D&D Heroes of Neverwinter Ultimate Party Guide

D&D; Heroes of Neverwinter Ultimate Party Guide by Stahna

My apologies, I’m throwing this together quickly to get some feedback on it before logging out for the night.

For this discussion I’m considering primarily end game (running level 9 and 10 dungeons). I have not included a discussion on races or stats. Obviously some of my choices are better for some builds (Str/Wis Clerics for instance).

There are other options for good parties besides 2x Cleric, Wizard, Rogue, but I consider this combination to be the most versatile. Other combinations may be better under specific circumstances.

I’ve attempted to include best-choice equipment options. There are easier-to-acquire alternatives to many of the pieces I’ve listed.

Comments and Feedback would be much appreciated.

My apologies on the formatting, I copied it over from Word. I’ll try to clean it up if/when I get a chance.

– Cleric x 2 – –
Powers: (2) [preference pick, I’d go Lance of Faith on at least one cleric], (3) Split the Sky, (5) Raise Dead, (6) Cure Serious, (7) Awe Strike, (9) [preference pick?], (10) MCLW
Equipment: Head – Helm of Mending, Body – Tombforged Mail, Offhand – Symbol of True Believer, Ring – Ring of Lantern Bearer, Weapon – Fist of the North

Description of Equipment:
• Head: Helm of Mending: (+ 3 Healing Done)
• Body: +3 Tombforged Mail (+9 AC, -1 Speed, +5 Healing, +10 Resist Necrotic)
• Weapon: Fist of the North (+3 Attack Bonus, Damage: 4-15 [6-17 vs Orcs, 7-18 vs Ogres], Crit bonus +3-18 radiant)*
• Offhand: +3 Symbol of the True Believer (+3 Attack Bonus/Spell Damage [+5 both to vs Undead], Crit bonus +3d6 radiant, 2xWis to Healing Done)
• Ring: Ring of Lantern Bearer (+5 Healing Done/Received, +3 Resist Necrotic)

– Wizard – –
Powers: (2) Burning Hands, (3) Color Spray, (5) Stinking Cloud, (6) [both options suck, Dimension Door for sure if you don’t have Fey Step], (7) Spectral Ram?, (9) Ice Storm, Maximize (10)
Equipment: Head – ? (Wiz Helm that gives 3 Init?), Body – Sylvan, Offhand – Orb of Dominance , Ring – Ring of Projection, Weapon – Sacrificial Dagger

Description of Equipment:
• Head: Invigorating Band (+3 Initiative)
• Body: +2 Sylvan Cloth (+2 AC + INT/DEX, +2 Speed, +2 Initiative, +1 Reflex)
• Weapon: Sacrificial Dagger (+1 AC, +5 Initiative)
• Offhand: Orb of Dominance (+3 Initiative)
• Ring: [ Drop only] Ring of Projection (+2 Magical Attacks)

– Rogue – –
Powers: (2) Trapsmith, (3) Dazing Strike, (5) [preference pick], (6) Battle Focus, (7) Cloud of Steel, (9) Knockout, (10) Piercing Strike
**Equipment: Head – Invigorating Band??, Body – Hunter’s, Weapon – ? Drake Fang?, Offhand – Vial of Deathly Ichor, Ring – ?,

Description of Equipment:
• Head: Invigorating Band (+3 Initiative)
• Body: +3 Hunter’s Leather Armor (AC + 5 + INT/DEX, +3 Initiative, +2 Speed, +3 Fortitude)
• Weapon: Drake Fang? (+3 Attack Bonus [+5 vs Dragons], 4-13 Damage [6-15 vs Dragons], 2 Ongoing Fire, Crit Bonus +3-18 Fire)
• Offhand: Vial of Deathly Ichor (+3 Ongoing Necrotic)
• Ring: ?no clue?

A couple of questions; Obviously, I’m undecided or have incomplete information where you see the question marks.

* I’m also confused a little on how the Fist of the North and the Drake Fang do Crit bonus. Both item descriptions say +3-18, but give no die notation, so how is that calculated??? Is it just a random number from 3-18?

** I have no idea on some of the rogue items, I just made my own best guesses. I have no clue at all on a rogue ring.

I’ve also made an attempt to mark unique, dungeon-drop only items. A more complete post would include specific adventures where found and levels of shop items.

One could also argue for doing a slightly more damage/combat oriented build for the second cleric (but I would still keep the raise dead power, you’ll kick yourself when your only ‘raise dead’ cleric bites the dust).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    First of all: are characters minmaxed? if so, how? (STR or WIS maxed for clerics?).
    Next: 3-18 -> 3d6 ;).
    Last: there should be a +2 DEX ring (so far I've seen INT, WIS, STR and COS), which is a good +1 to hit, damage, ref and ini for the rouge…

    Really good guide, I would go for nearly the same party (only difference is I like more long ranged clerics…)

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