Crystal Saga Gold Making Guide

Crystal Saga Gold Making Guide by seclusioned

Have you been struggling cause you cant afford any thing you need? Like potions, magic dust, or other upgrades? Well I am here to tell you many ways you can change that!

Level 30+ is ideal but until then you can always farm and pick up loot that monsters drop as well as level in the process. If you see some loot on the ground that no one wanted then pick it up. Sell I it to a vender and there is free money.

Now that you are level 30 you can open up a shop and advertise at most 12 items. Best thing to do is look at all the other shops before you sit down and open your shop. Look for things that are cheaper then they are in all the other shops like gems, dust, heroic wings, mount upgrade tokens, epic items, or gold outstanding items. If you stumble across some cheap items you buy them to resell in your shop. This is not a fast process in making gold I can tell you that now. So set your shop up with prices that are reasonable and at prices you think they will sell. Get a message wrote down something along the lines of “Cheap equipment, gems, dust, and wings here @ (your coordinates) and what L you are in. Post that every 2 or 3 minutes but don’t spam please. Every other time you post that message you should post some of the items you have to sell. Never post the same items and preferably items that are not in your shop that way you can advertise more then 12 items at once. This is best suited for if you have to go somewhere like work, bed, or out to a movie or something. You can also use your magic dust to enchant gold(good or outstanding) or epic weapons and sell them for even more. A +7 lvl 30 weapon on my server would go for 5g easy when the weapon by it self would only go for a mere 1g. Also throw 2 good gems in it but make sure you don’t use a (bound) gem or you cant sell it.

Hunting Elite Monsters

This is the preferred method of most gold makers as elite monsters drop magic dust, ancient coins, and sometimes rare items. This process is a little more work to it and takes a little more skill. But you can do it my way by going to a random map preferably a map a lot of people are on grinding mobs and run around the map looking for elites, bonfires, and Pkers and every time you have searched that map very well change the instance of that map and do the same thing. Pkers usually drop the best loot and if you see one change your mode into justice mode if you think you can PK them and have fun seeing the loots that drop.

Specializing in certain items only

Personally I like this method most. On my server Heroic Wings and Mount Upgrade Tokens go for 1.5-1.7g each. But you can advertise a message for example this “Buying all [Heroic Wings] and [Mount Upgrade Tokens] 1g each, Need lots!” And then list them in your shop at the going rate. This method is best used for items in high demand such as Pristine Ethereal Shards and Epic Ethereal Shards or Magic Dust, Gems, Rods, and other enchant materials. I make the most gold this way personally but I do a little of all of it.


These are tips I advise you to do any time you can do it.

1. You are 30+ you can solo Indigo by now, It may take a health orb and a few healing potions but you can do it. Lots of gold to be made by doing this.2. Make sure you get into Revenant’s Vault everyday, Try and run it all 5 times that day. Normal is easy, and hardmode is easy, Nightmare is a little more challenging but still doable by a group of people 35 or higher. When getting in the group let them know you would be willing to buy there shards, wings, and mount tokens. But still roll you may get lucky and get everything anyways.

3. Always sell your normal, green, and blue items to the vender. You get a lot of them when you are questing or in a dungeon. And most are around 5s each but the sell price goes up as you get higher level items.

4. Take advantage of the Coupon feature. Never log your character out either have it AFKing for experience to level or have a shop open. You will get tons of coupons. The only things I advise using these coupons for currently are 1 hour afk cards and pet food.

Need to know things

1. If you want to link an item you have in chat you must open your inventory>hold the ctrl button on your keyboard>click the item and there it is.

2. Coordinates??? Coordinates are where you currently are. You can link them in chat by looking in your minimap icon in the top right of your screen and clicking the blue numbers on the bottom of the minimap.

3.If you need to socket an item this is how you do it. Click your inventory>click socket item(right side of your inventory pop up)> drag item you want to socket to the suggested place for it > click the blocked socket area and if you have the needed socket rods you click add socket.

4. If you need to enchant an item this is what you do. Click inventory > click enchant (also on the right side of inventory pop up) > Drag item you need to enchant to the center of the circle > Drag the materials you want to use to enchant it to each corner then click enchant. Enchant has a possibility to fail and gets even harder the further you go.

More guides to come when the R2 team opens the Auction House and Disenchant feature of this game. If anyone has question you can whisper me on Aurora Point server at the username of Seclusioned.

Newbie’s Guide on Accumulating Gold by BlackFeign

This isn’t going to be long or very detailed. This is just to help out new players understand the easiest steps to acquiring some gold in the game.

First off, everyone starts off broke in the game and I realize that not every one of you either can or wish to spend RL money on these kind of games to get ahead. Instead you rely on in game currency and hopefully you realize that this is going to be an everyday grind to help establish the funds that you need.

