Counter Strike de_dust2 Guide

Counter Strike de_dust2 Guide by D12Drummer

Ok, if your a total **** and just started cs and your going into your first scrim on de_dust2, then this guide is for you.

CT side:
This side is really simple, the positions are as follows:

1 mid with AWP when available
2 A
2 B

The 2 A, are going to cover CAT and long, long usually behind the indent and CAT behind the green boxes at A

For the 2 B, one is outside double doors and the other inside B, WALKING around.

T side:

There are many strats for t side but i will name the most important ones.

3-2 split:

3-2 split is simple, 3 CAT, 2 long.

The guys at long should buy AWPS and/or scouts (thats obvious). Bomb must go CAT. Guys at CAT buy AKs.

Next strat is really confusing, but its a new one that i developed.

Around the World, drummer style.

First i will tell you what you need to buy,

First 4: AK47 with ammo, deagle, all nades, kevlar and helmet
Last guy: AWP, deagle, kevlar and helmet all nades

Now first thing your going to do is to rush B hard and dont stop, then have everyone but the AWPer flash it. Next, WALK down to lower B tunnels and nade CAT. Just like the regular Around the world huh? Now is the confusing part. You have many options here:

1) Go back to B,

What you want to do here is walk up the stairs to B tunnels and then have the awper nade it and flash it since he has all the nades. Try and smoke double doors to once your in there. Clear every possible hiding spot too. Eventually plant the bomb and take up cover. I recommend this option because of the fact that you have already made them rotate to A, just go B.

2) 3-2 Split:

Just , like the regular split with AWP going long and someone else going with him. Also, have bomb go CAT. Guys at long, hug the wall that is important. Guys at CAT crouch on the CAT walk so no one can see you. I dont recommend this option though. Reason: you have already naded CAT and they probably have rotated through CT spawn to A and will be waiting.

3) Mid to A.

This option is confusing. First of all smoke mid. Then go through mid and have the AWP and an AK guy cover your backs. Its obvious that the bomb wont cover your backs. Then get rid of people at A if you can and plant. Have the people who were covering your backs hide in CT spawn.

4) Mid to B

Go smoke mid and have the AWP and AK cover your backs and eventually get rid of the people at B and plant. Then put up 2 people on platform in B, One covering double doors, another covering window and another in tunnels hiding in a dark spot.

Well, thats about all you need to know.

peace out and good luck

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