Crystal Saga Demon King Guide

Crystal Saga Demon King Guide by WoOteZ

Disclaimer: This guide was created to help players understand how to get a demon king and the resources required. It can be used as a analogy as to how to get a burning angel as well. There will also be a sample demon king profile. The reason why I created this file was because there were no previous information on demon kings when I searched “crystal saga forums demon king” on google. This guide also includes details for a super demon and a firelord.

Why get a Demon King?
Demon Kings are by far one of the top dps pets in the game and with that said, it is not at all easy to get however once you obtain one, you’ll be sure to have your name known by the important people in the server. Not only that, you’ll also become a fearsome foe in battles and scare away someone who would normally not think twice about attacking you. Ever since I got a Demon King I’ve been doing more damage, people have looked at me in awe and I’ve been leveling faster.

Pre – Demon King
Before you get a demon king, you need to obtain a super demon and a firelord then morph them into a demon king using morph crystals. A super demon is obtained via morphing a baby demon. Baby demons come from demon eggs. Demon eggs can come from the item shop for 50 crystals each, dragon hunt or traded by other players. It took me around 20 demon eggs to get a baby demon. If you think that was hard then try morphing it into a super demon. This ones even harder, it took about 100morph crystals and 5stars into the morph. I eventually got it.

Super demons are strong, much stronger than your normal pets. It will definitely help you a lot and it comes with 3 skills. Now you need a firelord! The firelord egg has a yellow outline, and by now you should have figured yellow is better than blue which is better than green and white. The description on the firelord egg says it’s ‘very rare’ compared to the demon eggs which only say ‘rare’. Beware, this is very true! It took me about 80 eggs to get the firelord. You can get a lot of other things instead of 80 eggs, so if you’re not prepared to spend all your gold or cash in on one of the 30,000 crystal packs then I suggest don’t get firelords just yet. E.g if you brought a 10000 crystal pack and buy 60 firelord eggs with it, you’ll probably get nothing out of it.

However, with all that said, firelords are definitely worth it and they are very strong. The demon king doesn’t surpass the firelord by much in strength (probably 10% better than the firelord). If you are planning on getting a burning angel or demon king I’d say go for a firelord first. Especially if you think it’s gonna take you a few months of farm to get them.

The Demon King
The demon king is acquired by morphing a super demon and a firelord by using morph crystals. It took me about 700 morph crystals and 16stars to get the demon king. So don’t buy 100 morph crystals and get all excited expecting a demon king will pop to your commands, your excitement will be crushed after you spend them crystals and get NOTHING! But with 500-1000 crystals you should definitely be able to morph a demon king.

On my server, there are only two people with demon kings. When I walk around, people start to follow me and even ask me questions sometimes. I get invited to events all the time, though I’m really new to the game and everyone expects me to know everything haha.

NOTE: when you obtain the demon king, the super demon will disappear but the firelord remains intact which is really awesome!

Just how awesome the Demon King really is!

The skills that come with the Demon King
Demonic Domain – Dazes targets within a 150 range for 4 seconds. #This skill is insanely good, it can stun an group of people/mobs for 4 long seconds!

Satanic Frenzy – Deals 100% physical damage within a 450 range and drains 15% of the damage dealt as hp for the pet. # Now you’ll pet only needs health pots when you decide to tank a boss or fight a boss that deals heavy aoe damage.

Power of Faith – Another aoe damage skill for a range of 250 this attack deals damage 3 times with 80% of the demons physical damage. # Now you’ll be doing more aoe than a mage, haha!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can I ask what server you are on?

  2. LadyKadaj says:

    hey thanks for this guide. very useful and just to share, I personally took 120 mc to get SD (20 tries, around 12 stars)

    FL i got on 77th egg

    Now I was really pissed as it ate so much money, but I still tried DK… 15 stars, and 500+ MC ater, an awesome DK was born. its def less than 600 MC because i only used 4 mc packages = 4 x 134 = 536MCs plus the gift MCs I got.

    I whipped and training pot it (from leveller packs, and dragon hunt), and her maturity > 11 while strength above 2.2k and yes it rocks. Kills mobs and bosses fast, prolly highest dps pet ingame

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