D&D Heroes of Neverwinter Tactical and Strategic Advice

D&D; Heroes of Neverwinter Tactical and Strategic Advice by charlesatan

1) Gold and Astral Diamonds are shared among all your characters, but loot isn’t.

This is an important distinction to make. Wealth in the game is shared among all your characters (moot point if you’re just playing one character) but items they acquire aren’t. This is an important distinction to make, as items one character acquires through the game (or gets awarded as rewards and gifts) aren’t shared. Note that gifts and achievements must be “claimed” from your chest, so plan accordingly. Similarly, some items are only available via achievements so once one character claims that item, others won’t be able to equip it.

2) Using items are free actions.

There is nothing stopping you from drinking five healing potions at any one item for example. However, free actions can only be used on your turn. Make sure you use your healing potions before your character dies.

3) Focus Fire

This is a game of numbers. If there are five monsters standing, that means there are five monsters that will attempt to hit you back during their turn. You want to reduce this number as low as possible. It’s usually better to gang up on one monster (unless you’re using Area of Effect spells) than it is to spend several actions distributing damage equally among all of them. If you have the opportunity to kill one, kill them first. (This especially applies to minions.) While it’s tempting to go after the toughest, meanest monster, his weaker allies might end up killing you. My advice for such cases is to somehow disable the meanest monster (stun, or daze them if they’re melee) then move on to the rest until the duration expires.

4) Use Your Encounter Powers

Most of your powers are renewed every encounter (the Fighter’s Second Wind and the Cleric’s Raise Dead are exceptions), so don’t be afraid to use them. Use it in tandem with #3: If it’s a high damaging power, use it now rather than “save” it for later (there are exceptions to the rule of course…). You might not want to use the Fighter’s Precise Strike on a 1 hp minion, but if it’ll take down a 17 hp minion, use it then and there rather than “save it for the boss”.

5) Use your healing Powers.

You don’t regenerate HP at the end of each encounter. You have to use either items or healing Powers to do so. The latter is renewable so if you haven’t used up all of your healing yet, someone is damaged, and the battle is already over, use up your healing so that you’re fit for the next fight.

6) Be aware of “invisible” stats.

There are stats in the game which isn’t readily available. Some monsters for example will have resistances, and so reduce the damage they take from certain powers or ongoing damage (similarly, they also have certain vulnerabilities, such as undead and the Radiant descriptor).

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