Clone Wars Adventures Decorating Your Home Guide

Clone Wars Adventures Decorating Your Home Guide by EdgrAlanPwnd

I’ve been asked countless times about how exactly I made certain structures in my Jedi Living Quarters (namely how to get objects to line up perfectly and how to build ramps).
So I decided to make a step by step guide for those of you who are still confused.
First off, you should understand how the decorating system really works. If you mess around with moving objects for a while, you may notice that when you’re holding something, you hold it by it’s CENTER. This means that when you place an object, you’re placing the center of that object wherever you clicked your mouse. Also when you place an object on top of another object, you can delete the bottom one without disturbing the top one, thus causing it to “float”. Understanding these simple facts might help you to learn the following more quickly.

1) Stack a series of objects that have a flat top and bottom (I like to use the “starship seatrows”), then delete every one except the top. HINT: You really only need TWO seatrows. You can just stack them on top of each other until you reach whatever height you want.

2) Place a “Starship Recessed Lighting” fixture on the bottom of the seatrow. This will make it perfectly flat and cause the light’s underside to face up, giving your platform more of a concrete floor look.

3) Place another light fixture next to the first. Notice that the two lights are now on the same X, Y, and Z axis. Perfectly lined up!

4) Delete the seatrow and Voila! You’ve just made your very first platform!

“Great!…but how do I get up there???”


1) Take a look at the brownish-red trails on the floor of your house. If you carefully place an object on the very edge of them, it will flip to a diagonal angle. If you do this with a recessed light fixture, you have a ramp that you can walk up.

2) If however you try to place the light while it is half-way in the ground, it won’t work. Slowly move your mouse around the area surrounding the edge of the brown carpet until the light looks like this:

3) Congratulations! You’ve accomplished the hardest part! Now to make the ramp wider, place a starship seatrow on the bottom of the light fixture.

4) Now place a second light on the seatrow, directly next to the first one. You’ll notice, however, that the lights are not lined up correctly…

5) Simply delete the FIRST light, then re-place it next to the second one.

Just delete the seatrow and you’re done!

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