Counter Strike Using Stealth Guide

Counter Strike Using Stealth Guide by taxbat

Stealth is extremely important. Remember noise gives you away! Walking over grates, rooftops is especially loud, and don’t forget climbing ladders.

Use a M4 or usp with a silencer

Use a silenced weapon so you won’t give away your location. If you are a T this is even better; because the CT’s will not expect a sneaky T with a silenced M4a that he has acquired. Also it’s optimal to take out the enemy and not give away your exact location to the enemies.

Step Silent

Use the side of walls to walk along to slow your speed slightly and silence your steps. Even better you can crouch and use the walk key to slow and silence your steps.

Going up and down ladders

You can actually crouch while going down a ladder; and guess what you will make no noise at all. Going up or down a ladder you should walk into the wall while on the ladder. Make sure you only to move your mouse a tiny bit to ensure you go up or down. This way you can stay silent.

You can use stealth and still be offensive. You should practice stalking enemies by using your radar, listen for footsteps, all while keeping quiet and hidden yourself. Coming up on an unaware enemy at close range is an easy kill.

Stay in inconspicuous low lighted areas of the map. There is nothing wrong with hiding if you are low on health. Try this and you will be surprised at the number of players that will fly right by you.

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