Rules for making Gold:

1. Never beg. I can’t stress this enough. You see this happening on the different chat channels all the time. “I’m new can someone give me money??”. This is annoying and spams the channels. You are trying to read a good deal in the world server when all of a sudden 10 newbies spam their need for gold/equips and you can’t return to that spot because someone else has just sent another comment.

2. Patience. If you expect to become wealthy in this game overnight you either a. have never played an MMO before or b. have 0 common sense..or possibly a mixture of the 2. The more you play the game the more efficient you will become and the more gold you will earn.

3. Creativity. Try to think of new and creative ways of making money. If you are tired of grinding mobs for monsters, start a small service to other players which in return have them pay you for them. Your mind creates endless possibilities.

Now I will list the most efficient ways on making gold currently in the game:

1. Grind Mobs while doing dailies/questing. If you have any quests that require you to kill mobs then take the time to do them. They give a money reward for completing them and you can sell the trash that falls from them…which brings up our next point.

2. Sell everything that drops from mobs which you arn’t using for yourself. Instead of throwing the useless gear away to make room for that sword you are eagerly waiting to acquire, take the time to walk to town and sell your useless junk. Chances are you will make at least half a gold per trip of selling the junk!

3. Buy Low Sell High. I can’t stress this enough. This is the #1 way of becoming wealthy in this game legally (besides buying crystals). This requires knowing a bit about the economy of the server. If you know that a teeka egg normally sells for 6 gold and you find someone selling for 2, then don’t hesitate to make a purchase and then put it back onto the market for the increased price. If you see someone posting on the world chat that they are buying masses of *name any item* chances are they are trying to buy that item for lower than market value and then going to make a hefty profit off of it.

4. Keeping updated on the current server events. This game hosts multiple server events that rewards the players with lots of in game prizes/crystals. Use this as a free advantage to get ahead of the competition! Sure your work is cut out for you but at least you arn’t spending a dime!

5. doing your 5/5 dungeons. Dungeons offer some of the nicest rewards in the game. Be on the lookout for dreamwalker shards as these can sell up to 50 silver each! Other new players are always on the lookout for better upgraded gear so if you find some blue equipment or better, then don’t hesitate to take that gear and sell it in town for a bit of cash. Make sure to ask around for the best prices!

6. Collecting gems. Many higher level players stock up on gems to upgrade their equipment. You can sell the lowly chipped gems for around 20 silver each! Make a stock pile in your vault and keep a lookout for buyers in the world chat.

7. Buying crystals with RL currency. This is obviously the easiest method of getting in game cash. Players are constantly on the lookout for CS (Cash Shop) items and will pay top coin to get ahold of them to make their toon even godlier. Buy mass items that are constantly in demand such as heroic wings, mount upgrades, morph crystals, and afk cards. These items are always in demand and will always sell for a lot of gold!

This is what I have come up with so far and I will add more if I can think of more ideas on how to help out the new players. Please leave remarks/feedback to further help the understanding of obtaining wealth for the unexperienced


Q:”BlackFeign I spend most of my money on repairs, how am I supposed to make profit??”
A: While I agree that the prices can be quite a bit on repairs, you can also buy repair hammers in the game with coupons! 12 coupons per hammer is really a bargain for those just starting off and not having a whole lot of cash. To buy the hammers simply press Y to open up the Cash shop and then click on the tab labeled coupons!

Q: “I’m trying to grind on mobs but I keep getting pked. What do I do??!!??!11”
A: Try moving to a different channel if you are getting harrassed in game. In the upper left hand corner of your mini map there is a little channel that will say L1,L2,L3 etc. There are 5 different channels and I guarantee that one of those servers won’t have any pkers in your area.

Mini Guide to Making Gold by Dragonslayee

This is the Mini Guide to making GOLD

First And Favorite Way.
This is the easiest way for ANY level. You Go AFK and kill monsters. set your Loot in AFK menu To (ALL in Equipment and Items) When your inventory fills sell all the equipment that you dont Need or Want to the NPC.

2nd way kinda hard (Dungeons)
Indigo Dungeon 25+
You can easily solo it at level 35+ You might need some potions
Revenant’s Vault 30+
do Hard or Nightmare with 2 or 3 other people 1 Tank And 1 Healer They’ll have to be level 35+ And yourself level 40+
Blood Coliseum Level 45+
Do Normal Or Hard with 3 other people 1 Tank, 1 Healer, They HAVE to Be level 45+ to do dungeon.

At level 30+ you can open your own shop and sell items sell mostly Items That Are either Blue,Gold,Purple and equipment that is level 35+ either Gold or Purple.

3rd way (Delivery Quest) (Escort) (Plunder)

Do Delivery quest cost 15silver but you will gain 20silver-12gold (P.S Watch out for Plunderers Have people Escort you)

Do Escort you gain 15silver-2gold40silver

Do Plunder you gain 35silver-13gold

The time these quests are availble is 1pm-1:30pm 2:30pm-3:00pm and 6:30pm-7:00pm And there at General Krahn Starglade

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