D&D Heroes of Neverwinter Critical Hits Guide

D&D; Heroes of Neverwinter Critical Hits Guide by charlesatan

Here’s how Critical Hits work in the game, for those unfamiliar with 4E (and no, your experience with previous editions of the game will give you an erroneous expectation).

Whenever you make an attack roll, you roll 1d20 (1-20 range of possibilities). By default, a 20 is a critical hit (some items and Powers extend this range).

When you roll a 20, your damage range is maximized. For example, if your longsword deals 1d8 (the 1W part) + Str damage, it now deals 8 + Str damage. This has no effect on Ongoing damage.

Other than that, some monsters, like the Zombie in the 2nd mission in Neverwinter (the 20 Energy one that gives you a Hero’s Commission), are vulnerable to critical hits (they immediately die regardless of hp when they get a critical hit).

Bonus damage kicks in when you’re wielding a magic weapons/implements. Critical hit damage listed on the magic weapon indicates the additional damage it deals. It’s usually one die (anywhere from 1d6 to 1d12) per +1 enhancement.

For Rogue Powers Heightened Reflexes, it increases the threat range by 3. So if it normally crits on a 20, it now critcs on a 17-20 (16-20 if it somehow crits on a 19-20). Piercing Strike increases threat range by 10, so that’s normally a 10-20 crit).

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