Clone Wars Adventures Galactic Forces Unit Guide

Clone Wars Adventures Galactic Forces Unit Guide by Darth Morgue
Here are the stats along with some analysis about the units in Galactic Forces.


Prices: 180 –> 235 –> 275
Spawn Rate: 60 Seconds (will not begin spawn until existing unit dies)

ANALYSIS: Not much to compare here. Both sides have identical units. Anakin/Savage, Obi-Wan/Grevious, Mace/Asajj and Yoda/Dooku. They are essentially mirror images of their counterpart, so neither side has an advantage over the other. They cost the same and spawn at the same rate as well for both sides. Dooku and Mace have a stun attack that their counterparts lack, but this is insignificant in the long run.


Prices (Republic): 50 —> 75 —> 100 (Sniper) 130 (Flamethrower)
Prices (CIS): 40 —> 65 —> 95 (Commando) 115 (Droideka)
Spawn Rate: 20 Seconds

ANALYSIS: The Republic units tend to do more damage on a per-unit basis, but they are more expensive than their CIS counterparts. The CIS also has a much greater firing rate. The CIS seems to trade damage for firing rate until their second upgrade at which point both factions specialize.

The CIS’s Commando Droid is a souped-up general purpose soldier, while the Republic’s counterpart is a Sniper class that does a lot of damage (more than double any other infantry unit) but has a slow firing rate.

The Droideka has shields effectively giving it two life bars but otherwise functions much like the Commando droid. It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s faster, and has two lifebars. The Republic’s counterpart is a Flamethrower Trooper that can attack up to four units at a time, but is no more powerful than the ARC Trooper it was upgraded from.

ADVANTAGE: CIS. The CIS’s infantry is both cheaper and more practical.

Prices (Republic): 125 —> 175 —> 225 (Both)
Prices (CIS): 125 —> 160 —> 230 (Both)
Spawn Rate: 30 Seconds

ANALYSIS: Both sides take a different approach to Light Armor. The Republic’s AT-RTs (upgrades to AT-PTs) are fast, while the CIS droids are slow. Aside from the speed difference they are comparable. The Dwarf Spider Droid has a little more “punch” but it’s just as slow as the Battle Droid Infantry, meaning the AT-RTs will swarm it.

The AT-PT costs slightly more than it’s Octoparra counterpart, but it’s an all-around better unit. It has both a faster firing rate and faster movement speed. Well worth the extra energy. The Tri-Droid and the AT-PT Sniper are the opposite. It’s the Tri-Droid that has the faster firing rate, but the AT-PT retains it’s faster movement speed. The AT-PT Grenadier and Homing Spider Droid are essentially interhcangeable, although again the AT-PT is faster.

ADVANTAGE: Republic. Their light armor units are just as deadly, but faster than their CIS counterparts.

Prices (Republic): 175 —> 250 —> 275 (Both)
Prices (CIS): 175 —> 225 —> 300 (Both)
Spawn Rate: 45 Seconds

ANALYSIS: Heavy Armor wins the match pure and simple. Since there is no unit that can counter Heavy Armor it’s safe to say that whoever wins the Heavy Armor war will win the game. So which side has the better heavy armor?

the Saber Tank and AAT are pretty evenly matched. The Saber Tank does more damage while the AAT has a faster firing rate. It’s essentialy the Clone Trooper VS the B1 all over again.

The AT-TE has the advantage over the Hailfire Droid because the AT-TE’s greater damage in a one-on-one bout. However Hailfire Droids are great against infantry or Light Armor swarms. Hailfire Droids are also very fast, especially compared to the AT-TE which is the slowest unit in the game.
When it comes to fully-upgraded Heavy Armor, the CIS is horribly unbalanced. The Super Tank is hands-down better than the AT-TE Repeater. The slight firing rate advantage won’t even be felt under the Super Tanks superior weaponry.

Then comes the most overpowered unit in the game, the MTT. Not only can it go toe-to-toe against the AT-TE Cannoneer, but it’s much faster than the AT-TE, and when it’s destroyed it spawns 4 free B2 Battle Droids that can push you above your unit cap with no penalty (other than units will stop spawning until you’re under your unit cap again).

When it comes to the MTT, there’s simply nothing the Republic can do to counter it. Sure, the CIS’s Heavy Armor may cost slightly more, but Heavy Armor is only a factor late in the game when energy is relatively plentiful anyway.

ADVANTAGE: The CIS not only wins the Heavy Armor war, but it wins the game as well. Once the CIS starts upgrading their Heavy Armor, the Republic’s days are numbered. The AT-TE is simply no match for the MTT, and the Republic has no other answer for it.

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