Clone Wars Adventures Titles List

Clone Wars Adventures Titles List by Rannek

Jedi Ace: complete every Starfighter challenge for each stage

Jedi General: complete every Republic Defender challenge for each stage

Saber Master: complete every Saber Strike challenge for each stage

Fleet Commander: complete every Attack Cruiser challenge for each stage

Champion Racer: complete every Speederbike Racing challenge for each stage

Blademaster: complete every 10-Key challenge in Lightsaber Duel
Duelist: complete every Accuracy challenge in Lightsaber Duel
Sentinel: complete every Memory challenge in Lightsaber Duel

Hero of Geonosis: complete every stage of Geonosis Saga
Hero of Ryloth: complete every stage of Biggest Battles: Ryloth

Hero of the 104th: complete every stage of Mission on Iceberg 3

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