash effect around your little bunny – this means that your bunny has leveled! Congrats, your bunny is now level 2 and you can complete the quest by returning to Lily White in Da Li.
At this point, you’ll continue back to Master Zhao and complete the recommendation quests.
Obtain the “Kill More” quest from Master Zhao, complete it and turn it in. Now, as I’m sure you’ll notice, your bunny will level while you’re killing these spiders. Point distribution will be covered later in the guide. Don’t worry – if for some reason your bunny should be killed on this quest, simply re-summon him/her.
Once you’ve turned in this quest to Master Zhao, he will offer you the quest “How to Catch a Pet” – this quest will take you back to Lily White who will ask you to speak with Serious Wong. Mr. Wong will give you the option to “Go to the King’s garden” – click on this option and you will zone into the garden.
When you enter the garden, take the stairs to your right. You will see a bunch of neutral/yellow Raiders in the area and some aggressive/red ducklings.
I suggest you run toward the duckling you wish to tame, get agro from the duckling and then run back towards the stairs. Be careful not to run too far, or the duckling will return to it’s spawn location. Kill the duckling. Once you do so, a tamable version of the duckling will spawn in it’s place. Left-click on the duckling and your character will start the taming process. Once you’re finished, you’ll see a notification at the top of the game window stating that the summon was successful. Your quest is now complete and you have tamed your first pet!

That’s it! You’re done with obtaining your first 2 pets. Personally, I do not keep the starter pets. The pets you can tame later are stronger and offer various buffs. I’ll provide that information later in the guide.

The Pet Pane – Understanding your pet:
Please keep in mind that I am only covering the basic information here. As I learn more, I may post an advanced pet guide.


  • 1*
    This is the actual pet “Type” – this is not the pet’s title or name. From what I’ve learned the pet types are “Wild, Young, Special/Special and Rare“.
  • 2*
    From what I understand, this is the level required in order to tame the *specific type* of pet. For example, if this stated “Lv45 Required” you wouldn’t be able to tame the pet at level 44 or below. Young pets spawn at level 1, but some of them still have character level requirements. One example pet would be a Young Tiger. I believe they require level 45 to tame, even though the Young Tiger is level 1.
  • 3*
    Though it’s a little difficult to see, this icon tells you what type of diet your selected pet is assigned to.
    Here’s an image to show you what I mean:

    As you can see, when you mouse over the icon you can see what type of foods you can feed your pet. This is very handy because having this food will heal your pet both in an out of combat. Know that you know what type of food your pet eats, you’ll know what type of food to purchase from the pet supplies merchant (grain, insect, meat, etc.).
  • 4*
    This portion will tell you the growth rate of your pet. The growth rate determines how quickly your pet gains experience and levels up. When you first tame a pet, this will be unknown. You must visit an NPC and pay 1 silver to determine the pet’s growth rate. One NPC that can do this for you is Cherry Yun, located at 184 156 in Lou Yang. She is also the NPC that will port you to Pet Island. Once you’ve found Cherry, speak to her and select “Check pet growth”. Cherry will inform you of the price. Click on “OK” and two new windows will open. Your pet cannot be summoned to take this action on your pet. Select the pet in the “Pet List” window that was opened by Cherry and click on “Select”. Once the pet shows in the “Check growth rate” window, click on “Check”. Once you do this, you will be able to see the growth rate for your pet! Yey! The force is strong with this one.. hopefully.
  • 5*
    This portion tells you what type of combat your pet specializes in. For example, my mantis in the image above is a “Physical Attack Pet”.

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