Counter Strike Basic In Game Strategies

Counter Strike Basic In Game Strategies by Undivided

Counter-Strike is all about strategy. In this guide we will look at some of the strategies that will boost the playing potential of newcomers while giving regular players something to think about too.

Situational Awareness

Though obvious, this is key to Counter-Strike and provides a firm basis to playing the game. You should always be aware of your situation, doing so buys you at least 10 seconds or more to react in advance and plan your action. Be aware of:

Your location – Where you are, where your team is, where you guess the enemy to be, how many players are left. This requires experience of the maps, but once you’ve played them all and know the maps like the back of your hand, you’ll recognize the sounds that are made (turn the volume up!) when people walk over grates, open doors and you can predict uncannily well where the enemy are camping and where they’ll attack/defend. Glancing at your radar (definitely an underused feature of Counter-Strike) and regular pressing of the ‘Tab’ (+showscores) key lets you know the how many players are still alive, and this too lets you draw out a plan of action. If you know a team member is covering an area and they go down; use your head. It means that there is an enemy coming that way. Ambush.

A quick rundown of the Radar – The radar allows you to see where your team mates are. This is particularly in clan matches and when tactics are being organised. When looking at the radar you will notice 5 different icons, these are:

* A purple dot = Member of Your Team.
* A red dot = VIP (Only viewed by CT on as_ maps)/ Bomb Carrier (only viewed by T on de_ maps).
* A T shape = Team Member a level above you.
* A upside down T shape = Team Member a level below you.
* A yellow square = Team Member using Radio.

Your HUD – Look at you health and armour stats. If you’re high on health then good, but if it’s low then don’t run into a firefight guns blazing, because you will be cut down. Instead it’s better to take things slowly, get to a location where you’ll have advantage and play defensively.

Your weapons – What weapon is it? What’s the range, what’s the power? How much ammo is left? How you act in the game depends on all those things. I’ve seen too many people have the tables turned on them, all because at the critical moment the*click click* sound rings out, signaling no ammo. Noone runs into close combat with a sniper rifle and 3 rounds of ammo, and noone tries to snipe with a pistol. Situation depends on weapon, weapon depends on situation.
Many strategies are linked with situational awareness and you’ll find most strategies rely on it.

Stealth is Key

Stealth is key, I can’t stress that enough. Bucket loads of confused newbies die because they don’t realize that their footsteps and numerous other things give them away.

Crouch or walk when you can, this masks the sound of your footsteps. Passing over metal surfaces, grates and rooftops will therefore create no noise. This includes going up or down ladders! Crouching while going down or up a ladder creates no noise at all.
Crouching improves accuracy while also making you lower than where your enemy’s crosshair expects you to be. The disadvantage is that you’re now more compact and easier to hit if you don’t have the surprise factor. Walk or Crouch, it’s a matter of personal taste.

Try to stay in dark areas of the map, and inconspicuous corners. Do not be afraid to hide if you’re low on health – you’d be surprised at the number of players that will pass you by, hurrying somewhere else. Stealth also works as an offensive. Once you’ve mastered being invisible, practice stalking your enemies allowing you to go for sure-win kills at point blank range. Use your situational awareness and walk/crouch when you know an enemy is near. You can hear their footsteps, they can’t see or hear you, either surprise him and jump out, or maneuver around till you’re behind the guy and take him out that way – both routes give you the advantage.

Strength in Numbers

When you can, try not to go it alone. A team of buddies will always have the advantage of increased firepower, increased numbers. Several players moving in random patterns are difficult targets for almost all types of weapons. Playing as a team also gives rise to more advanced strategic tactics – Clans and the experienced out there can even try emulating or basing their tactics on the real-life anti-terrorists groups.


Communication is essential if you want to excel in clan games and team tactics. You can’t run tactics between different players without communicating with each other. Luckily you have many different options to do this by. Either use the online voice communication included, a seperate program like Roger Wilco or use the included radio, which gives commands that cover most eventualities. Finally, you can type in you own messages or pre bind them into aliases.

Moving Target

‘Stealth is key’, I said so confidently – but if you get found out and the stealth is blown? You sir, are now fair game for all. Ditch the stealth, start moving or die.
It doesn’t matter what your health, armour or weapon situation is, if you’re found, move. Remember to strafe while firing, strafe while running – whenever you can. You might be a moving target, but you can fire back and it’s also up to you to ensure you’re as hard to hit as possible.

Do Not ‘Spray ‘n Pray’ (Accuracy wins the day)

A common fault is how players, especially newbies – hold down that fire button with automatic weapons. This seriously decreases accuracy and results in you hitting anything but your intended target. Regulate how you fire the weapons, with the automatic rifles try to fire it in two quick bursts – ‘double tapping’ is the technical term, and make the shots count. Headshots are obviously what you’ll want to achieve. The way to get more of those is to practice. Try getting used to handling the artic magnum rifle. The fact that it slaps up one-shot kills wherever you aim will get you into gradually just going for the head portion of players.

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